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[GUIDE] Unlocking JioFi 3 JMR540 & JMR541 for all networks

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Jun 11, 2021
as @myapky said theres some issue in the jmr 540 firmware


i tried jmr 541 firmware on 540 .. and its working sweet... i tried vi and it works great .. only thing is i cant turn it off using the power button

EDIT : power button is working
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Jun 11, 2021
I was also try for JMR 541 its get successfully and working fine. And also completed the same for JMR540 but network is showing only RED post wait for long time network showing as red and unable to connect internet. After that roll backed with OG flash and working for only JIO network.
Kindly assist for JMR540 any other way that we can do it successfully.


Jun 18, 2021
Bro I successfully followed your all steps flashing also done successfully but in connection status Detached is coming.help me I am trying to use vodafone sim.


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Jun 18, 2021
Worked sucessful flashed and Vodafone 4g is working perfectly on jiofi mr40.thankyou brother.....bro this is not working with bsnl 3g can you tell me what should I do so that bsnl 3g or other 3g works in this?


Jun 18, 2021
It shows connection status detached and also the router blink red light my device is Jiofi540 View attachment 5342289
This means you sucessfully flashed and unlocked your device.if device is still lock then it must shows invalid sim but for Deatached is showing because only 4g is supported in this for now.so.try with any 4g sim.same I am also facing problem of detached so I purchased new 4g airtel sim n now working fine..


Jun 18, 2021
Yes there is but it's only accessible through shell access. For public information the band info that's visible in Dashboard is actually static text in HTML it's not fetched from device. Device work on variety of bands.
Yes abhijeet bro shell access is important for band lock and use 3g,2g sim so please get shell access if possible for us

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    View attachment 5370267
    @abhimortal6 i found the JIOFI M2S QDLoader mode but need help for backup firmware also need adb mode help please help me
    You can backup whole firmware with QPST/Qfil you can use method available on internet. Backuped firmware via QPST is not easy to work with it’ll be good for restoration. But these methods requires an programmer that’s basically a partition map that contains protocol and map for accessing device storage and unfortunately most of the generic files that I’ve tested didn’t work in my case may be it’ll work in Jiofi 2. You can get those programmers by searching “All qualcomm firehose”. I personally won’t recommend that keep it as the last resort. Get shell access from hardware TTL where you can easily backup firmware to an sdcard or simply enable adb (shell via TTL is an Android shell).
    For now only working method for enabling adb is via hardware hacking that I’ve described multiple times in this same thread so I’m not going to rewrite everything you can search your way through hope you understand and good luck.
    thank you thank you so so much . im trying to find rx tx pin but now i dont know , today i just found the QDLoader mode
    Don’t worry these things takes times even for the pros. You’re on right path.
    i found the uart pines
    now tell me the command so i can enable debug mode plz
    Great first backup the firmware read this guide

    Then you can edit the build.prop directly from shell and add

    After reboot it’ll enable adb

    Backup first it is important to keep firmware stock.
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    Just Extract the zip file and copy the location of system.img like C:\Users\Name\Desktop\system.img on a windows pc. And the paste the location while flashing like this
    buddy but i already flashed : )
    Deleted member 11682747
    Hello kind sir, I humbly accept your gratitude. As I've previously said dumping and reverse engineering requires hardware or in simple terms physical access to the device as it requires constant trial and error with patched software to test on device. If you are familiar with Linux, reverse engineering ARM binaries and embedded devices you can perform these task on your own. I'm trying to get hands on these devices via OLX but until then there's nothing I can do about it.
    Bro you are doing something incredible .....i mean this is what many were waiting for soo long......many had their jiofi lying of no use.....just tested on JMR541.....was quite lucky enough to have one..........tested on Vi network....12Mbps.....now we can switch sim according to location with best service providing operator......

    Thanks friend !!! thanks a lot , I just create this account to say you thanks !!!!
    Hello Friend! Great job - you're done! The firmware works in Russia. There was a small problem in one of the telecom operators. The fact is that I cannot enter the dot signs in the field where the name is the name of the APN. What to do in this case?

    View attachment 5353085View attachment 5353087
    Hi, I’ll suggest you to use “internet” as apn. For us in India it is auto configured after that.
    @abhimortal6 thanks for making jiofi useful : ]

    also, if anyone facing problems doing the procedure then checkout this video
    how to unlock jiofi link : https://youtu.be/fPPZdFILphc
    i hope u will find it useful
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    Unlocked Firmware for JioFi 3 JMR540 & JMR541

    I am not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.
    Use this firmware at your own risk
    Post is for educational purpose only.

