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[Guide] Root Motorola with Magisk (UnLocked Bootloader)(Non-TWRP method)

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Sep 21, 2011
South Dakota
Motorola Droid X
Moto X4
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Apr 11, 2017


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Oct 19, 2021
Hi I have carried out all steps up to having the patched image ready to flash. Two problems

1. I do not have access to PC.

Can I flash this patched image without PC?

2. I cannot get past the No Command screen to the recovery option screen.

I can only get to the select recovery mode screen once I select recovery mode I get no command and then if I try pressing power and volume keys again the phone just boots normally.

How can I bypass this no command screen and get into recovery mode?

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    Root Motorola Devices with Magisk

    This method has been working with most Moto Devices that the Bootloader can be UnLocked.
    If the Bootloader cannot be Unlocked this method will not work.

    Please only use this as a reference. If you require more help please post in your device's forum.
    Mention me with @sd_shadow

    Quick Steps
    • Unlock the Bootloader
      • Note: Unlocking will wipe Userdata

    • Install Magisk manager app

    • device_info.png
    • If Ramdisk is Yes continue to Download Firmware
    • If Ramdisk is anything else see

    • Download Firmware Rescue and Smart Assistant(LMSA)(PC)
      • If the download is newer, now is a good time to flash the update.
        The newer boot.img may not work correctly with the older software on the device.
        If you want to keep the firmware version that is on the device see Other Firmware Options
      • Other Firmware options
    • Find the boot.img in the LMSA Downloads Folder
      • "ProgramData\LMSA\Download\RomFiles\"

    • Copy boot.img to Moto Device

    • inkedscreenshot_20210813-020307_li-2-jpg.5384813
    • inkedmagisk-select-and-patch-image_li-jpg.5384835
    • InkedMagisk-patch-boot-image_LI.jpg
    • Copy magisk_patched.img to PC
    • Flash magisk_patched.img
    • Reboot
    • Open Magisk manager to verify you have the current version.

    • Hide Magisk
      • If you use apps the won't work if rooted devices (Banking apps) Enable Hide Magisk


    If you get a "no ramdisk" error​
    Magisk in recovery

    If your device does not have ramdisk in boot images, Magisk has no choice but to be installed in the recovery partition. For these devices, you will have to reboot to recovery every time you want Magisk.

    When Magisk is installed in your recovery, you CANNOT use custom recoveries to install/upgrade Magisk! The only way to install/upgrade Magisk is through the Magisk app. It will be aware of your device state and install to the correct partition and reboot into the correct mode.

    Since Magisk now hijacks the recovery of the device, there is a mechanism to let you actually boot into recovery mode when needed: it is determined by how long you press the recovery key combo.
    This does not replace stock recovery.
    Hiding root and bootloader from Banking apps

    Magisk and MagiskHide Installation and Troubleshooting guide : MagiskHide

    Magisk renaming is maybe required.
    Try using VD INFOS, you can see every detectable thing. (Root/Magisk/Xposed/Riru/and others.)