[GUIDE][TREBLE][A530F/A530W] Project Treble Guide for Galaxy A8 2018 (18/04/2019)

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Dec 13, 2020
5s since I posted the post, I corrected it, please don't overdo it with excessive behavior ..
*I didn't mean to insert a non-English text, the error was in the auto translation of the page.
Thank you for understanding.

Please, is TWRP .img also installed via ODIN?

Installed via TWRP: Install → Image → Recovery
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    Project Treble Guide for Samsung Galaxy A8

    Just to make it clear I'm not responsible for whatever damage this could possibly cause to your device.

    Treble is everywhere, so why shouldn't we join it?
    I'm proud to announce that Galaxy A8 [SM-A530F/SM-A530W] will now fully support project treble . Exciting right ?
    You just need to follow the instructions mentioned and your device should get Treble ready for future roms.

    If you appreciate the work i have done, Feel free to buy me a cup of coffee @paypal

    What is Treble?
    If you want to know more about that visit here : https://source.android.com/devices/architecture/

    1) Device SM-A530F or SM-A530W
    2) Odin Tool and Samsung Drivers ( If you choose PC method )

    TWRP 3.3.0
    TWRP 3.2.3


    **Important: Instructions are absolutely clear, so please carefully follow the steps as written below. You do this on your own risk.

    1) Boot the device in current TWRP Recovery Mode
    2) Wipe system/cache/data
    3) Copy the TrebleCreator.zip(of your variant) and TWRP-jackpotlte-Treble.img to your Internal/SDcard
    4) Flash the TrebleCreator.zip through TWRP recovery
    5) After completing your device will reboot to RECOVERY
    6) Now touch INSTALL > Select Image > Locate TWRP-jackpotlte-Treble.img
    7) Flash TWRP-jackpotlte-Treble.img to recovery
    8) Reboot your device to recovery
    9) Once TWRP is booted you first need to Mount > your /system, /vendor, /cache, and /data partition
    10) Wipe system, cache, vendor, dalvik cache and data.

    Bingo! You have successfully trebelized your A8 (SM-A530F)/(SM-A530W)

    - @corsicanu for partition Guide
    - @somadsul for scripting the guide
    - @BlackMesa123 for official TWRP
    - @lzzy12 , @Griffin98, @TaifAljaloo for alot of help and contribution
    - @saboorTheCool for testing out the recovery

    Kernel Source Code: https://github.com/prashantpaddune/universal7885
    Device Tree (jackpotlte): https://github.com/prashantpaddune/android_device_samsung_jackpotlte

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Project Treble Guide for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

    prashantp01, corsicanu, somadsul

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2019-01-29
    Last Updated 2019-01-29
    I've updated TWRP with the /vendor patch to 3.6.0_9-0 if anyone wants an updated version → https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=330936
    Hello everyone, here are my personal quick notes on few last Quack AOSP releases, using Pie vendor and Quantum v4 custom kernel. I did not try the System-as-Root patch yet, so I'm sticking with A-only for now. Many of them (if not all!) can be found easily using @phhusson's GSI list.

    My tests are based on basic needs, I try to install and launch several APKs, I watch different video streaming sources, I check the bootability (if able to reboot in "one cycle", or more), I'm looking for google/others trackers operating in background and slowing the phone. I haven't tried advanced radio features like BT or LTE/VOLTE features. But for those of you who just arrived here and managed to TREBLE-ize your device using this great guide, this can save you some time of testing.

    The criterias I'm looking after are, by importance: stability>privacy=rapidity>long battery lasting>UI customization.

    20200129 ArrowOS : stuck on rom boot animation
    20200317 crDroid v6.4 : stuck on rom boot animation
    20200326 Bliss v12.5 : stuck on rom boot animation
    20200408 AOSP phh v215 (vanilla + floss) : sleeping state reboots bug + floss "recents" button of navbar not working
    20200413 Descendant X : sleeping state reboots bug
    20200413 LineageOS v17.1 : sleeping state reboots bug
    20200414 CAOS v215 : looks very stable, and quiete fast
    20200422 HavocOS v3.4 : looks stable, lots of UI customization options, but have google stuff inside so not for me
    20200423 crDroid v6.5 : looks stable once booted, even on sleeping state, but freezes and reboots several times when asked for a restart
    20200505 AOSP phh v216 : sleeping state reboots bug (in floss variant - haven't tried vanilla yet)
    20200506 ion v2.6.a: full of google's crap; didnt see any vanilla or floss build on Github. + hard time getting past the init launcher, rebooted many times on the way
    20200509 BLESS v216 : looks stable, many UI customization features, good battery saving

    I'm using the last one for a week now and only saw a quick "bug", not sure it is one, could be some options to change too. When the phone is down a table (for example), in sleeping state, clock will sometimes freeze itself. You have to pick the device up from the flat surface, to actualize the clock.

    I mostly used vanilla variants, at least when I found some. Next on the list is CAOS v216 from @eremitein, I'm downloading it at the moment. Big thanks to him, by the way.

    Many of the GSI's I tried have to reboot several times when asked for a restart. Does anyone know what's causing this? And if and how it can be fixed?

    Special thanks to @prashantp01 for compiling the needed infos to make it possible quiete easily!
    I had trouble understanding what are GSI rom so I googled it and I found a nice tutorial explaining everything about it:


    After seeing this, I'm more excited about my device than when I first bought it. Installing Lineage OS (aka the new CyanogenMOD) could be as straightforward as flashing a treble-LOS image. Since I use my phone as a "daily driver", I'll just wait until everything has been tested and tried.

    Also, can anyone tell me if the Exynos SOC, in the Galaxy A8 is ARM 64A or ARM64A/B?

    also heres a list of pie GSIs that work and dont for some reason


    Avoid these GSIs:
    Pixel Dust
    Resurrection Remix
    Liquid Remix

    GSIs that work:
    AOSP Extended