[GUIDE] Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro Custom Firmware, Root, Playstore Certified

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Mar 25, 2008
Baliuag Bulacan
Does anyone have the stock recovery image? I would like to go back from twrp after this process.

A few of my apps (e.g. message+) are crashing after setting them as system apps using systemizer. Anyone else having this issue?

Can you provide a link to this mitmachim forum? I would like to check it out.
for some strange reasons, this is a bug of systemizer or the firmware if you uninstall the app youve transfered using systemizer. you need to factory reset the phone to remove the force closing app error.
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Jun 7, 2017
I have super.bin image file for Qin F22 Pro from the seller , the phone came with stock android firmware and google play + all languages but the buttons (answer call , end call etc..) werent working right , they were not mapped, everything else was working great but i needed a full working keypad (so the phone can be controlled only from it).

The phone came with unlocked bootloader.
After flashing this version of the ROM (with factory UI and google play ,but only CH and EN languages, no bloatware) seems that WiFI stopped working (no driver error or something) and an app keeps crashing time to time in the background, Youtube doesnt work and i cant remove widgets with stock launcher (i replaced with nova launcher) the rest seems to work just fine (buttons are mapped correctly now).

Flashed with: flashboot flash super super.bin

I would like to know if its possible to modify contents in super.bin and reflash (possibly to add and extra language and fix the WiFI and rest of the problems , mainly the WiFI problem)

Anyone wants to give a shot fixing this firmware (if possible, i can upload it somewhere) ? ( i am stuck with it as i didnt backup the old firmware)
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Oct 31, 2022
Hi first of all thank you so much for this tutorial!

I was just running into an issue when trying to download the flash file onto the phone, this error was coming up.

Did I do something wrong?

Screenshot 2022-10-31 143938.png


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Mar 25, 2008
Baliuag Bulacan
came acrossed a new posted screenshot of the phone in 4da. for some strange reasons, the screenshots appears to be on data with carrier aggregation (4G+). Its like phone's modem configuration was supported or allowed to connect to 2 (or more) cell tower 4G signals it could pickup to combine the data speeds. I know this custom firmware was made based on the early firmware of the device and Ive tried enabling that carrier aggregation settings in Engineering mode but always failed (kernel locked?). I know there's like 2-3 versions of the firmware came stock from the factory. Can anyone comfirm that this firmware supports 4G+ (carrier aggregation) as well? or yall not getting the 4G+ too? or its just my simcard (new established network service) not capable of aggregation yet. Because if its not, I want to know whats the version of the firmware that does. The phone's specs sheets doesnt listed it supports carrier aggregation (CA) when advertised. perhaps its one of the updates pushes theyve added or theyve unlocked to improve the firmware bcoz the SOC trully supports carrier aggregation.
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Nov 15, 2022
Completed this, and my only issue is some bank apps that refuse to start. Error message with rooted/jailbrake warnings. The device passes Safetynet. Any tips for fixing?
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Feb 14, 2019
Hi, I have a rooted Qin F21 Pro 3/32gb variation. I got a message from the recovery that says all my android data is corrupt, It gives me an option to try booting again or do a factory reset, pressing try again, goes thru the boot animation and than back this recovery screen, what would be the process for backup or read the patitions, so I can get some of my files back before a reset?


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Mar 25, 2008
Baliuag Bulacan
Hi, I have a rooted Qin F21 Pro 3/32gb variation. I got a message from the recovery that says all my android data is corrupt, It gives me an option to try booting again or do a factory reset, pressing try again, goes thru the boot animation and than back this recovery screen, what would be the process for backup or read the patitions, so I can get some of my files back before a reset?
There's no firmware. Try to reflash this rom and flash the boot.img for 3/32 variant found in thread


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Nov 21, 2022
Added Infos!

The true list of supported bands

thanks for the guide and the list of bands. lots of conflicting information online in regards to if this works with AT&T or not. it appears that the list has most, if not all of their bands. hesitant to purchase as I would hate to get it and it not work.


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May 3, 2022
can I remove the system installed browser?

I removed it on the original version and then it didn`t boot I had to reinstall it via adb


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May 3, 2022
Here is the link to the 3/32 firmware provided by mitmachim:

and here is a link to the thread called how to unbrick qin f21 pro:
can somebody explain how do flash it using the 3/32 firmware

how do I extract it?


Oct 21, 2007
Hello everyone, and sorry for the long post.

