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[Guide]Unlocking Android Protection Code Without Reset Or Root

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Kym kym

New member
Jan 14, 2018
My phone is requesting privacy protection pasword i have factory reset it but it still reqires the pin and i dont remember it can you help ??

Amanjot Singh

Jun 25, 2018


New member
Jul 27, 2018
please i have privacy protection password on my phone tecno y3 and i can't remember the password. How do i get this resolve. Please help out


New member
Sep 23, 2018
Thank you for the information.
Forget the Screen unlock PIN for Redmi 5A. Please help me whether this method work to unlock my phone with out loosing data. As, I don't have a back of contacts and other data on the mobile. Please let me know whethet this method work to unclock Redmi 5A


New member
Mar 24, 2016
unable to open android multi tools

So i have extracted the android multi tools but when i open the exe nothing happens .
also please specify where do i need to enter the numbers .

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    1.Please note that by using this method you can unlock phone without losing any data.
    2.This must not be used for any illegal purpose.
    3.I do not hold any responsibility of any phones bricked using this method(though it is tested)
    1.Download Android Multi Tools- Click Here
    2.Universal Adb Drivers - Click Here
    Now lets begin
    1.First unpack the tool.
    2.Then install the adb driver.
    3.Turn on your phone and connect it to pc via data cable.
    4.Now press 1 to check if your device is connected properly.
    5.Now if you have pin,password or face-lock please press 2.
    6.If you have pattern lock then press 3.
    7.Device will reboot and it will be unlocked.
    8.If it still shows pattern,pin or password enter window simply simply give any to unlock.
    Other action that can be done by this program are below
    Choice detail
    1.check device for check connection of device to pc.
    4.reset gmail for reset gmail login after try many time wrong unlock
    5.wipe data for reset all data to factory setting.
    6.reboot for reboot device to normal mode or exit from adb shell.
    7.check device on fastboot mode for check connection of device to on fastboot mode.
    8.wipe data / cache on fastboot mode for erase user datat and cache on fastboot mode to resolve freeze,stuk on boot logo or slow down device. That is often found in the cpu spreadtrum sc6280/sc8810.
    9.exit fastboot mode for reboot your pc or exit fastboot.
    0.go to command promt for entering dos promt.you can use command in this soft folder and can return to the main program by type exit
    s.software info for info cpu inside,firmware version and etc.
    H.hardware info for determine the ic number of gsensor,touch screen,camera,wifi and more

    thanks for reading this post
    Written By
    Pranto Roy
    1.download android multi tools- http://d-h.st/rCh
    2. universal adb drivers - http://adbdriver.com/upload/AdbDriverInstaller.exe
    1.download android multi tools-
    2. universal adb drivers -

    my younger bro face this problem yesterday and today i got ans
    will try and update
    Hello to everyone!
    This description is very good, but unfortunately I can not help of mind. The Freetab 2099 tablet is set, the OSD, I forgot, offered through the recovery gmail account, but the machine is not connected to the Internet, and it can not be solved. The Windows XP felimeri the machine, but only shows an empty folder adb driver installation, and Total Commander, however does not see downloaded from the manufacturer's website drivers installed, but not working this solution, a multitool can not find device. Maybe a factory reset would solve the matter but has not yet been described find or install a new rom that is. Img extension of the manufacturer's side, but I do not know bekepcsolni debug mode on the machine, it does not allow the zárképrnyőről to move on.
    If anyone knows a solution to my problem, thanks in advance.

    Hello, Valer

    Seriously Man.
    Didn't Understood A Word.
    Give Details and Only Ask The Main Question
    The Adb Driver Installer does not recognize the machine, so I installed the manufacturer's website for official drivers. Only one folder is empty, or whatever it may be copied, "The device is not responding or is not connected."

    I'll Get The Drivers