[GUIDE][TREBLE] How to flash GSI's to the OnePlus 6T

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    How to flash GSI's to the OnePlus 6T
    As you all know, the OnePlus 6T has treble support, so this guide will cover how to flash GSI's to fajita!
    The method used is similar, if not the same to flashing gsi's on the OnePlus 6

    In-Display Fingerprint
    Adaptive Brightness(Now fixed, just waiting for phhusson to merge pr)
    Notch will overlay things(I'm working on it!)

    Lets begin!

    1: Downloading the required files
    SDK Tools
    Stock VBMETA.img and BOOT.img
    Make sure you download the a/b version!

    2: Flashing
    Make a new folder and call it whatever you want
    Extract the platform tools zip you downloaded into that folder and copy the boot.img, vbmeta.img and phh treble GSI
    Open a Command Prompt/Terminal and cd to that folder
    Now run these commands in order
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
    fastboot flash system_a (name of the GSI)
    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]WARNING: The below command WILL erase userdata, make sure you have a backup of EVERYTHING[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    fastboot -w flash system_b (name of the GSI)
    fastboot reboot

    Enjoy your new GSI!
    I dont understand why inscreen fp or VoLTE doesnt work. The whole ethos around Treble is that the vendor implementation is abstracted through the Vendor Interface, on top of which sits the GSI. So provided the GSI is coded correctly to use the Vendor Interface APIs, then all functionality should work. the fact that this or that is proprietary is [should be] irrelevant - for that is the whole purpose of Treble . It permits faster and more regular updates to be pushed to the handset, but of course Vendors won't like it because it stunts their market sales drive , i.e getting consumers to buy the next handset upgrade to get the latest features. Hardware now is reaching the nadir of function, and we are seeing software (Middleware and Apps) take the front seat - as per Pixel 3 camera shots. Hardware is comparable across devices, it is the software (principally Google's Android and to a lesser degree the Apps themselves) that are going to make the difference , for now, and of course that isnt a revenue stream for vendors. Perhaps that's where the world is going ... toward everyone not having an Apple phone, but an Android phone, and specifically a Google Phone ... takes me back to the days of Nokia world domination. Ah but evolution only has one constant, and that is that nothing lasts forever ... not even Apple or Google :)

    Long live GSIs !!
    Thanks for the write up OP. I'm just shocked at the non dev work for roms for 6t. Hoping the pixel4 doesn't have a horrendous notch. 6T is a big disappointment as far as roms are concenred.
    Now that Android Q Beta 2 GSI images have been released, anyone tried to boot them on OP6T? If yes, please share your valuable feedback.

    im trying now but no luck yet. tried using the stock vbmeta and the one included in the beta still no boot
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