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Aug 9, 2017
I noticed some people have problems install rollback when have installed twrp. Twrp have some affection to recovery2?

So...the procedure I could use is:

1. Flash twrp 3.1.1-1

2. flash via twrp firmware B360. As Rommco05 said:
this procedure flash also stock recovery and after u can install official rollback. Why u want make rollback? B389 is pretty good firmware

3. if BT, NFC and App issues are solved (this is my real goal), eventually update again to B389. After This:

3a. If twrp didn't work ('cause B360 flashed stock recovery too), flash again twrp 3.1.1-1.

3b. When twrp 3.1.1-1 works properly, flash SuperSu.

4. if BT, NFC at this point still not work, proceed to rollback.

You think it could work?


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Aug 28, 2017
SuperSU Update?

Hi, I just did all the above and everything is awesome (thanks!)

Question, now SuperSU is asking to update, if I update will I break root?


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Jun 1, 2015
thanh hoa


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Jun 29, 2010

I have root my Honor FRD-L09 (L09C432B394) :

1. Unlock bootload
2. Install twrp-3.1.1-1-frd.img (https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-8/development/twrp-t3566563)
3 Reboot
4. I have do a factory reset from Android :
4.1 > The phone has reboot on TRWP.
4.2 > Format data (Wipe) on TRWP but failed : encryption error etc..
4.3 > Reboot,
4.4 > On booting, phone say a message for disable encryption : OK
4.4 > Reboot on TRWP.
4.5 > Format data (Wipe) on TRW with success.

Now i think my phone is decrypted, reset is ok, but i have issue with BT and NFC and i don't understand what i must do for fix that ?!?
can you help me/ what guides can i follow ? :x

Thank you ?


Jun 29, 2010


Jun 29, 2010
No, idk where i'm wrong.

Now i try to restart from zero / stock rom (rollback, unroot & co) with following this guide : https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-8/how-to/guide-comprehensive-method-to-unbrick-t3632998
I have already root and unroot this phone at the begin with Android 6 without problem but not this time...

Atm i'm unroot and flash stock rom for retry

I have restart from zero OTA/unlock/twrt/root (with magisk 14 this time) and it's ok now.
Idk what the problem the first time.

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    OK, so there's a post nearly identical to this, with the CLEAR exception of it being specific to Android 6.x (Marshmallow). For that thread, go HERE.


    OK, quick backstory. Like the other link, none of this is my work and all the people whom I've worked with and confirmed each step of these instructions are working and validated are here:
    spotting, clsA, Atarii, faizalotai, BonezMontana, schluk and Sheldd. This is NOT my work, this is the combination of all these guys help. Thank them! If you need any help, please post here. I'll help the best I can, but I've got a 15 month old and between changing diapers and RAGING FITS due to lack of Cheddar Goldfish, I spend my side time flashing like crazy. :) PLEASE assume all risk and responsibility when following the instructions below. If you mess up, ask for help. I'm not liable. Neither are the guys you should be thanking above for this!


    This process assumes the following: You're on stock Android 7 (Nougat) with no modifications.

    Basic steps are:
    1. Unlock the bootloader
    2. Flash TWRP
    3. Flash SuperSU
    4. Fix your BT/NFC (if you have issues)
    5. There is extra instruction here as well for AdAway and V4A (Viper4Android)

    Unlock the bootloader

    Follow this link to unlock your bootloader.

