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    If you would like to S-OFF, Install ClockWork Recovery, permanently Root & obtain SuperCID. Follow Steps 1 to 4!
    To Debrand or flash an official stock ROM only: follow Steps 1 & 4 only (you may skip step 3 & 4 is you do not need them)
    To Root: follow steps 1-3
    To install a custom ROM for the first time: Steps 1 & 2 then follow the guide below on how to install a custom Rom (step 3 isn't needed as customs roms are already rooted)
    CLICK HERE FOR [GUIDE] TO UNLOCK YOUR SENSATION FREE - WORKING FOR EVERY SENSATION (noobproof) Steps 1-3 Needed! or Steps 1 & 2 plus custom ROM

    UPDATE: NEW Recovery - Follow Step 2 below to download and install. you do not need to follow the rest of the steps if you are just updating CWM

    For Warranty Purposes/Returns:Follow Step 4 below for removing Clockwork and Root

    Whether your a noob or not, it nice to see a step by step guide as S-off is developer preview only and doesn't come with much instructions. I have simply Collaborated what is out there into one easy thread. Nothing complex.
    here is my very ;)small;) simple detailed guide. I have put a lot of Time and effort to make sure everyone can benefit so Just push Thanks if it helped

    Step 1. To S-OFF your Sensation - (You do not need to do this if you have S-off already or done this before) - WORKING NOW for TMOUS users
    Visit http://revolutionary.io/
    download the application for your operating System. AND EXTRACT IT TO A FOLDER
    YOU MAY NEED TO DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM- Norton is flagging up Revolutionary as a Virus when it isn't
    Fill out the form under the download links with your OS, Device, Hboot Version and Serial number. This will give your beta key to enable you to S - OFF. Make a note of this.

    How To get your Hboot Version - 3 methods below
    1. Run the revolutionary Utility you just downloaded from http://revolutionary.io/ and if it has found your device it should read
    "Found your Device: HTC Sensation Z710* Applications -> Development)
    4. With the phone switched on (not in HBOOT, just the regular home screen), plug in your USB cable and select HTC sync mode.(IGNORE any warning messages on your phone telling you it cannot find HTC Sync )

    5. Launch revolutionary.exe. It should detect the phone and ask for your beta key. Type it (BE CAREFUL, as its case sensitive) or copy and paste it in.
    If Revolutionary fails to find your phone verify you have all the drivers installed, try disk drive mode or charging mode (Linux users can use disk drive mode. Confirmed to be working by others)
    6. Once you have entered your beta key correctly, follow any on screen prompts or actions from revolutionary and wait for it to S-Off,
    7. You're done. Your Device will Successfully have S-OFF....if it hangs on method 3 and doesn't S-Off. See post 2 below for solutions.
    IF REVOLUTIONARY SAYS FAILED YOUR PHONE IS NOT SUPPORTED. Go back and check hboot using the methods above. some users are told its failed and they still have S off now. If you have S-off your hboot will now be 1.17.1011 and revolutionary will tell you now your device is not supported

    8. Revolutionary will now ask you to Install clockwork recovery mod after S OFF. Type N and install it manually below (the recovery provided is v4.0.1.4 doesn't charge when device is switched off, the one below v5.0.0.1 does charge)
    9. Your Device now is S-off.

    To install clockwork recovery for the sensation. Follow step 2!

    STEP 2. To INSTALL Recovery - v5.0.0.8

    1. Download recovery v5.0.0.8 for the Sensation [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1277975"]HERE:[/URL] or Multiupload
    2. Copy the PG58IMG file into the Root folder of your SD card (The main Folder of your Memory Card)
    3. Turn off your phone FUlly and reboot into the Bootloader/HBOOT screen (see post above on how to get to hboot screen)
    4. Press Volume up to Accept when it asks" Do you want to start the update"
    5. Press Power Off to Reboot back to android after installation is successful (normal screen with homescreen)
    6. Delete PG58IMG from your memory card and you can now root using step 3 below or install a custom ROM using CWM (Customs Roms are already rooted)