Is anyone suffering from applications being forced closed?
I am on firmware 2.1.6

I have ordered a 4/64 unlocked with GAPPS from AliExpress, and what I received is reasonably de-Chinesed. But it still has the default Qin Launcher and the essential apps provided by Xiaomi (like dialer, contacts, calendar, ...) which is great as they are tailored for this form factor.
There are few issues here and there, but my biggest problem is app closing in the background... a typical Chinese rom issue for non-whitelisted apps... so it is killing Whatsapp and Teams which are vital to me.

The Question: Can I (and should I) downgrade to this rom based on firmware 1.1.1? and if so, what would I lose?

Alternatively, what can be done to prevent the apps from closing? (I assume my bootloader is already unlocked as Google Pay and banking apps refuse to work).

So many thanks to everyone.

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    MY DEVICE IS 4/64 with unlocked bootloader

    Unofficial Qin F21 Pro (MTK chipset) firmware, version 1.1.1 multilanguage.
    Thanks to @redsat, @gaguga and the whole 4pda community.
    Install at your own risk and responsibility.
    For testing purposes only, will be updated or changed if necessary.
    Use SP flash tool for flashing, bootloader should be unlocked on the phone (via @mlgmxyysd tool or Ubuntu boot image). Having the full own ROM dump is highly recommended in advance.

    -Removed chinese applications
    -Decrypted data partition
    -APK installer with no restrictions
    -System partitions are writable
    TWRP recovery 3.6.0_11-0 is added
    (In TWRP the phone memory is accessible via path: /data/media/0)



    1. download and extract zip
    2. extract "F21PRO_1.1.1 (2).zip" (the firmware)
    3. extract "SP_Flash_Tool_V5.zip" (flash tool)
    4. install drivers
    5. open "flash_tool.exe"
    6. select scatter file from the firmware folder
    7. click download
    8. turn phone off
    9. hold back button then plug usb cable to pc. It should start flashing
    10. after download complete, unplug then boot to TWRP then reset factory
    11. Congrats! You now have chinese free apps firmware with TWRP Installed
    12. If it wont boot "DEVICE ENCRYPTED", just go to TWRP and FORMAT DATA then reboot (it should boot to system now)
    13. transfer "boot_2.img" phone or transfer it to a USB Flashdrive (more easier to locate) (FOR 3/32 VARIANTS TRY TO USE THIS BOOT IMAGE BOOT.IMG 3/32)
    14. boot to TWRP once again
    15. go to device path /data/media/0 or USB storage path using OTG
    16. FLASH IMAGE "boot_2.img" to boot partition to fix the device twrp path to /sdcard (IMPORTANT! boot is an IMAGE FILE not ZIP FILE. by default, TWRP is set to check for zip file and will n0t se IMAGE FILES in the directories. YOU NEED TO TAP THE INSTAL IMAGE BUTTON so image files will appear)
    17. reboot and proceed to installing ROOT and Google services

    * + heart button (upper left) + power on. once douqin logo appears press up button + power on immediately. TWRP first boot is in Russian language. just change it to english change twrp language

    HOW TO ROOT + GAPPS with playstore certified + fix keypad annoying issue

    1. transfer all the app APK from the "APK" folder youve download
    2. install everything (QinPad be a more stable keypad input)
    3. open gboard and enabled both gboard and QinPad (this should give you a quick switch of input in the notification bar everytime you will type something)
    4. open MAgisk app and update the apps to 22.1. phone reboots (DO NOT UPDATE TO VERSION 24.3)
    5. Open magisk again then Install Magisk > Select a patch file > choose "boot_2.img" in your directory (path where you transfer it)
    6. transfer "open_gapps-arm64-11.0-pico-20211217.zip" to device
    7. boot to TWRP
    8. FLASH IMAGE "boot_2.img_patch" IN THE BOOT PARTITION. then reboot. should be found in download path in TWRP
    9. go TWRP again and flash "open_gapps-arm64-11.0-pico-20211217.zip"
    10. reboot > SYSTEM
    11. you will see playstore. you will have an annoying message "device isnt playstore certified" just ignore it
    12. open MAGISK app go to settings and enable MAGISK HIDE, search module and install "Busybox for NDK" then reboot
    13. open MAGISK app, search module and install "MagiskHide Props Config" then reboot
    14. open Terminal emulator app
    15. type "su" enter (grant permission)
    16. type "props" enter
    17. type "1" enter
    18. type "F" enter
    19. type "30" enter
    20. type "25" enter
    21. type "2" enter
    22. type "y" enter
    23. type "y" enter (phone reboots)
    24. after reboot wait gapps to update (around 5-10 mins) then sign in to playstore
    25. you've now enter Playstore
    26. go to playstore settings > about > click update playstore
    27. wait for it to update the version and keep checking in playstore settings > about > IF DEVICE IS CERTIFIED
    28. If the updated playstore still said " DEVICE IS NOT CERTIFIED", proceed to manual
    29. install device id apps from playstore and copy your GSF ID
    30. register it manually here > https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/?pli=1
    31. go settings ~ apps and look for playstore and play services and clear data. reboot phone and Playstore should be certified!
    Congats! your phone now is rooted with twrp, no more chinese apps, and with fully working google services. I suggest perform a TWRP backup and store it somewhere safe for future use.


