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Oct 4, 2009
ok now this is weird, i've just checked the CSC region available on the CTJ5 firmware and it doesn't contain XSP, and somehow on the BTH4 version that I was using the XSP region is there. Is there any way we can magically combine both? I've also tried to source for the other firmware versions but haven't been able to find anything so far....

That is what I find strange as well. Seems like most of the firmware do not contain all the regions expected.
But that doesn't explain why BTH4 shows XSP region too.
May have to ask a more technical person to see if it is possible to copy over XSP to the CJ5 firmware.


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R845USQU1BTK2_Tizen_3File_CSC (OYN).EF_098cad56dc
R845USQU1BTH4_Tizen_4File_CSC (OYN).EF_7f9930f725
Maybe this can help you

Thanks a lot for your files!

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