    7. OPTIONAL: Boot into recovery or Completely switch off (Fastboot disabled or remove and reinsert battery)
    Follow STEP 4 SUPER CID sub steps 1-6 to get adb running
    8. Enter the command "adb shell cat /sys/devices/platform/htc_battery/power_supply/battery/status" Phone will confirm it is "CHARGING"

    Charging issues fixed with new clockwork recovery. writing is now BLUE not purple or orange

    Step 3. To permanently root your Sensation - (This means you will NOT LOSE ROOT on rebooting)
    1. Download the file su- from here: DOWNLOAD
    2. Copy su- to your SD card root folder (main folder of your memory card)
    3. Start clockworkmod recovery (instructions below. See To Start Clockwork recovery)
    5. Navigate to "Backup & Restore" using the Volume Down button and press select (power button to select) then select "Backup"
    6. Select "install zip from sdcard" after backing up
    7. Then select "Choose zip from sdcard"
    8. Then select "su-"
    9. Then select "Yes - install su-" to confirm
    10. Then go back
    11. Then reboot.
    12. You're rooted!

    If you are getting error messages regarding S-OFF, Rooting or installation - Troubleshoot below in post 2
    See POST 2(HERE):

    STEP 4. WRITE SUPER CID [YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE]- (continue from step 11 below if you have already done this)
    (allows you to flash ANY ROM to the device regardless of the carrier. Just click RUU.EXE)

    1. Download adb tools here: download for WINDOWS or download for LINUX or from the attachments below
    2. On your pc click on your local disk C: Drive (or D: drive for some) (WINDOWS users: Start > My computer > Local Disk (C:))
    3. Create a new folder called "adb" and extract the files from adb.zip into it. Make sure it doesn't create another folder in the adb folder when extracting

    4. open command prompt (or terminal for linux) and type "cd" "followed by the path to your adb folder" (windows users can type "cd C:\adb")
    5. Ensure your phone is switched on (regular home screen) and connect it by USB in charging mode (Ensure usb debugging is on settings)
    6. enter the command "adb devices". This is to confirm your phone is connected. (It should come back with list of devices attached and your serial number)
    7. enter the command "adb reboot-bootloader". (nothing further required device WILL reboot in bootloader)

    IF it doesn't you can Manually put the phone in the bootloader/hboot mode
    Navigate to fastboot by pressing volume down and pressing power button to select (power off > vol down + power on)
    It will take you to the fastboot bootloader screen on your phone
    Connect your phone via USB
    Your Screen should now read fastboot USB

    8. enter the command "fastboot oem writecid 11111111"
    9. enter the command "fastboot reboot-bootloader (Wait for it to reboot the bootloader)
    10. enter the command "fastboot getvar cid" [it should confirm your CID is 11111111]
    11. enter the command "fastboot reboot"
    12. You can now flash any ROM you like.

    To reinstall any stock ROM after this or De-brand or reinstall a different type of Rom (European, Asian, US).
    Just click here to download an Official Rom,
    Connect to your phone in charging mode. click the "RUU_pyramid_*****.exe" file you downloaded and follow on screen instructions.

    I can confirm SuperCID is successful as i just flashed a Tmous Rom (1.25.***) to my EU unbranded device to check. (added t-mobile tv and other carrier stuff to my apps list)

    TO DE-BRAND OR REINSTALL STOCK ROM (Changes to Stock S-off, Removes Root and clockwork)
    Reinstall your original stock ROM you had (e.g Vodafone, Tmous, Asian, European unbranded etc. if you are changing back to S-ON)

    1. Backup all User Data and Apps (Titanium backup Recommended) SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU WANT TO WIPE EVERYTHING
    2. Use the SUPERCID method above. (Confirmed to work)
    3. If you cannot get superCID to work. Follow this by Alexp999. HERE: any problems PM ME and i will help
    Your phone bootloader will read "PYRAMID PVT SHIP S-OFF RL" after this, Root and clockwork will have been removed now

    YOU MUST Follow this correctly otherwise you could semi-brick your device (Semi bricks recovery by re-flashing RUU). If you follow it correctly YOU WILL GET S-ON SUCCESSFULLY -confirmed by other users
    I cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong but i will help in every situation. 2 unrecoverable bricks so far. 1 due to not flashing RUU
    First time i did this with a custom ROM installed - semi-bricked my device (couldn't boot due to security warning as S-on doesn't work with custom roms), restored it using RUU.exe
    Second time after S-off i took the following steps and successfully went back to S-ON without any problems and booted up into stock rom.

