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[Guide] Text-To-Speech (TTS) in (almost) any language

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Jun 25, 2014
Move "ged" folder from "common" to "languages" folder, select Petra voice in VocalizerEx2 options and then try again. Also try to clean memory (taskkill OsmAnd) and then start again OsmAnd
Also you can remove plp folder. Probably you listen sample with voice from plp folder
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Dec 29, 2017
does VocalizerEx2 work on android 11 / Lineage 18.1?
- any experiences or hints would be great!

Edit: it works fine! Tried it with Komoot.
used the apk from #21
and Petra (german voice) from here: #1 3)
should work with other voices, too.
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    First of all, sorry for my english. I know thats not so good, but I think you can understand it :p

    In this guide I'll teach how to install almost any TTS language (non-robotic) so your device can read things in your native language without problems.

    1) Plug your device on computer and create a folder named VocalizerEx
    2) Download and install on your device the attached APK
    3) Visit this website and download your language. It will be better if you download Premium High
    3) Rename that file adding .zip at the end and open it
    4) Extract all files and folders of the zip to this folder (created on Step 1)
    (Now you can unplug your device)
    5) On your device, go to Settings > Language and Input > Text-to-speech output and then select VocalizerEx TTS

    Done, now your device speaks your language !

    Please, hit THANKS if it helped you :)
    Awesome, it works nicely, can't believe I only found this now... the voices are great quality, can't understand why aren't more people using this.

    I agree, these voices are great! I've been looking for tts this good for months and just randomly found this thread. Works perfect on LOS 14.1. Just wanted to share some findings for future readers. You can hear samples of these voices here: http://codefactoryglobal.com/speech-technology/voice-licensing.

    After finding that page, I noticed that some of the better english voices (e.g. english-uk malcolm and oliver) weren't available at the vocalizer-nvda site originally mentioned. As discussed here: http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=22240, those voices are found elsewhere and need a more recent version of the apk. In that thread, they provide a link to a zip that contains the more recent apk and a few additional files needed here: http://www.tyflonet.com/siciliano/VocalizerEx2_TTS.zip

    Once you extract the zip and install the apk, create a "VocalizerEx2" dir in your main user dir (should be /storage/emulated/0) and copy the "languages/common" dir from the zip to that dir. You can then download the newer voices from here: http://blindhelp.net/software/vocalizer-expressive-nvda/voices. Choose your language and hit apply as not all the voices they have are in the list first shown.

    Download the voices you want and as with the original instructions, add a .zip extension to the downloaded file(s), extract, and copy the contents into the VocalizerEx2 dir you created. You can have multiple voices in that dir that you select by changing the language within the android tts settings for the "VocalizerEx2 TTS" engine.

    Also, just as a final note, there is an app called "Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)" in the play store that provides/uses the same voices but is a different app and not what you want.
    Unfortunetly, this link is no longer working.

    I tried to search for "VocalizerEx2" and found some hits, but in all these zip-files, there is no folder "languages/common". And it seems, without this content, it will not work. I have downloaded some voices as described and I can choose VocalizerEx2 as TTS-Engine (I checked the correct path), and I can also select my downloaded voices, but there is no noise if I press the button for Example-Voice. Is it possible to renew the link to that zip with the additional content please?

    Here is the file
    Thx a lot ! works fine with igo primo
    Android 10 tells me, that this app is developed for an older Android version, but it seems to work. Nevertheless i want to ask, if there is any update available.