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HACK Navigation/Multimedia systems KIA/HYUNDAI and install third-party applications

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Jan 14, 2005
Does anyone know the recipe for engineering mode for the 2021 SantaFe Vietnam?
[sys.mtx.sw_version]: [TMF.VIE.SOP.A08.H.210416]
Hardware is Motrex MT2712.
I tried 7-3-1 2400, it is dealer Mode, but no luck with the engineer mode.
In advance thanks.
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Aug 3, 2021
I have tried to connect the wifi that exists in engineer mode in my Santa Fe 2021 with 10´25 screen and it is disabled, I give it enable and nothing, it puts a message on a small screen next to it that says soon enabled.


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Aug 30, 2021
i have saved the files: EURO October 2020, EURO march 2021, EURO april 2021, RUS MAY 2021. RUS JUNE 2021, RUS JULY 2021. i am trying to remember which one was the 3 way split screen,
What is the difference between RUS May 21 (latest announced on update.kia.com) and July 21 one (which is available thru Navigation updater)? Just map updates or maybe wireless carplay finally enabled?

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    Oh this is Gen5. I got Gen5 wide, so can't try.
    actually this is Gen2 without navigation
    I never found a solution for the network problem (Youtube Vanced / Kia Niro Head Unit / WiFi).

    Instead I installed SmartTubeNext, it worked out-of-the box!

    The app is a native java app, not depending on other YT-related apps.
    The latest stable release 12.50 is built upon Android 4.3
    It can be downloaded from the developers github, and sideloaded to Head Unit via Easy Fire Tools.
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    :D Sorry for my English! :D
    YouTube, your favorite navigation app, video player, online radio, online TV etc. now works on factory multimedia.
    No need to connect your multimedia to internet!
    This method works fine on models 2016-2018 of issue:
    KIA: Optima JF (K5), Rio, Soul, Ceed, Sorento Prime, Stinger, Sportage, Cerato (Forte) (may be other).
    HYUNDAI: Solaris, SantaFe, Sonata, Elantra, Creta, Genesis G70, Genesis G80 (may be other).
    On board we have Navigation/Multimedia system on Android 4.2.2;

    All fine-work applications on my Cloud drive HERE
    Please watch all videos from my YouTube channel Everything about everything

    If you like this please — Donate!:fingers-crossed:
    PayPal – [email protected]
    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)

    Do not install any LAUNCHERS (NovaLauncher etc.) or ROOT - it`s brick your device.
    Do not do anything else! Do not enter in other sections of Engineering mode.
    Be patient and follow the instructions strictly!

    Download all the apps from my Cloud drive HERE
    And put all this files to root of the USB drive (FAT32)

    Let`s Go!
    This hack method no need`s to connect your multimedia to internet, if necessary
    - activate wifi access point on your phone or use wifi router. Connect your multimedia system to hotspot.
    You can watch my VIDEO MANUAL on YouTube HERE

    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver.
    To enter in the Engineering mode you need to tap 7 times under screensavers icons (on red rings) from left to right and back.

    do it fast.
    Great! Now we have password window! The password is – time on your clock now!

    Ok, its luck!

    Now we need to enter to Android settings -> Security and activate Unknown resources.

    Done! This will give us the opportunity to install applications from the USB drive.
    Note: this system hasn`t go Google apps, Play Market etc.
    Push Home button and then we need to access to Engineering mode again.

    To access to the USB drive and install all the applications we need to install File Manager first!
    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, password - time on clock.
    Engineering mode -> All Applications -> Browser

    On adress bar write: file:///storage/usb0/file.apk and tap OK!

    Now you can install the File Manager, install it and tap Open!

    Got it!

    In File Manager -> USB Storage you will see all apps.
    Fist install EasyTouch, when it`s intalled tap Open.

    Play EasyTouch Demo and them tap Go.
    Note: EasyTouch Settings works only on portrait orientation (don`t be afraid it`s mormal).
    So, there are many settings, they are no need us now, we need just activate EasyTouch button.

    Done! Now push Home and than tap EasyTouch button to open а window. Now we have BACK and HOME buttons.

    With long press on any icon in this window it can changed. Change one of them by choosing Engineering mode shortcut on Choose app -Done! Tap anywhere to close window.
    Call the window again, swipe left and open Android settings -> Special abilities -> Services EasyTouch - ON

    That’s Ok, now we can normally surf in internet and have all shortcuts of any apps.

    Note: Sound on third-party apps works only on MEDIA MODE whit connected USB flash drive (with media files) or with connected Bluetooth device.
    On RADIO or AUX MODE sounds from third-party apps doesn’t works!
    So, push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install SoundAbout, the Open it.

    Now we in SoundAbout settings. Choose on MEDIA AUDIO - Wired Headphones and that`s all.
    Tap EasyTouch button and BACK.
    Now we need to restart the multimedia - push reset button in SD card slot one time (or find it near you screen). Or you can turn off ACC, open and close driver door and wait 5 minutes to restart the Multimedia.
    Sound fixed!
    Now you can install any apps and it will be working fine with sound!

    On board we hasn`t got Google apps, so we need to install YouTube modification – YOUTUBE VANCED
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install YouTube Vanced.
    Now you can try it!
    Open EasyTouch window and place YOUTUBE VANCED shortcut.

    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install VLC Lite.
    Go to VLC Settings -> Hardware accelerationFull acceleration. Set it because we has poor hardware.
    Now you can watch films, clips, cartoons and everything you want from your USB flash drive or SD card.
    Don`t forget about shortcut.

    HERE NAVIGATION (or another favorite navigation):
    Note: Do not forget to connect WIFI first.
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install HERE WeGo, launch, place shortcut.

    You can install everything applications you need but remember:

    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Hi guys,
    On my Tucson (2018 - AA) I can only access the engineering mode where I don't...

    Update on another model thet does not allow the "full engineering menu":
    2018 Elantra SEL USA version.
    NO: Cannot access the engineering mode that enables app installations (7 taps over 3 points on settings/screensaver).
    YES. Can access the engineering mode from Settings/System Info (5 taps left - 1 tab right).

    Looking forward to the hero that finds out how to jailbreak these versions!!
    Here is a video explaining everything

    Now that we can sideload apps, is there any way to let Android auto work wirelessly?

    Inviato dal mio MI PAD 4 utilizzando Tapatalk

    Of course ! Just install Headunit Reloaded (4.6) on the car system.
    Set it with your phone name (SSID) used for wifi server, and leave IP blank (auto).

    The wifi mode of Headunit will automatically connect to Android Auto if this one is in developer mode and its server mode launched.

    Everything can be totally automatic, the phone can stay in the pocket. Android Auto appears on the main screen few seconds after the wifi connnection to the phone.
    In order to achieve the wireless AA connection :

    - AA 4.5 (on the phone) must be in developper mode, its server launched
    - the car must be connected via wifi (and bluetooth) to the phone (automatic, thanks to kia hotspot app)
    - HR settings (release 4.6, on the car) must know the exact name of the phone wifi (ssid) for automatic launch. IP field should stay blank. The wifi mode should be launched (manually, or automatically during opening)