    Confirmed to work by several others as well as myself
    1. Follow Step 4 above to get SuperCID - Skip if you already have it
    2. Restore your official stock Rom: Just click here to download an Official Rom RESTORE STOCK EVEN IF YOU JUST RESTORED IT RECENTLY OR ARE ALREADY ON STOCK ROM. This is to ensure nothing gets changed in stock for S-on to be successful
    So if you are already on a stock ROM or you just went back to stock ROM, i don't care, restore the stock ROM again using the RUU.exe if you don't want to be bricked!

    Connect to your phone in charging mode. click the "RUU_pyramid_*****.exe" file you downloaded and follow on screen instructions.
    3. Make sure when you download the RUU. download the same or similiar RUU version as your phone came with (e.g. Tmous or EU or Asian etc). As long as you install a stock rom similiar to what you had you should be ok. FAILURE TO DO THIS MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE.

    4. Switch your phone on now and let it boot for the first time and just skip through the welcome screen.
    5. Go back to Step 4 - SUPERCID and go through 1 to 7 to get to the fastboot bootloader. (so just do what you did before, put adb files in local disk, adb reboot bootloader etc)
    6. enter the command "fastboot oem writesecureflag 3" (Thanks Dazweeja)
    7. Reboot into bootloader using "fastboot reboot-bootloader" or remove & reinsert the battery and press power on while keeping hold of volume down.
    8. Bootloader should now read Pyramid PVT Ship S-ON RL.
    9. Remove and reinsert the battery. Press power on as normal

    You should now have S-on back and you can return your device or do whatever it is covered again under warranty.

    10. IF IT DOESN'T REBOOT and bootloader says ***Security Warning**
    Remove and re-insert the battery and go back into bootloader and holding Volume Down +power button select fastboot
    11. Run RUU_Pyramid_***.exe to reflash stock rom. (the one u just downloaded in step 1) and then reboot. It should work now

    The above method works successfully. So do not under any circumstances try this without going back to stock first using Ruu.exe. and Follow the instructions correctly if you want S-on WITHOUT problems Any doubts or questions PM me and i will get back to you and help you.

    Donations welcome as i had a very shaky night experimenting and bricking my device (and having a panic attack over it) to find a safe method for successfully getting S-on back for all you out there complaining about warranty.

    To Start Clockwork recovery
    1. EITHER make sure fastboot is disabled in settings and shut down your phone
    This can be done via Settings > Power> Untick "FAST BOOT" at the bottom.
    OR take out your battery and put it back in. (this is easier)
    2. Keep hold of the volume down button and switch your phone on.
    3. Hboot will start. Navigate to recovery with the vol down button. Press power button to select and enter recovery.

    To install a Custom ROM - you will not lose data or apps with this method!

    1. Download your chosen ROM by other developers in the development threads and copy the ZIP file to your SD Card ROOT directory
    2. Start clockworkmod recovery (instructions above)
    3. BACKUP YOUR ROM USING CWM BEFORE ATTEMPTING ROOT! (skip this step if you have already made a backup previously)
    4. Navigate to "install zip from sdcard" using the Volume Down button and press select (power button to select)
    5. Then select "Choose zip from sdcard"
    6. Then select "your_chosen_rom.zip"
    7. Then select "Yes - install your_chosen_rom.zip" to confirm
    8. Then go back
    9. Then reboot.
    10. First boot will take quite some time -This is normal, i know you want touch your nice shiny phone but BE PATIENT - ENJOY!

