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[GUIDE][ROOT] Onn Surf 7 (Model 100005206) Simplified Rooting Guide

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Walmart Onn Surf 7 Tablet

Model No. 100005206

Simplified Rooting Guide



The purpose of this guide is to provide simplified, concise and noob-friendly instructions for rooting the Onn Surf 7 tablet. Because this device is configured without a boot-ramdisk, a recovery-ramdisk must instead be used to gain root access. The rooting solution is the latest stable Magisk, configured to install to the recovery partition.


1. Onn Surf 7 (Model No 100005206 ONLY);
2. A PC or laptop with the SDK Platform Tools or the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tools installed. Links are provided below under the DOWNLOADS heading. For purposes of this guide, keeping simplicity in mind, I would recommend using the Minimal ADB & Fastboot tools. NOTE: this procedure can be performed using Windows, Linux or Mac. This particular guide, however, focuses on a Windows-based setup;
3. A USB to micro USB data syncing/charging cable;
4. An internet connection to download the patched image I have linked below;
5. An unlocked bootloader.​


Rooting an Android-based mobile device involves inherent risks. By proceeding further, you are assuming full responsibility and legal liability for the integrity and operability of your device. In effect, this serves to absolve me of any liability in the event you corrupt your tablet or otherwise render it inoperable. I have thoroughly tested this procedure and have the utmost confidence that things will go smoothly as long as you follow the simple instructions herein. In the unfortunate event things go south, we are dealing with a MediaTek-based tablet, which are known to be quite impervious to hard bricking. Remain calm, stop everything you're doing, and write a complete summary below in comments of every step you took and precisely what went wrong. Feel free to include photos or screenshots, and don't be bashful with details. Because this is a noob-friendly thread, I will provide all support possible to get you back in running order.​


We will not be using TWRP or any other custom recovery to root this tablet. This root method is based on ramdisk patching via Magisk. I have alleviated all the leg work of Magisk image patching by creating a pre-patched recovery image configured for Magisk systemless root. To root your tablet, you need only flash a single image via fastboot mode.​
  1. Boot your tablet into fastboot mode. With the device powered off, hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for several seconds, until a boot mode menu appears on your tablet display. Use Volume Up to navigate to Fastboot Mode and then press Volume Down to select it.;​
  2. Connect your tablet to your computer by using a good quality USB to micro USB charge/sync cable;​
  3. Download the patched_recovery.img file from the DOWNLOADS heading below. Save it in the ADB/Fastboot directory on your computer. Also download the Magisk APK file under the same heading and save it to internal or external tablet storage;​
  4. Open a command window on your computer in the path of your ADB/Fastboot directory. Ensure proper syncing by executing the fastboot devices command.​
  5. Once proper syncing is established, execute the following command:​
fastboot flash recovery patched_recovery.img

Your Onn Surf 7 is now rooted. Now the fun part -- booting a rooted Android OS via recovery mode. As referenced previously, this tablet does not have a boot-ramdisk. As such, in order to use a workaround to root the device, the sole option is to use the ramdisk from the Onn Surf 7's stock recovery image. This method effectively allows Magisk to hijack the recovery partition. Therefore, anytime you reboot your tablet, and you want root access to the Android OS, you will need to select Recovery Mode from the boot mode menu each time. If you choose the Normal boot option, the Android OS boots up, but without root installed.​
So at this time, hold the Power button until the tablet shuts down from fastboot mode and powers off. Once off, hold the Power and Volume Up keys together until the boot mode menu appears. Using Volume Up, navigate to Recovery Mode, then press Volume Down to select the option and initiate boot up. Once booted into the Android OS, if you do not see the Magisk app installed, or its placeholder shortcut, go ahead and install the Magisk APK file I provided in the DOWNLOADS section. Open Magisk and allow any additional setup that may be pending. And that's it. Good luck and enjoy.​


Magisk Patched Recovery Image

Magisk APK v23.0 Stable

Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tools v1.4.3

SDK Platform Tools r31.0.3

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