HA3_PX5_10.0_ota(2020/07/06) HA/Dasaita

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Al Ferro

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Sep 26, 2016


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Oct 17, 2010
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Al Ferro

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Sep 26, 2016
Can you please explain to me how this works?
The problem is that translating Russian is unfortunately very bad.
How was the boot.img patched? Since it is only for PX6.
And how can I download files from 4pda ?
Just go to that page and use Google translator, you won't be able to download any files from there, it is quite simple actually to root it, I have been learning stuff for some time from this forum, in the beginning I used the patched boot image, but later I found out that it wasn't necessary since when magisk gets installed, it patches the stock boot image. I tested it like 5 or 6 times with success. I went back to Android 9 because I noticed one or two little things that I did not liked about it, one of them was that I couldn't modify the build. Prop file, and the other I noticed that they made small changes to the equalizer sound app, I like it a lot better the one from Android 9, I tried to make it work with android 10, but it was not possible. People that are beginners are going to have problems doing it, I ran into one or two complications, but I have to be smart and figure things up. In the guide it tells you to use that app to get it connected to the pc through adb wifi, and then use the batch tool that you need to download, it is even available from this place, I think it is called [How-To] Root- PX6 HU with Android 9.0! it's on the first page, once you go through that process you end up with supersu app installed, and that's when you have to install magisk, it will patch the stock boot image, then later delete supersu app. Very simple:cool:, you do it at your own risk that you could end up bricking your head unit, (I am not responsible for that) but there are ways available to recover the head unit....... (wait a minute you are the same guy who made that post about rooting Android 9 using the joying Sofia 3gr Extra Tools, ja, ja,... You should be teaching me how to do this) https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...neral/how-to-root-px5-hu-android-9-0-t3940327.......... @jamal2367, I did not use your exact procedure, I kinda did it mostly manually using the cmd commands from my pc to simple root it.
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Jul 1, 2020
Can you pls translate the Instruction ?

I have a account and i get the files but only for PX6.

And so, getting Magisk. ( Currently tested personally on PX6 c DSP, after testing on PX5 I will edit the post).

1. Get root as described earlier here:

Getting root on px5 Android 9, it was found that this type of root does not allow you to change system files
101. Download and install "Joying Extra Tools" on the head device, launch it, click "Enable/Disable adb over WiFi" and "Enabled"
102. Reloading the GU. In the original, the author suggests restarting the GU through the Factory settings by entering instead of 126-hctreboot.
103. After restarting, go to your PC or laptop and unarchive " SuperSU-PX5-Android_9. 0-ARM64.zip " to "desktop" and open the folder:
104. Launch 1. Disable DM-Verity.bat and enter the IP of GU. Wait for the end and press Enter.
105. Run " 2. Reboot.bat" and enter the IP address of the GU. Wait for the end and press Enter.
106. After restarting, run " 3. Rooting.bat" and enter the IP address of the GU. Wait for the end and press Enter.
107. Run " 4. Reboot.bat" and enter the IP address of the GU. Wait for the end and press Enter.
108. After restarting, you can see the SuperSU app with full Root access!
Warning. When the SuperSU application requests a binary file update, click Cancel. Otherwise, the image cannot load.
109. Open "Joying Extra Tools" on the GU and click "Enable/Disable adb over WiFi" and "Disable"
1010. Reloading the GU. In the original, the author suggests restarting the GU through the Factory settings by entering instead of 126-hctreboot.
1011. Done
Original post https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...neral/how-to-root-px5-hu-android-9-0-t3940327

2. Make it possible to change system files

Android 9-Getting temporary Root rights with the ability to change system files (Temporary Root).
201. * Connect* and make sure that your GU and PC are in the same Wi-Fi network;
202. If the superuser rights (Shell Root) on the GU have not yet been obtained, then follow the * Instruction* to get SuperSU with all the GU reboots;
203. again execute the * Instruction* (Point 101-105), but only instead of the file " 3. Rooting.bat " execute "3. RootConnection.bat" - Attached File3. RootConnection.zip ( 530 bytes )
After that, you will get the full temporary data (before restarting) Temporary Root superuser rights.