    Special Thanks to AlphaRev, unrEVOked Team, Bin4ry & to everyone else that helped with this GUIDE and with S-off and Dazweeja with S-on

    signature verification failed in CLOCKWORK
    Make sure you have installed Clockwork From Step 2 Above. V specifically for AlphaRevX
    1. Load up Clockwork Recovery (See post 1)
    2. Navigate and Select "install Zip from SD Card"
    3. Select "Toggle Signature Verification". Press it once or twice till you see the message. "Signature Check: DISABLED"

    Installation aborted in Clockwork
    E:Error in /sdcard/su-
    (status 0)
    Installation Aborted

    1. First Try the above method of repeating it 3 times to achieve root. some users are getting installation aborted. but on third attempt rooted successfully

    2. Failing that: Download su- AND su-
    3. Place both of them on the root (main folder) of your sd card and flash su- using Step 3 from post 1. it is likely it may repeat the error above. INSTALLATION ABORTED
    4. Flash su- now using step 3 in post 1. YOU SHOULD BE NOW ROOTED!

    Stuck on White Screen with Green HTC Letters for over 15 minutes or continuously rebooting without starting up
    You are not bricked, Whatever you flashed in clockwork didn't flash correctly. Most likely a Rom
    This could be due to a bad file, or download error or powering off or pulling the battery part way through. no need to worry
    1. Re-download the Rom or file or theme you were trying to flash in clockwork
    2. Install again using clockwork. wait till its finished and reboot. you should be cured
    3. MAKE sure whatever you are flashing is compatible with the Sensation or made for the Sensation

    Revolutionary Hanging on "Method 3"
    1. Make sure you have installed all the drivers from above.
    2. Please Make Sure you have HTC Sync uninstalled and Droid Explorer uninstalled.
    3. Install These Drivers HERE:
    4. Basically anything and everything that will allow your phone or other phones to automatically connect or sync to your computer has to be uninstalled
    5. Try another Computer or Factory Reset your device as a last resort.

    If you are getting root error messages
    Some Users acheived root by repeating Step 3 a few times Try this

    1. Repeat step 3 at least 3 times or until it installs completely .
    2. Download busy box from the market , open it and install the app.
    3. Reboot and that should do it , root should be working and WiFi with s off
    4. You may get messages telling you it failed to root or installation aborted but reboot and check it with root checker. Many users are told its failed but are actually rooted now

    If u want to verify if u have root download the app called root checker it checks for root and for busy box to b installed correctly... if that fails
    Try Installing/REINSTALLING SuperUSER and Busybox (or busybox installer) from the market. if it still doesn't work then
    Flash a custom Rom as they come Pre-Rooted
    Many Tmous users are acheiving root while a few are not. please try all of the above mentioned methods.

    Titanium Backup Crashing (when restoring backup)
    1. Uninstall and reinstall Titanium backup
    2. If that fails reinstall your ROM (Full wipe recommended in clockwork before reflashing rom. Unless you have already made a backup with titanium before. you will lose apps + data)
    Titanium Backup not working
    The likely Cause of this could there are some files left behind from your temp root. You need to delete the files in /data/bin/ you can do this by
    Download Terminal Emulator from the market
    open terminal emulator and type:
    rm -r /data/bin/*

    or if you are familiar with using adb: (you can use the adb exe supplied by revolutionary in his tools pack)

    adb shell su
    adb shell rm -r /data/bin/*

    Then reboot into recovery and reapply the su- installation. Another User posted this fix as it worked for them

    Currently the only way to fix this is to flash Stock Rom again or Custom Rom.

    1. Follow step 4 above in post 1
    2. OR You can flash a custom Rom from Clockwork. LeeDroids Rom is close to Stock and confirmed to be working on a Tmous Sensation
    Any problems or fixes PM me please
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Recovery Charging Issue
    Clockwork recovery v4.0.1.4 with the purple writing suplied by revolutionary and from rom manager both have an issue with charging. Your phone will not charge if you turn it off.
    So if you flashed it via revolutionary.exe or in post one before i before i uploaded the new updated one.

