H850 7.0 Nougat KDZ Download [v20A N OS]

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  • Mar 28, 2013
    where GPS points to
    understood gwolfu, so the hypothesis is to root my G5. no alternative?
    (if I have to root, which of the available method do you suggest?)



    well there is no need to root
    just flash TWRP and use TWRP file manager to delete said files

    now, if you do root, you can use any file explorer (suggest Solid Explorer) and delete same files
    as I said all files and folders from "/cust" folder should be gone
    I've seen another way here on XDA in a post, but it implies root again and change some info in a hidden phone menu
    that might be also a way, but again needs root

    my way can work without root and use TWRPs file manager, but anyway rooting grants you a few more customizations so that can be a win win situation for you
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