3. Check that the root is received in full.
4. Go to Google market and download the Official TWRP APP
5. After installation, check the box "I agree and run with root rights" and provide root rights when requested.
6. Go to the menu TWRP FLASH, then in the corner from the right we see the settings (gear icon) and go there.
7. Put the check Allow flashing to the boot partition and go back
8. in the menu Select a file to flash, select the modified boot. img (here's how to get this image the author should write to him personally)
9. Here we have AT the bottom appeared the flash to BOOT punk click it and see the message that boot successfully flashed
10. Restarting the device
11. Download and install the stable version of Magisk Manager from this theme
12. Check that everything works and enjoy. And don't forget to uninstall the superSU app.
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Al Ferro

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Sep 26, 2016
I'm using Android 9 hal9k mod.

Just updating "HA3_PX5_10.0_ota(20200706).zip" via recovery will be work?
(Just flash update.zip without Mod Installer Pro 2)
Android 9 Firmware ===requires Android 9 Recovery
Android 10 Firmware ===requires Android 10 Recovery


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Jul 23, 2020
Hello I got Dasaita-Android-9-0-Car-GPS-Radio-for-Mazda-6-Atenza-Navigation with bt WQ_BC6 its android 10 is compatible with this Bluetooth? I heard some is not ;(


Jul 1, 2020
You need the Android 10 recovery to install this.
You can find it here:

This link to the Android 10 images doesn't work. Is there another location to download a PX5 Android 10 img so that I can upgrade?

here is the instruction. there are three ways. 1. through a memory card and usb. 2. via cable usb a-a (the easiest one seems to me, you need a laptop or PC). 3. ModPak - for money


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    Android 10.0 version from HA/Dasaita for PX5 Head Units.
    Enjoy :)

    Fast --> Download

    # begin common build properties
    # autogenerated by build/make/tools/buildinfo_common.sh
    ro.system.build.date=Mon Jul  6 21:04:48 CST 2020
    # end common build properties
    # begin build properties
    # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh
    ro.build.display.id=rk3368-userdebug 10 QQ2A.200305.004.A1 eng.hct.20200706.211222 test-keys
    ro.build.date=Mon Jul  6 21:04:48 CST 2020
    # ro.product.cpu.abi and ro.product.cpu.abi2 are obsolete,
    # use ro.product.cpu.abilist instead.
    # ro.build.product is obsolete; use ro.product.device
    # Do not try to parse description or thumbprint
    ro.build.description=rk3368-userdebug 10 QQ2A.200305.004.A1 eng.hct.20200706.211222 test-keys
    # end build properties
    # from device/rockchip/rk3368/system.prop
    # system.prop
    rild.libargs=-d /dev/ttyACM0
    vendor.rild.libargs=-d /dev/ttyACM0
    # end of device/rockchip/rk3368/system.prop
    Screenshots :)

    I installed it, tried it, it works well!
    Here are some screenshots.
    1- What is the difference from HCT4, HLA and HA3?
    2- My radio is dasaita but any of these 3 roms are compatible right?
    3- all roms include day and night mode?


    1. Look at the screenshots. It's almost the UI.
    2. Yes!
    3. No. Only the MX/Witson ROM.
    I think you mean, not all units have a GPS sdcard slot. Often these are hidden and internal to the unit.

    The factory methods do work where the unit has an SDcard, id 0/1 USB or use OTG.
    Furthermore, some units have OTG without mods by simply connecting a USB-USB. In fact it will work for any rockchip headunit, but must use the correct manufacturer type .IMG.
    E.g. all MTCD/E use HCT type or MTCD/E images from HA, GS,

    Also with GPS slot it doesn't work with some of them and the method with USB A to A doesn't work either, there is only the OTG variant which not everybody has and you have to remove the radio from the car first.

    The Mod Installer Pro from hal9k_ is better suited and less complicated.
    Also with GPS slot it doesn't work with some of them and the method with USB A to A doesn't work either, there is only the OTG variant which not everybody has and you have to remove the radio from the car first.

    The Mod Installer Pro from hal9k_ is better suited and less complicated.

    When people have money, they will pay for what they like and feel the best, the easiest. For example, they like Rom Dasaita but do not have the img file, if using the free tool, they must download another img file of another company to install, then be able to install the rom with their favorite ota file. They pay for time wasted and spend that time to experience, to do other things and make more money for them, haha :D