    Post one is now updated with the new clockwork recovery with the blue writing that does not have charging issues.
    Just follow Step 2 above to flash the new clockwork Recovery v4.0.1.4 and this will fix your charging issues.

    the new recovery is orange while the old one was purple

    What is a noob?
    A noob is someone new to XDA or new to the device and its methods of rooting/customizing. Its not bad being a noob. we we're all their at one stage. i was a noob for winmo in July 2009. I was a noob for Android in October 2010. you tend to learn everything pretty fast. easy to work with android is.

    What is S-OFF?
    S-OFF means that the NAND portion of the device is unlocked and can be written to. The default setting for HTC devices is S-ON (write protected), which means that neither can you access certain areas of the system nor can you guarantee a permanent root

    Do i need Rooting?

    An unrooted device is like logging onto the guest account of windows, you can do many things, just not everything
    Think of Acquiring root as having Administrator Access on the device, so you can install/modify/fix/break anything you want.

    What does clockwork Recovery do?
    Clockwork allows you to flash Unofficial Roms and Themes via zip files on your SD card, also you can make backups of your current rom and wipe certain types of memory. (User data, system, boot, cache, dalvik cache)

    What is flashing? (showing your bits off in public?) NO!
    Flashing refers to Downloading themes or apps or Roms onto your SD Card and then installing them using clockwork or any other utility where the phones Operating System is modified

    Method 1 was discovered by a noob :eek:- Dav22. :D Dazweeja came up with a simple ADB command. Skygear for working it in Terminal Emulator
    Method 2 was discovered by sieempi :D (Links at the bottom), STRING: NOT FOUND workaround found by jackmonter5
    Big thanks to xplod4202. Risked his Sensation to see if Methd 2 was safe for us all.
    And The simple guide : xl Viper lx : I am simply doing what i do best. getting you a noobproof guide and also simplifying the adb/terminal code :cool:

    All of us will take credit for the collaborating and making of this thread to help everyone unlock with no cost. What???.....Yes thats right......We broke the FTSE index by providing free unlocks! lol:D

    Also 9 people who voted no in the poll, ad voted before we found method 2 which unlocks every sensation

    The SIM-Unlock code location for some sensation's (NOT ALL) has been found and confirmed to work for the few users who tested it. Use method 1 below to find your unlock code
    (Method 1 ADB guide in post 2 if you don't want to use Terminal Emulator or you just want to use ADB)

    -Rooted simlocked Sensation - Enable USB debugging in Settings > Application ->Development
    -Terminal Emulator (Download free from the market) or click here to download and install into your phone
    Your IMEI Number (Dial "*#06#" in phone keypad to get it)

    GUIDE - Method 1

    1. Download Terminal Emulator from the market if you havent already done so and Run it. This should bring you a blue screen. Full screen.

    2. enter the command "SU".
    3. Click allow when Super user pop up appears to give it root access. (If your keyboard disappears, keep hold of menu button to bring it back up)

    4. enter the command "strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6"

    5. This should give Output a bunch of numbers like in the screenshot! IF IT SAYS STRING: NOT FOUND MOVE TO POST 2 AND USE ADB!

    6. The 8 digit number above your IMEI number is your unlock code. See post 2 on how to enter it.

    IF it only brings you a date above your IMEI. Then the unlock code is not present in your device. Move to Method 2

    GUIDE - Method 2 - USE IF METHOD 1 FAILED!

    Revolutionary achieved radio S-OFF for Sensation (among other devices) which means you can practically do whatever you want with your phone (like actually owning it). This means it makes it vulnerable to all sorts of schemes including sim-unlock. The following method is quite efficient and easy to do and can be done with the need for a computer!

    -Rooted simlocked Sensation!
    -Clockwork Recovery or Revolutionary Recovery - NEEDED FOR NANDROID BACKUP
    -Titanium Backup (Download from the market if you don't have it) - YOU ONLY NEED THIS IF YOU DONT WANT TO OR CAN'T NANDROID BACKUP

    Backup all your settings/apps/sms/network/APN/Data etc.
    Using this method to unlock will wipe your data and apps too! (Factory Resets in other words)
    But it's this method that actually resets some other things including your sim-lock status.

