[GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 or 10") from Stock to Android 8.1

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May 19, 2022
I have installed with the odin tool v3.13.1 immage twrp-3.4.0-0-espressowifi.img.tar.

Then i have follow the manuel as above. And now i seen no apps i think that i do something wrong in Clean wipe and flash ROM + GAPPS.


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    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 or 10") from Stock to Android 8.1
    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Unified (7 or 10", espressowifi/3g) Stock to Android 8.1 Oreo / Unlegacy Android

    This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to a newer one with Android 8.1.
    Make sure your tablet is fine before going further: in Android, go to Settings > About device > Model number is listed below.

    - espressowifi
    - GT-P3110 (7", Wi-Fi)
    - GT-P3113 (7", Wi-Fi)
    - GT-P5110 (10.1", Wi-Fi)
    - GT-P5113 (10.1", Wi-Fi)
    - espresso3g
    - GT-P3100 (7", 3G)
    - GT-P5100 (10.1", 3G)

    If not, quit this tutorial.
    Disney+ and Netflix are working.


    v1. Initial release for Android 8.1


    - djibe Galaxy Tab 2 pack: https://bit.ly/djibe-galaxytab2-pack
    (contains Samsung tweaked Odin 3.13.1 + Samsung USB drivers + TWRP 3.4.0-0 official recovery + Magisk Root + Aurora Store). Unzip files.

    + ROM Android 8.1 Unlegacy Android: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-aosp-8-1-oreo-unlegacy-android-unofficial.4323203/
    Download latest Wi-Fi build here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachments/ua_espresso-8-1-0-20211021-surefixed-zip.5438769/
    Download latest 3G build here: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=7161016148664826463
    ### GPS and Camera don't work. Use an Android 7.1 ROM if you need these

    + BitGApps Package ARM 8.1 (R44+): https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/custom-gapps-bitgapps-for-android.4012165/post-81060605
    Download latest build: https://github.com/BiTGApps/BiTGApps-Release/releases

    + a microSD card. Copy ROM, Gapps, Magisk root and Aurora Store on microSD card (FAT32 format) and insert it in phone.

    + Charge phone to 100%


    Install Samsung drivers (you unzipped earlier).
    Then plug phone to PC in File transfer mode.
    Collect all .jpg or .mp4

    Use app like Backupyourmobile and SMS backup & Restore to backup contacts, etc.
    Check that backup is located on microSD card.
    Then copy the backup on your PC.

    Now connect to Wi-Fi, Settings > About device > Software update. Check you already have the latest.


    Shut down tablet.
    Boot in Download Mode: hold Power + Volume- until you see Warning's screen and release all buttons.
    Confirm access to Download mode by pressing Volume+.

    Connect tablet in USB, wait during bootloader drivers installation.

    Then launch Odin.exe (included in my archive) and wait for Odin indicator ID:COM to become blue.
    In options: Verify re-partition and Auto Reboot are NOT ticked while F. Reset Time is ticked.
    In Files > PDA > select twrp-3.4.0-0-espressowifi.img.tar
    ### or twrp-3.4.0-0-espresso3g.img.tar for 3G model.

    ### Warranty will be Void after next click ###
    Click Start.

    When Success green message appears, unplug USB.
    Now hold Power + Volume+ until Samsung logo shows up and release buttons.

    ### If tablet reboots normally, recovery will be reset. You can flash TWRP with Odin again.

    4) BACKUP SYSTEM (Nandroid backup)

    Wait a few seconds for TWRP recovery to boot.
    Recovery asks for Keep System Read Only ? > Swipe to Allow Modifications.

    Go to Backup > you can select the partitions you want to save.
    I prefer to backup System, EFS and Boot.
    Now type Select Storage > Select Micro SD card and confirm with OK
    Now Swipe to Backup and wait during process.
    Go to Home screen and continue with next chapter.


    Go to Wipe > Format Data
    Type yes and confirm with bottom right icon.

    Go to Home > Reboot > Recovery > Do not install app.

    Back to TWRP, go to Wipe > Advanced wipe,
    select Dalvik, System, Data, Internal Storage (if you really made a backup from step 2), Cache, then Swipe to Wipe,
    then back.
    ### Don't select microSD or you will lose your backup

    Go to Home > Reboot > Recovery > Do not install app.


    Go to Install > choose ua_expresso*.zip,
    (if you don't see the files, tap on Select Storage and make sure Micro SDCard is active).
    then Add more Zips > bitgapps*.zip
    then Swipe to confirm Flash.
    Wait for operation to end.

    Then tap Wipe cache/dalvik, swipe to confirm,
    then Reboot System.
    Wait for the phone to boot during 5 minutes.

    ### Don't connect to your Google account before setting up root.

    7) IMPROVE

    Go to Settings > System > About tablet
    ### Wi-Fi users, don't be scared, Galaxy Tab 2 3G is written, not a big deal.
    Tap on the "Build number" entry seven times. You are notified that developer settings are now active.
    Go to Settings > System > Developer options,
    Set Windows animation to 0, Transition animation and transition scales to x 0,5.

    If Netflix or Disney+ are not accessible from the Play Store, use Aurora Store.


    Connect phone or microSD to PC.
    Open microSD folder and backup TWRP folder to a safe place.


    Thanks: @Mighty, @LR7875, LOS Team, TWRP Team, BitGapps team, topjohnwu
    I started all over and now everything works fine. Thanks all for the feedback