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[guide] [unbrick xiaomi mi5 with miflash beta]


New member
Jul 21, 2015
Hi xiaomi users :eek:
if you bricked your mi5 after wrong flash or something went wrong and you not able any more to start you device normaly, so you'r in the correcte thread to unbrick your mi5 with the correcte fastboot rom and miflash beta :D
whatever the cause of bricking your device( in my case no boot, no recovery mode and no fastboot mode just black screen),if it connected to your laptop and show qualcomm QHsusb QDloader 9008 in devices manager then you have big opportunity to make it alive again :fingers-crossed:
1 :
download and install xiaomi flashing tool miflash beta frome here : http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=at...jYmIxNDZifDE0NjYzMTc1OTZ8MzEyNzU5MnwyODE5Nzk=
2 : download the correct fastboot rom for your xiaomi mi5 from here : http://update.miui.com/updates/v1/fullromdownload.php?d=gemini&b=X&r=cn&n=
note: i have chosen the latest china dev fastboot rom to unbrick my mi5,other fastboot roms not worked for me :confused: :D
put your fastboot rom to c/ drive and extract it ,not on desktop or other extension
3 : enter on fastboot mode by pressing power and volume down you will see logo of xiaomi its fastboot mode,if you cant access fastboot mode just connect you mi5 to your laptop it will detect it as qualcomm driver
4 : open miflash beta and check flash all,chose you rom in c drive then clik refresh button you will se your device as com port,now start flash by cliking on flash button and be patient :p it will take over 5 min, when success unplug your and start your phone,if not start just let it connected to your laptop over 30 min it will start automatically :cool:
now enjoy your mi5 with latest miui8 china developer,
hit thanks buton if im help you :good:
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New member
Nov 2, 2014
Hi guys, i was trying to flash a global stable rom with edl and miflash but something went wrong and miflash says that memory was unsifficient. What should i do? I'm on windows 10 64bit with all adb installed (i think). I even disabled the driver license. I didn't do nothing since the error and i don't know if i should unplug the cable or whatever.


hey, it says flash done (sucessful), but my phone still with black screen and nothing happens, should i just wait?


New member
May 16, 2017
Hi guys, im not sure if this will help you or not but my phone bricked last night and ive manage make it work again by following this method but it little bit different so when it my phone successfully flashed, i just left it untill the batteries is empty by left it all night (before bricked the batteries was 50% i think), maybe it will take longer then mine and if this method work it showing battery empty indicator like normal phone.. ps: when my phone bricked i had no fastboot no recovery no edl, just black screen and red light indicator.. good luck guys


New member
Aug 2, 2017
i have used the test point method and successfully flashed the latest Rom V8.5.2.0 with the latest MiFlash 201612220. after flash done, the phone still cannot turn on... anybody can help???