    Guide - Method 2

    1. MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP USING RECOVERY - (Completely switch off your phone, Press Volume down + Power button to get into bootloader, Volume down to recovery then press power button to get into Recovery. Volume down to "Backup and Restore" in recovery. Press Power to backup and your done!
    (Make a backup in Titanium backup if you don't want to or can't nandroid backup. Menu > BAtch >Backup systems data + Apps with data)

    2. Download PG58DIAG for the Sensation HERE or FROM MULTIUPLOAD
    3. Copy the PG58DIAG file into the Root folder of your SD card (The main Folder of your Memory Card)
    4. Turn off your phone Fully and reboot into the Bootloader/HBOOT screen (see post 2 on how to get to bootloader screen)
    5. Press Volume Down to Enter DIAG - Place the phone horizontally when it asks you too. (Flat)
    6. Press power button to select "Clean S58 Data
    7. Press power again to "clean S58 Data".
    8. POW - your unlocked! Try a SIM card from a different provider!
    9. Delete the file from your SD Card (Delete PG58DIAG) and REBOOT!!
    Your phone Will set up for the first time, go through it all till you get to your home screen
    10. Go back into recovery and restore nandroid backup. same method as step 1 above. but instead of backup, you use restore feature
    (Use Titanium Backup to restore if you used it to backup instead of Nandroid backup)(Menu > Batch > Restore System Data + Apps with user data)

    Now you’re free to go! Bear in mind, though, in certain circumstances you will lose your data connectivity or network signal. You’ll just need to check your APN, network type etc. and re-enter them; Just run the nandroid restore to get everything back

    Thanks to Dav22. for discovery of method 1
    Dazweeja for his simple Code to find the unlock
    sieempi for Method 2.
    Thanks to Team Revolutionary for PG58DIAG and S-off
    Don't forget to CLICK THANKS, VOTE and RATE if this guide worked for you.
    don't forget to thank the above users too by clicking the links
    Method 1 ADB GUIDE

    METHOD 1 - ADB GUIDE- Skip steps 1 to 5! if you already have already got ADB and can get to the ADB folder through command prompt/Terminal. If your not sure follow all the steps

    1. Download adb tools here: download for Windows or Linux or from attachments in the Sensation S-off guide

    2. On your PC click on your local disk C: Drive (or D: drive for some) (WINDOWS users: Start > My computer > Local Disk (C)
    3. Create a new folder called "adb" and extract the files from adb.zip into it. Make sure it doesn't create another folder in the adb folder when extracting
    4. open command prompt (or terminal for linux) and type "cd" "followed by the path to your adb folder" (windows users can type "cd C:\adb")

    5.a Ensure your phone is switched on (regular home screen) and connect it by USB in charging mode (Ensure usb debugging is on settings) OR!!!!

    [ IF YOU GOT THE STRING:NOT FOUND ERROR IN METHOD 1 (terminal Emulator) REBOOT INTO RECOVERY AND CONNECT YOUR USB AND CONTINUE (Turn off your phone completely, volume down + power button, then select recovery to get into it!) ]

    6. enter the command "adb shell". Your phone should display a hash sign [#] (if it doesn't then you are not rooted! - GO ROOT)
    7. enter the command "SU".
    8. enter the command "strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6"

    9. This should output a bunch of details as shown in the screenshot below


    10. The 8 digit number above your IMEI is your unlock code. See post 2 on how to enter it. IF it only brings you a date and your IMEI. Then the unlock code is not present in your device. Move to Method 2 in Post 1

    To unlock your GSM phone with the unlock code follow these simple steps:

    1. Power on your Sensation with a SIM card from an unsupported network/carrier/provider.
    2. If asked, enter the PIN code of your SIM Card.
    3. Enter unlock code when prompted!

    How to enter the code in dual CDMA - GSM/LTE HTC Phones

    1. Power on your Sensation with a SIM card from an unsupported network/carrier/provider.
    2. Phone will tell you to insert an allowed SIM card and that the phone will switch back to CDMA mode.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Click green button to get to the main screen of the phone.
    5. Click on settings.
    6. Click on all settings.
    7. In the personal tab click on security.
    8. The phone will ask you to enter the unlock code. Enter it. Done