    1. Go to Huawei's EMUI site and log in. If you need to create a new account, do so. Link here: http://www.emui.com/en/plugin/hwdownload/download
    2. Click on the DOWNLOAD link at the top of the site.
    3. Underneath the search field you will see a green link that says "Unlock Bootloader". Click it and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter in several pieces of information about your phone.
    4. Once you've filled out all the information, you will receive your unlock code at the bottom of the screen. Write this down and save it. This number will NEVER change.
    5. On your Honor 8, go to Settings > About and tap on the Build Number seven times until you unlock the Developer Settings.
    6. In Developer Settings, check Enable OEM Unlock.
    7. Scroll down a bit more and check USB Debugging.
    8. Go to Huawei's site and download their HiSuite and install it. This installs the OFFICIAL Honor 8 USB driver. Link here: http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/..._en/index.html Once the app is installed, you can unselect start with Windows under settings.
    9. Plug in your Honor 8 with the provided USB cable. Give it about 45 seconds to install the driver and recognize it. You may need to go to your phone and tap on "Allow File Access". You will be presented with a question asking if you'd always like to trust the computer you just connected to. Select yes, if this is your primary computer you will be working with.
    10. Now download the most up to date ADB drivers. A Google employee has created one link to get that and make it easy. Link here: https://developer.android.com/studio...orm-tools.html
    11. Open the zip file you just downloaded and create a folder on your computer easy to get to (I recommend c:\ADB) and paste those files there so they are extracted.
    12. Now open the folder up in Windows Explorer if you closed it and hold down the Shift key and RIGHT click in the open area and click "Open command window here"
    13. Type adb devices and hit enter. You should see a device ID as a response in the window.
    14. Type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter. Give it a couple of seconds and the phone will load the bootloader.
    15. Now type fastboot devices and hit enter. You should see your device ID appear again.
    16. LAST CHANCE before it wipes everything and unlocks the booloader!!! Type fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXX (where XXXXXXXXXX is the unlock code you received on step 4) and hit enter. It will ask if you're sure. Once this is done, the phone will wipe your data, unlock the phone and reboot. Your Honor 8's bootloader is now unlocked.

    Flash TWRP

    Grab a working copy of TWRP here.

    1. Download TWRP into the same folder you used in the steps above (where you're keeping all your files)
    2. Navigate in Windows Explorer to this location and hold down the Shift key and RIGHT click in the open area and click "Open command window here"
    3. Type adb devices and hit enter. You should see a device ID as a response in the window.
    4. Type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter. Give it a couple of seconds and the phone will load the bootloader.
    5. Now type fastboot devices and hit enter. You should see your device ID appear again.
    6. Type fastboot flash recovery frd-twrp.img and hit enter.
    7. Once this is complete, unplug your phone.
    8. Hold Volume UP and Power at the same time. Release ONLY the Power button after the blue Honor logo appears.
    9. You now are booted into TWRP and it's been successfully flashed.

    Flash SuperSU

    Download the SuperSU SPECIFICALLY FOR NOUGAT here.

    1. Boot into TWRP
    2. Once there, when asked to keep system read only? - swipe to allow modifications
    3. Tap Install
    4. Tap Select Storage - Select your SD card
    5. Select the supersu file "SuperSU-v2.79-201612051815-EMUI5.0.zip"
    6. Swipe to confirm flash
    7. Ignore the multiple errors: "Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument)
    8. Go back to the main menu
    9. Select Reboot to Recovery
    10. When asked to keep system read only? - swiped to allow modifications (again)
    11. Tap Wipe
    12. Tap Format Data
    13. Type YES then hit enter
    14. It will format data using make_ext4fs..
    15. When finished, tap Reboot System
    16. Reboot back into TWRP
    17. Swipe to allow modifications (You can check the box to never show this again)
    18. Tap Install
    19. Select storage
    20. Select your SD card
    21. Select the supersu file "SuperSU-v2.79-201612051815-EMUI5.0.zip"
    22. Swipe to confirm flash
    23. You should see NO ERRORS now when installing SuperSU
    24. Wipe cache/dalvik
    25. Swipe to wipe
    26. Reboot system

    Fix your BT/NFC (if you have issues)

    Some people are stating that after flashing this fix that they lose their keyboard. I'm throwing up a link here to get the latest GBoard.apk file.

    Follow these instructions to fix BT/NFC issues.

    This file is for the FRD-L04 ONLY.

    Instruction for AdAway

    Follow these instructions to get AdAway working. This is only instruction, NOT where to download. I suggest F-Droid. Use Google.

    Instruction for V4A (Viper4Android)

    Follow these instructions to get Viper working on Nougat.

    How multiple people have successfully gone back to MM if they have too many issues with Nougat.

    Follow these instructions to get back to MM. Breathe.. it's actually not that bad at all.

    You can find the OFFICIAL files to download on the Honor Support site located HERE.
    Hi, i suggest removing the code tags and add the quote one instead so that people wont have to scroll down and scroll sideways too
    I'd be curious to know because I'm on b320 right now. I haven't tried making a backup of my current ROM yet. I hope it doesn't fail. I've never been able to backup MM.

    Sadly, it didn't work. I was in that case in which I have no keyboard, no apps and so on...
    So I rollbacked to MM using Huawei's official packages.

    If anyone needs the B360 data file, refer to this thread
    Has somebody got Oreo through HiSuite (the official way)? :confused:
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