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[GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800F Any version to Android 9 Pie

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Feb 22, 2007
Great work, but I encounterted a problem which I don't see in previous posts... twrp-3.1.1-0 works fine but twrp fails- which then means OS16 ROM flash fails as not seen as correct device. Is there an OS16 version I can use with successful 3.1.1-0 or any tips for getting working? Managed to reflash stock ROM from sammobile and keep TWRP 3.1.1-0, so no bricking but not sure why later twrp failing. Help appreciated...

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    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800F to Android 9 Pie
    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800F/kminilte (Exynos) Any version to Android 9 Pie

    This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800F to a powerful one with Android 9.
    Verify your phone is G800F before going further : in Android, go to Settings > About > Check model is G800F.
    If not, quit this tutorial.

    CHANGELOG ------------------------

    v8. TWRP 3.5, Magisk 22
    v7. Updated pack for TWRP recovery 3.4.0-0 + ROM download link + Samsung USB drivers, Magisk for root, MagiskManager-v8.0.2
    v6. Updated pack for TWRP recovery 3.3.1-0 + IMEI backup
    v5. Updated tutorial and pack to Android 9 Pie
    v4. Updated pack with Odin 3.13.1, TWRP Recovery 3.2.3-0 and Spookcity kernel 6.0-1
    v3. Added Google Play certification, TWRP recovery 3.2.1-0
    v2.1. Updated Spookcity kernel to v6
    v2. Updated to Android 7.1 Nougat, TWRP3.1.1-1, Spookcity kernel 5, overclock, fixed bootloops
    v1. Initial release for Android 6


    - djibe Galaxy S5 mini G800F pack v3: http://bit.ly/G800Fdjibepackv3
    (contains Samsung tweaked Odin 3.13.1 + Samsung USB drivers + TWRP 3.5.1_9-0 official recovery + Magisk 22 and manager for root). Unzip files.

    + ROM Unofficial Lineage OS 16: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5-mini/development/rom-lineageos-16-0-t3868612
    DOWNLOAD here: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=2188818919693750324
    ### ROM perfectly working except Encryption, Video recording doesn't work in all apps or with all camera applications

    + OpenGApps ARM 9 pico : http://opengapps.org/?arch=arm&api=9&variant=pico

    + a microSD card. Copy ROM, Gapps and Magisk on microSD card (FAT32 format) and insert it in phone.

    + Charge phone to 100 %


    Install Samsung drivers (you unzipped earlier).
    Then plug phone to PC in File transfer mode.
    Collect all .jpg or .mp4

    Use an app like Backupyourmobile to backup texts, contacts, etc.
    Check that backup is located on microSD card.
    Then copy the backup on your PC.

    Erase your Google Account: Go to Settings > Account > Google and erase it.


    Shut down phone.

    Boot in Download Mode : hold Home + Power + Volume- for 3 seconds and release.
    Confirm with Volume+.
    Phone now displays: Downloading, do not turn off target.

    Connect phone in USB, wait for bootloader drivers installation.

    Then launch Odin.exe (included in my archive) and wait for Odin indicator ID:COM to become blue.
    In options: Verify re-partition and Auto Reboot are NOT ticked while F. Reset Time is ticked.
    In AP > select twrp-3.5.1_9-0-kminilte.img.tar
    ### Warranty will be Void after next click ###
    Click Start.

    When PASS! success green message appears.
    Wait a few seconds, then hold again Home + Power + Volume- to reboot phone.
    Let phone restart then shut it down.


    Boot in Recovery Mode: Hold Home + Power + Volume+ until you see the Samsung logo then release and wait a few seconds for TWRP recovery to boot.
    If it asks for Keep System Read Only ? > Swipe to Allow Modifications.

    Go to Backup > you can select the partitions you want to save.
    Select all partitions in order to be able to restore phone to it's original state.

    Select at least EFS partition to backup your IMEI. If a flash fails and partition is damaged you will still be able to restore this partition and use the phone.
    If IMEI is lost during a flash, phone won't be able to reach cellphone networks.
    I prefer to backup EFS, Boot and System.
    Now type Select Storage > Select Micro SD card and confirm with OK
    Now Swipe to Backup and wait during process.
    Go to Home screen and continue with next chapter.

    Connect phone or microSD to PC.
    Open microSD folder and backup TWRP folder to a safe place.
    Youe /efs partition is now safe (+/- other partitions if you need to fix some crashes).


    Go to Wipe > Format Data
    Type yes and confirm with bottom right Check icon.

    Then go to Wipe > Advanced wipe,
    select Dalvik, Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage (if you really made a backup from step 2), then Swipe to Wipe,
    then back.

    Go back to TWRP Home screen > Reboot > Recovery and Swipe to confirm.

    At reboot, if TWRP asks for Keep System Read Only ? > Swipe to Allow Modifications.


    Back to TWRP Home menu. Then tap on Install > choose LOS16*.zip,
    (if you don't see the files, tap on Select Storage and make sure Micro SDCard is active).
    then Add more Zips > open_gapps*.zip,
    then Swipe to confirm Flash.
    Wait for operation to end.

    Go to Reboot > Recovery.
    Once phone rebooted, go to Install > Magisk.
    Then tap Wipe cache/dalvik, swipe to confirm,
    then Reboot System.
    Wait for the phone to boot during 10 minutes.


    No extra steps for root. Magisk starts with Android.
    Use File app to navigate to microSD card and install Magisk Manager.
    Open Magisk Manager app to manage root permissions.


    Using LineageOS default camera app will crash when switching from photos to videos.
    Use Simple Camera app included (or Google Camera, Footej camera).

    8) EXTRA

    You can use GPS Status & Toolbox app for faster GPS fix.

    For faster phone, go to Settings > About.
    Tap 7 times on Build number.
    Go to Settings > System > Avdanced > Developer options.
    Set Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale to 0.5x.

    For better battery longevity, set Dark mode. Settings > Display > Avanced > Style > Style > Dark
    And Dark mode > Dark.


    Thanks : @panzerknacker, LOS Team, TWRP Team, @spookcity138, @hennymcc, @rodman01, @Friedensfurz, @cschsz, @ayke, @CTXz, @psyafter
    Latest version of tutorial is available to obtain GOOGLE MOBILE SERVICES (GMS) CERTIFICATION
    + updated TWRP recovery
    + updated Kernel