[GUIDE][ROOT] How to Root your LG Optimus 4X HD (O4X P880)

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Sep 11, 2010

my fiancee have ld 4xhd and it has never been rooted, i want to root the phone and put some rom on it. can anyone tell me does this way of rooting works and which rom (link please) is the best in performance and battery life, because now performance and battery life are terrible.

i have htc sensation since it got out and i know everyhing about rooting it but i have never rooted her phone.


Anyone, please?

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Mar 21, 2013
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Anyone, please?

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Update to Jelly Bean via LG Official Support Tool (From LG Official Site )

Root after update (http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/general)

Unlock Boot loader (http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/general)

Flash Custom Recovery (http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/development)

Flash Custom Rom (http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/orig-development)
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Nov 7, 2012
Hi guys!
I installed the apk file, but the system backup test doesn't work.
It stops working just after i start it.
How can i solve?


Jul 13, 2012
I just successful rooted my 4x hd version v10h, I have a few comment on the procedures :

1) the lg driver seems to work fine with my Windows 7 64-bits laptop although there are general comment that it only works for 32 bits.
2) Step 9 of original procedure (in page 1), the phone is not only slow, it actually not responding to anything, except power button.
3) it's better move step 11 (make sure USB connection is in charging mode) to between step 5 and 6, because once you're in step 11 there is no way you can change that.

I was in a little panic when it's up to step 11, I thought I brick my phone :)
Mar 24, 2010
I have the same problem.Pls help.IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk after the install : unfortunatly has stop working.What i have to do please help me.


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Jul 22, 2016
hi, I've done all the passages and i can install the S11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk but i can't open it. the pass simply crashes.
I don't have any anti virus on the phone, did anybody experienced the same issue?

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    UPDATE: Unfortunately I no longer own this handset so am unable to test it against newer firmwares. If you find that this method does not work on firmware newer than V10D, try downgrading first.

    I would like to begin this post, by saying that I did not come up with this method, but wanted to get it written up as a proper thread as soon as possible for people to start enjoying root on their phones!

    This method was tested successfully by me on an EU phone running V10D. I am not responsible for what you do to your device after reading this guide. You undertake any actions at your own risk!

    If you want to thank someone, please thank qaz753 who posted the method for this here.

    All files needed are attached, the guide below is for Windows, but Linux and Mac scripts are included in the zip. (If certain files are not permitted to be attached, MODs please excuse and PM me, and I will look into hosting them myself)


    1. Download, Unzip and Install the LG USB Driver.
    2. Download and extract the Root kit (o4xr.zip) to "C:\o4xr"
    3. Download and copy "IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk" to your phone
    4. On your phone, go to "Settings -> Security" and make sure "Unknown Sources" is TICKED
    5. Go to "Settings -> Developer options" and make sure "USB debugging" is TICKED
    6. Install "IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk"
    7. Open the "SystemBackupTest" app you just installed.
    8. Hold the power button and choose "Power off and restart".
    9. When you can see the lock screen, you may notice that the phone is running very slowly, this is normal.
    10. Connect your phone via USB to your computer.
    11. Make sure the phone is in "Charging Only" mode.
    12. Open a command prompt (may need admin privelages, right click, run as administrator)
    13. Type without quotes "cd C:\o4xr" and press enter.
    14. Type without quotes "root" and press enter.
    15. Wait while the script runs, and the phone will reboot automatically.
    16. You should then see the command prompt "C:\o4xr>".
    17. Uninstall the "SystemBackupTest" app on your phone. (Do NOT re-open it, or you will need to run the script again).
    18. On your phone, open up Google Play Store and search for "SuperSU".
    19. Update SuperSU then open it.
    20. Press OK to update the SU binary.
    21. You now have root and can safely restore the "Unknown Sources" and "USB debugging" settings back to how you had them!

    The root kit and apk may contain other peoples work, I did a quick search to try and find the original sources but to no avail. If this is your work, please PM me and I will be more than happy to add your name to this post and give credit where its due. :)


    • Try disabling any Anti-Virus you have running
    • Uninstall or disable any screen filters/adjusters
    • You can safely re-enable and re-install the above once you have completed root
    • If your device is really slow, make sure "USB Debugging" is ticked, then run in a command prompt:


    • Remove the "SystemBackupTest" app, if you haven't already.
    • On your phone, go to "Settings -> Developer options" and make sure "USB debugging" is TICKED
    • Connect your phone via USB to your computer.
    • Make sure the phone is in "Charging Only" mode.
    • Open a command prompt (may need admin privelages, right click, run as administrator)
    • Type without quotes "cd C:\o4xr" and press enter.
    • Type without quotes "adb shell rm /data/local.prop" and press enter.
    • Type without quotes "adb reboot" and press enter.


    • qaz753, for posting this method!
    • atipon, for reducing the reboots to 1.

    Original post:
    I got a root!

    This is a process.

    1. Install to USB Driver
    2. download HTC One X root-kit.,unzip to C:\onxr
    3. you choose USB debugging on your 4X (Setting>Developer options>USB debugging)
    4. Install and run the IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk

    5. reboot manually(after reboot, 4x becomes very slow!)
    6.connect 4x to PC and run the command prompt

    cd c:\onxr -> root

    9. A reboot starts automatically. (2times~3times)


    sorry my bad engilish....
    my 4x software version is LG-P880-V10d-JUL-16-2012
    root with kingo android root. it will not crash.
    Big Up for all who contributed towards finding the way to root our 4X HD :good: :D

    Especially for qaz753, of course :p

    Edit : It works perfectly !

    Sorry but Can I get the V10F version if I have already the root?

    Have I do anything before update? I have only the root, not the recovery.

    Thanks in advance

    I used the LG Mobile support tool to update my rooted phone. Even though it said it would wipe everything it didn't. I would recommend backing up just in case though.

    It will unroot the phone, so you will need to follow the root guide again from scratch to regain root.