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Apr 21, 2014
Please help how to root LG L70 (LGD320N)

I wish I could ask the skilled advice about the procedure rooting LG L70

I followed the instructions in the first post

Only briefly, my procedure:

  1. Install LG drivers to PC.
  2. Format external sdcard - using cardreader - into ext2. Using the MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  3. Download update.zip and move it to ext2 sdcard. I use Ext2Fsd tool to mount ext2 partition to Windows.
  4. Download ADB.rar and unpack it to C:/ADB/
  5. In my phone turn on USB debugging (Settings – General – Developer options – USB debugging)
  6. Connect the phone to computer and confirm USB debugging
  7. Running command (cmd) in the directory C:/ADB/
  8. In the opened window type:
    c:\ADB>adb devices
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached
    LGD32076dc415   offline
    c:\ADB>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    LGD32076dc415   device
    c:\ADB>adb shell
    [email protected]:/ $ reboot recovery
    reboot recovery
  9. The phone reboot to recovery.
  10. Unplug phone from PC
  11. I Choose “apply update from external sdcard” (by pressing VOLUME +/- and POWER button)
---------- Until this point everything is OK according to the instructions ----------

A new screen show:
On the background a robot with exclamation and under it the text "No command" (in my case in original "Žádný příkaz" - I have set Czech language)
In the upper left corner of the screen is displayed yellow text - number "52269060463580"

Fortunately, after removing the battery the phone normally starts .

Please advice how to proceed with the ROOT device.

One idea - query:
Can send me, please, exactly how the structure should look like partitions on SD card
I mean Logical/Extended/Primary... (We apologize for any nonsense that do not understand much)
For these experiments using 2GB SDcard -
Following image shows structure of the SD card which I tried the above described:
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Aug 21, 2012
When trying the procedure, no matter how much I try, the phone (LG L90 D400hn TELCEL) still shows up on ADB as OFFLINE, so, I can't continue with the reboot to recovery... Can someone please help.

make sure drivers are correctly installed. enable USB debugging on the phone. make sure you accept the RSA key prompt that the phone asks when you connect it to the computer. also try restarting the computer
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Jun 2, 2014
l90 not root

my phone not detect sdcard ext2, ext3 or ext4. when i format sdcard with ext2,3,4 in step 9 after choose apply update from external sdcard, nothing happen. only show my imei. i must reboot my phone. in normal mode my phone cant detect sdcard. plz help me!!!


Apr 21, 2014
When trying the procedure, no matter how much I try, the phone (LG L90 D400hn TELCEL) still shows up on ADB as OFFLINE, so, I can't continue with the reboot to recovery... Can someone please help.

you must accept the RSA key prompt on the phone. If you look at my post #304 you will see when I run first adb devices also was returned message offline, after confirmation key in the phone already reported online.
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May 1, 2013
We need to start an information thread regarding everything for the L90. From what I gather, the US variant has a locked bootloader.

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Dec 26, 2013
Sacramento, CA
it something we've seen on some other models too. The stock recovery wont boot to a menu, just briefly flashes Andy with his guts spinning. While other variants boot to the menu just fine.

Oh. I don't see how that differs from locked bootloader (not opposing! Loved your work on the ZTE Score M and I know nothing. I just don't understand). :(

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    Use TowelRoot app instead! It is oneclick and without reboot.

    Starting fom 10e firmware TowelRoot doesn't work. For root you can use this guide or PurpleDrake script for G3 - it works fine on LG L90.
    Here is the link: http://goo.gl/0E3jMn
    However, this guide still works! ;)

     * Your warranty is now likely void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
     * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.
    First of all we have to say thanks to sintazqz from 4pda for being the first to root the phone.
    The procedure is done for L90 but it also have to work on other similar 2014 year LG phones with kitkat as L40, L70, G2 mini and others (L80). Confirmed working!
    Carrier branded phones are not supported as I can see from replies.
    It is recommended to fully charge your phone before the procedure.
    After the procedure the phone will be rooted and the hidden LG RCT utility will know about it. So your warranty is likely void.

