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Sep 25, 2018
Hello all I just purchased the 2022 Kia K5 basic model. How do I find out what head unit I have? How can I sideload apps? Hack? Play videos from an SD card or from my phone onto the screen? If anybody can help that'd be greatly appreciated.


May 12, 2012

Kia Seltos How to Play Videos and Movies when run ????​

Mua cái jack bên trung quốc về tháo màn ra cắm vào là xem được video khi xe đang chạy trong usb và các chức năng bị khoá khi xe di chuyển bác ơi

Mod translation via GT: Buy a jack from China, remove the screen and plug it in, you can watch the video when the car is running in the usb and the functions are locked when the car is moving, bro
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May 31, 2022
jack đó tên gì vậy anh, cho em xin link được ko anh

Mod translation via GT: What's the name of that jack, can I have the link please?
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Dec 15, 2012
Hello all,
Do you think it's possible to flash the infotainment software (nav model with rear camera) from a 2017 kia ceed onto a 2015 kia Ceed head unit? Hardware-wise they look the same head units.
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Sep 17, 2016
Haven't had time to look for new exploit yet.
But if you install appmanager before upgrading, then you can access adb again on 220519

Last night I tried to update using KIA Navigation Updater software.
Forgot to remove my sideloaded apps, thus the update got stuck in a bootloop (insufficient memory i guess).
Luckily, I could solve tis problem using @olega59's USB keyboard hack.

In the recovery menu I chose to revert to old SW version, but it seems the latest version got installed anyway.
To my great disappointment, I found out that all sideloaded apps were gone (including app manager) and ADB had been disabled.

My current config:
Software: DE_PHEV.EUR.SOP.014.6.220519
Firmware: DE_PHEV.EUR.0.5.430.210930.MICOM
Nav app: COM5.EUR.KIA.220519.04c1b0e
Map: EUR.

Relevant content of SD card:


│ Files and folders...


│ Files and folders...


│ Navi_Version.txt (empty file)
│ G40
│ oem_variant_resource.npkg
│ oem_std5_ecn_kmc.npkg
│ oem_std5_kia.npkg


Navi_Version.txt (empty file)

G40/G40 and G45/G45 are binary equal zip archives.
libExSLAndroidJNI.so (465 kB)
libExSLNavi.so (42 MB)

G40 / G45 archives are password protected, extraction not possible.

In anyone finds out how to reactivate ADB please make a post.


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Jun 24, 2022
Hello. Can someone help me with changing the amplifier settings in the engineering mode ? I need to turn it from the external JBL amp to the internal built in. I've already got in the engineering mode with the 7,3,1 method but there is nothing that I can change.


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Jul 19, 2021
Hello. It is very easy to change 8 inches to 10.25 in i30. It's almost plug and Play. You need add aerial power.

Do you know how can I restore 8 inches from bootloop? It stucks on blue Hyundai logo. Alt print screen e does not work. Keyboard event does not have power (LED on keyboard is off).


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Jun 26, 2022
Hi all!
Question, is it possible to put European or Russian firmware on this miracle: Motrex for KIA Sportage 2021. Installed the firmware for Israel. It is very, very much truncated.

I forgot to add, entering the engineering menu is only possible through the system information with the password 0804.


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Sep 25, 2018
Hello. Can someone help me with changing the amplifier settings in the engineering mode ? I need to turn it from the external JBL amp to the internal built in. I've already got in the engineering mode with the 7,3,1 method but there is nothing that I can change.
Hold setup button then on the left side of the grey button tap 6 times then once on the right ... Don't quick and 4 times total


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Sep 25, 2018
Got it to work


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Jun 21, 2014
Unfortunately it didn't work for me on the 10,25 nav. Only the Methode with adjusting the volume brings me to the full engineering mode. But there is no variant coding option.
So I drive a 2022 kia niro EV in the USA with the 10.25 NAV. The 6-1 tap only works for me if i first turn on the FM radio and set the volume to 2. Maybe you need to do something similar.


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Apr 25, 2010
Hi everyone! I have this gen2 system. Can i have an actualization? Sorry my english.View attachment 5561987
Ahora mismo cualquier actualización Gen2V de update.kia o update.Hyundai descargada de Usa, que lo tienes en español, es multipais.
Lo que hay quien ha observado problemas con el scan de emisoras al desplazarte entre zonas que no se actualiza y se activa el salto de paso de frecuencia de US no de Europa. Se tendría que cambiar en radio region de A8 a A3 para el salto correcto. Lo del fallo del scan no sé cómo se podría arreglar o mejor esperar a otra actualización.

Mod translation via GT:
Right now any Gen2V update of update.kia or update.Hyundai downloaded from USA, which you have in Spanish, is multicountry.
What there are who have observed problems with the station scan when moving between zones that is not updated and the frequency step jump from the US, not from Europe, is activated. You would have to change the radio region from A8 to A3 for the correct jump. I don't know how to fix the scan failure or better wait for another update.
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Jan 30, 2010
When I use 7-3-1 procedure, I get a 6 digit password box to enter Engineering Mode.