    Thanks for JawadEly for the info, it works!

    1. Install all your apps
    2. Install terminal emulator app and system app remover app from playstore (this will give you the apk path you want to systemize)

    3. open magisk, search and intall "APP SYSTEMIZER" module then reboot.
    4. open terminal emulator app
    6. type "su" and grant the permission
    7. type "systemize"
    8. You need to set Selinux = TRUE by choosing "s"
    9. once its set to TRUE, you can now systemize any app provided you know the apk path of the apps installed.
    10. enter "3", here is where you put the apk path of the app you want to systemize
    11. to get the apk path of installed app open the "system app remover" app you installed.
    12. go to user apps and LONG PRESS an app you wish to systemize.
    13. copy the apk path then go to terminal emulator and paste it. Type "1" to confirm.
    14. Go to settings > apps list > clear storage of that app you transfer as system app
    15. done! just repeat the proceedure for each app you wish to fix the notifications.

    BEWARE! Be careful using system app remover. Don't uninstall system apps required for the android system. You might end up in a bootloop. This app is also used to remove bloatwares of OEM firmwares.

    I made this tutorial as DETAILED and as EASY TO FOLLOW as posible. Credits to 4pda community group and for individuals who contributed that made all this posible. Sorry if my English bad. Not my native language. If you lke the tutorial, you can buy me a beer.
    paypal > [email protected]
    gcash > 09912293147
    Here is the link to the 3/32 firmware provided by mitmachim:

    and here is a link to the thread called how to unbrick qin f21 pro:
    It appears to be an issues acrossed android 11 OEM firmware phones (Chinese?). Happens to my Blackshark 3 too running Android 11. For some reasons, its a new way of the firmware how to improved battery life (or bugged). I've observed that keeping the app running in the background solves some of my notifications issue. Or if you can get an app drawer that has an option to PIN the app in recents tab preventing to kill the app process. Just try it for yourself goodluck
    what i did to fix the notification issue is to install the app as an system app, i used magisk module called systemizer.
    have a look on youtube you will find an tutorial.
    I bought a cracked version of the 4/64 version of Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro unlocked bootloader, rooted, and with preinstalled fully working Google Playstore and Play services running on the official firmware 2.0.8.

    But lately there's a very nice update development from 4PDA website for the device! It took me a while before I made it work and a lot of trial and error.

    I will make a full detailed easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to do it with all the links for the files required.

    The results will be:

    • A fully converted v1.1.1 custom firmware without the chinese apps
    • TWRP Recovery
    • fully rooted
    • certified playstore and google services fully working


    • PC
    • UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro (MTK soc) V1.0+ V2.0+ (4/64gb ONLY)
    • Files (will be provided)
    • working brain


    • 4PDA FORUMS device thread
    • Telegram Group
    • DEVS for the unlock bootloader tool
    • DEVS for the Custom Firmware
    • DEVS for porting TWRP
    • testers
    • many more I probably forgot

    ...........TUTORIALS SOON
    There's a tutorial on page 1 how to systemize installed apps to fix notification. Transfer the app installed by choosing 1 (to sytem/app) or 2 ( to system/priv-app if app requires sensitive permissions to work)

    You need to transfer the app to system so the app's permissions process wont close in tha background fixing its notification.

    You could try to flash the firmware here just make a twrp backup first of your rom or a backup of its full flashtool firmware before you proceed. It's based from stocked official OEM just debloated of Chinese pre-installed apps so its basically similar.
    Thank you for the writeup @Jbazt_katuforzs
    I did think of the systemizer as a possible solution, I just didn't correlate delay/missing alerts with applications being killed in the background (silly me!!)

    Not sure if my phone is rooted, but I will attempt some of the steps on P1 and see where that leads me.

    Many thanks