    So, let's go:

    1.Format external sdcard using cardreader into ext2. I use Windows 7 so I installed MiniTool Partition Wizard from here to format my sdcard.
    USE ONLY PRIMARY PARTITION, NOT LOGICAL! thnx for note to @wikid24

    The reason to use ext2/3/4 partition is that ntfs/fat partitions are not detected by recovery.
    You can also try ext4, if ext2 doesn't work for you!
    2.Download update.zip that is attached to the post and move it to your ext2 sdcard. I had to use Ext2Fsd tool to mount ext2 partition to Windows 7.
    View attachment update.zip
    HELP for Windows users:
    Open Ext2Fsd tool and find your ext2 partition there.
    RightClick on your ext2 partition, choose "Ext2 Management", uncheck the first checkbox (mount read-only) and check the second (automatically mount...).
    Click Apply.
    Now you can move update.zip using Windows Explorer. So move it.
    View attachment update.zip

    3.Install LG drivers if you still didn't.

    4.If you don’t have ADB on your computer: install Android SDK or just download ADB.rar and unpack it somewhere (e.g. C:/ADB/ )
    View attachment ADB.rar

    5.Prepare your phone. Turn on USB debugging: Settings – General – Developer options – USB debugging.
    If you don’t see it: Settings – General – About phone – Common – Software info – click 5-10 times on Build number.
    Added by @Cliffwiggum about L40c/L70c versions:
    I successfully rooted the LG optimus zone 2 from Verizon prepaid which is the LG L40c, as well as the LG optimus exceed 2 which is the LG L70c. In order to get either phone into USB debugging mode I had to connect my phone as Internet -> Ethernet (instead of MTP) before USB debugging mode would turn on.

    6.Connect your phone to computer.
    ATTENTION! On the first connection to computer it will ask you to allow USB debugging.

    7. Open ADB. (I use Shift+RightClick on ADB folder and choose Open command line)

    8.In the opened window type the next line and press Enter.
    adb devices
    It will show your LG device:
    List of devices attached
    LGD410a123456   device
    Then type next lines. Press Enter after each of them.
    adb shell
    reboot recovery
    The phone will reboot to stock 3e recovery.

    9. Now you can unplug your phone. Plug in your sdcard.
    Navigation: Volume+/- = Up/Down; Power = Choose.
    In recovery choose “apply update from external sdcard” – update.zip
    Then choose “reboot system now

    The phone will reboot.

    You are ROOTED! :D

    To unroot and save your warranty you just have to reflash the ROM by LG Mobile Support Utility - Upgrade recovery option.
    LG RCT tool will forget that it was ever rooted. All the settings (except those that need root) will be kept.
    Metro PCS employee

    Anddddddd I have hit a brick wall. I spent all of that time messing with stuff, I should have probably listened to @cgigate :p Anyways, at least I got to learn something new thanks to a friend. If I decide to start back up I plan on doing everything privately from now on.

    Hey guys. I happen to work at Metro PCS and I also happen to have just purchased the L70 because of the new OS and I'm looking to root it so I can give apps the proper permissions to WRITE FRIGGEN DATA TO THE FRIGGEN SD CARDS!!!!!

    Anyway. I'm just a salesman but if there's anything I could possibly do to help out (i.e. phishing for information, looking something up, contacting DSG, whatever); just let me know and I'll do it. I'm sick of having a useless 8GB of external storage on my phone.
    Yes, use Towelroot


    ---------- Post added at 06:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:14 AM ----------

    Have you tried this: https://towelroot.com/modstrings.html

    Succesfully rooted my L70 D325 phone using Towelroot modstring, changed the align to 0,
    from "1337 0 1 0 4 0" (this causes a reboot)
    to "1337 0 0 0 4 0" (this successfully gave me root)
    I posted my rooted ms323 on YouTube, enjoy

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    Can we get the link? And was it the USA MetroPCS LG L70?

    LG L70 still NOT rooted
    MK902 ROOTED with 4.4 custom rom

    I searched YouTube and could not find any such video or probably some mighty power stops us locating this video or , you know what i mean :)
    as someone mentioned earlier, if you rooted your MS323 and don't want to share here and just want to be childish saying "hey i am rooted, you are not" , just keep quite or leave.
    Alright let the MS323/D415 development begin.

    1) There are new drivers here (v3.11) uninstall old drivers:

    2)MS323 (Metro L70) firmware here:

    3)D415 (T-Mobile L90) firmware here:

    4)D320 (International L70) firmware here:

    I will be adding more D320 firmwares as I find more, beware weird looking file names as those would be incomplete files that are still uploading.
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