How To Guide [GUIDE] [RUI3] Unlock bootloader on RealmeUI 3 with deep testing.

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Aug 20, 2022

Here's a decrypted RealmeUI 3 Thailand C.11 firmware, no need to OTA 3 times just to flash a ROM!

Here's a decrypted RealmeUI 3 Thailand C.11 firmware, no need to OTA 3 times just to flash a ROM!
do you have indonesian firmware please share


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Aug 13, 2022
Can I flash thiland c.11 rom in c.12 Indian rom (c.12 is the new August update in Indian realme8 rom)

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    How do I relock?
    Can I flash thiland c.11 rom in c.12 Indian rom (c.12 is the new August update in Indian realme8 rom)

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    It is now possible to unlock bootloader using the in-depth deep testing app, however it will only work on Thailand firmware, so we are going to flash the Thailand firmware and use the in-depth app on it.


    Flashing Thailand firmware:​

    We are going to flash this in SP flash tool, first, let's setup MTK authorization bypass (if you have already setup python and drivers then skip this)

    1. Install python from and make sure it's configured
    2. Go to the Driver folder, right click cdc.acm.inf and install it.


    Install libusb port filter, afterwards click Next and hold volume up and down button, then choose MediaTek USB Port.

    Now click install, next install UsbDK from here:

    Once you have done that, open a CMD/Powershell in the directory of MTKClient, write pip3 install -r requirements.txt and python mtk payload, hold the volume up and down button and plug the device in

    If everything went well, you should be seeing this:

    Now open SP Flash tool, go to Options > Option

    Now go to Connection and select UART, set the baud rate to 921600

    Now, open the scatter file (MT6785_Android_scatter.txt) from the directory of the firmware, it should load the firmware

    Unselect opporeserve2 and click the Download button, it should start flashing

    Once it is done flashing, you should see this:

    Don't forget to reboot the device into recovery mode (volume down + power) and format data.

    Updating to RealmeUI 3:

    Since it is not possible to use the deep testing app on RealmeUI 2, you must update to RealmeUI 3, simply update it from the update app in settings, if you do not get the update, we can't do anything about it.

    No need, replaced firmware link with RealmeUI 3 Thailand firmware, just flash that and use the in-depth app in the guide!

    Using the deep testing app and unlocking the bootloader:​

    Download and install the deep testing app, tap "Apply Now" and accept the agreement, you should be seeing this now:


    Wait 3 to 5 minutes, close the app and reopen again, tap "Query verification status" and you should see this:


    This means your device now has unlocked fastboot access, tap "Start deep testing" and the device will reboot to fastboot mode


    If you see this, the device is now in fastboot mode, to unlock the bootloader plug the device into a PC and write fastboot flashing unlock in Fastboot/ADB directory, you should see this:


    Press the volume up button, the bootloader is now unlocked, congratulations!

    NOTE: you can return to any EEA/Indian firmware you were on before and still have the bootloader unlocked.

    @bkerler for MTKClient
    Nice tutorial!
    Does it work on realme UI 3.0 C.09 (bootloader locked)?
    It shouldn't matter which firmware you are on right now, as for updating to TH RUI3 firmware it dosen't matter which C.0x it is as long as it's RealmeUI 3.
    Some people having this problem so I want to add one more thing to the guide. If you are not having any issues related to boot then don't follow these steps.

    After waiting more then 10 minutes, if it doesn't boot up/bootloop. Or shows DM-Verity corrupt error then do this.

    1) Try boot into stock recovery by pressing volume up + power button after that when your screen flashes quickly unpress buttons.

    2) Now press volume down + power button, by pressing these you will boot into stock recovery.

    3) Go to format option and do a full format.

    4) Your phone will definitely boot up after that.
    Try this if device doesn't boot after successful flashing.(Atleast worked for me) Flashed successfully from Indian A12 C.09. Thanks @plarfman for guide & Tony Stark for quick guide😃
    No bro it's very important for those people who loves to make slo-mo and time lapse video 🙁