    ONLY FOR JMR 540 & JMR 541

    I was able to dump and reverse engineer JioFi 3's firmware to see if I can unlock the SIM restrictions. JioFi 3 is designed by Foxconn it uses generic firmware. Unlocking took time though. Tested with Vi, Airtel.


    Make sure you're on same firmware version
    • JMR 540 - FXN_JMR540_R6.16
    • JMR 541 - FXN_JMR541_R3.10
    If not please use the device for sometime it'll autoupdate.

    1. Locate your device model and download the respective Firmware and extract it to a known location

    2. Install drivers and tools (skip if already installed)

    • Install Fastboot drivers ( google it for mac and linux it's easy to find)
    • Install Fastboot ( google it for mac and linux it's easy to find)

    3. Prepare device

    • Remove battery from JioFi 3
    • Locate reset pin hole button
    • Lay down JioFi 3
    • Use Paper Clip / SIM Ejector Tool to press button inside (using sharp object is not recommended)
    • Keep pressing button down and insert USB cable
    • Release button as soon as all the LEDs in Display turns RED. This means device is in boot loader mode

    4. Flashing Unlocked Firmware

    • Open adb and fastboot tools terminal
    • Enter following to check if device is connected

    • fastboot devices

    • It will return something like this
    • baxxxxx fastboot

    • This means device is connected. If your device doesn't show up here please check drivers in Device manager
    • Now first erase the system partition

    • fastboot erase system

    • It will return something like this
    • erasing 'system'... OKAY [ 1.104s] finished. total time: 1.105s

    • Now flash the firmware
    • fastboot flash system "D:\system.img" ( replace path )

    • It should return something like this
    • sending 'system' (34306 KB)... OKAY [ 1.276s] writing 'system'... OKAY [ 9.462s] finished. total time: 10.741s

    • Now send reboot command to device
    • fastboot reboot

    • You'll notice device will reboot normally now you can unplug the cable.

    Congratulations your device is now unlocked and you can reinsert battery and another SIM for testing.

    Firmware will take long time than usual to boot do not panic.

    4. Changing APN
    • Insert SIM connect with JioFi 3 wait it to intialize
    • Open Web UI from browser (http://jiofi.local.html/)
    • Now login (default username/pwd is administrator/administrator)
    • In Network Tab you'll find setting for changing APN
    • Put it on manual and enter "internet" as APN (without quotes)
    • Hit apply/save device will reboot again automatically and it'll auto connect
    • Just wait patience is the key here it'll connect.

    If something goes WRONG or you want to UNDO you can re flash original firmware which is provided in this post.

    Original backup


    1. Q. My device is not visible in fastboot devices
      A. Confirm driver installation a faulty cable can also be the issue.
    2. Q. Everything went well but still no changes in dashboard
      A. After successful flash if you still don't see the changes your device is probably booting from recovery partition. Try flashing recovery partition by
      fastboot erase recoveryfs
      fastboot flash recoveryfs "D:\system.img"

    3. Q. After resetting device from pin hole button it shows INVALID SIM.
      A. This is supposed to happen just reboot the device it'll work again.
    4. Q. Can I undo all this and get back to original firmware
      A. Yes just flash the original firmware provided in post and reset the device.

    Thanks to
    Karuppusamy for testing it on JMR541.

    What about JioFi 2, 4, 5, 6?
    Reverse Engineering takes lot of time and coffee. Until I get physical access to device I won't be able to unlock it. I'm constantly searching them on OLX as soon as I get hands on I'll surely try to RE and unlock it. I'll update the same here if there is no update here at the time of your reading then I haven't got the device yet so please don't spam for update hope you understand that I don't get anything by doing these things, I do it for liberation of locked hardware to meet it's real destiny and of course for the people. I also have a day job so no I cannot guide or teach you, hope you understand why.

    successfully unlocked my jiofi 3 JMR541. tested with voda and its working well and good. Thanks a ton for this bro.
    I was late in checking this thread and got shipped airtel unlocked mifi from home.
    successfully unlocked my jiofi 3 JMR541. tested with voda and its working well and good. Thanks a ton for this bro.
    I was late in checking this thread and got shipped airtel unlocked mifi from home.
    Can you show us dashboard screenshot. This will help other users to verify
    bro is unlocking more 4g bands or manual selection of bands can be done ?
    Totally possible even 3G but it can't be done through WebUI it'll requires shell access.
    Totally working! thanks a ton a bro <3