Is dealer mode a different code again?

Any ideas?

My details
Software version: DE_P_22.AUS.S5W_L.001.001.220623


Apr 20, 2015
Когда я использую процедуру 7-3-1, я получаю 6-значный пароль для входа в инженерный режим.

Режим дилера - это снова другой код?

Любые идеи?

Мои детали
Версия ПО: DE_P_22.AUS.S5W_L.001.001.220623

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    I can enter dealer mode with pass 2400 but how to enter engineering mode? anyone know the password?
    I have a big problem with updating my radio navigation in Hyundai i30. The head unit (96550-S0100) is 8 "installed from the i30N version to my Hyundai i30 (my car version is the i30 PDE wagon 2017 compact). This head unit is working fine. All the modifications that were needed for the new head unit were done. Software version what is the head unit with is PDEN5DR.EUR.SOP.V085.180104.STD_M. Unfortunately, I can't update this software. After downloading the software for I30N PDEN.EUR.SOP.V126.220421.STD_M and trying to install it, I get a message from the head unit that reads: "The maps SD card is not compatible with the software version. Insert correct SD card. '
    Where is the mistake. How can I update this head unit?
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    :D Sorry for my English! :D
    YouTube, your favorite navigation app, video player, online radio, online TV etc. now works on factory multimedia.
    No need to connect your multimedia to internet!
    This method works fine on models 2016-2018 of issue:
    KIA: Optima JF (K5), Rio, Soul, Ceed, Sorento Prime, Stinger, Sportage, Cerato (Forte) (may be other).
    HYUNDAI: Solaris, SantaFe, Sonata, Elantra, Creta, Genesis G70, Genesis G80 (may be other).
    On board we have Navigation/Multimedia system on Android 4.2.2;

    All fine-work applications on my Cloud drive HERE
    Please watch all videos from my YouTube channel Everything about everything

    If you like this please — Donate!:fingers-crossed:
    PayPal – [email protected]
    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)

    Do not install any LAUNCHERS (NovaLauncher etc.) or ROOT - it`s brick your device.
    Do not do anything else! Do not enter in other sections of Engineering mode.
    Be patient and follow the instructions strictly!

    Download all the apps from my Cloud drive HERE
    And put all this files to root of the USB drive (FAT32)

    Let`s Go!
    This hack method no need`s to connect your multimedia to internet, if necessary
    - activate wifi access point on your phone or use wifi router. Connect your multimedia system to hotspot.
    You can watch my VIDEO MANUAL on YouTube HERE

    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver.
    To enter in the Engineering mode you need to tap 7 times under screensavers icons (on red rings) from left to right and back.

    do it fast.
    Great! Now we have password window! The password is – time on your clock now!

    Ok, its luck!

    Now we need to enter to Android settings -> Security and activate Unknown resources.

    Done! This will give us the opportunity to install applications from the USB drive.
    Note: this system hasn`t go Google apps, Play Market etc.
    Push Home button and then we need to access to Engineering mode again.

    To access to the USB drive and install all the applications we need to install File Manager first!
    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, password - time on clock.
    Engineering mode -> All Applications -> Browser

    On adress bar write: file:///storage/usb0/file.apk and tap OK!

    Now you can install the File Manager, install it and tap Open!

    Got it!

    In File Manager -> USB Storage you will see all apps.
    Fist install EasyTouch, when it`s intalled tap Open.

    Play EasyTouch Demo and them tap Go.
    Note: EasyTouch Settings works only on portrait orientation (don`t be afraid it`s mormal).
    So, there are many settings, they are no need us now, we need just activate EasyTouch button.

    Done! Now push Home and than tap EasyTouch button to open а window. Now we have BACK and HOME buttons.

    With long press on any icon in this window it can changed. Change one of them by choosing Engineering mode shortcut on Choose app -Done! Tap anywhere to close window.
    Call the window again, swipe left and open Android settings -> Special abilities -> Services EasyTouch - ON

    That’s Ok, now we can normally surf in internet and have all shortcuts of any apps.

    Note: Sound on third-party apps works only on MEDIA MODE whit connected USB flash drive (with media files) or with connected Bluetooth device.
    On RADIO or AUX MODE sounds from third-party apps doesn’t works!
    So, push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install SoundAbout, the Open it.

    Now we in SoundAbout settings. Choose on MEDIA AUDIO - Wired Headphones and that`s all.
    Tap EasyTouch button and BACK.
    Now we need to restart the multimedia - push reset button in SD card slot one time (or find it near you screen). Or you can turn off ACC, open and close driver door and wait 5 minutes to restart the Multimedia.
    Sound fixed!
    Now you can install any apps and it will be working fine with sound!

    On board we hasn`t got Google apps, so we need to install YouTube modification – YOUTUBE VANCED
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install YouTube Vanced.
    Now you can try it!
    Open EasyTouch window and place YOUTUBE VANCED shortcut.

    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install VLC Lite.
    Go to VLC Settings -> Hardware accelerationFull acceleration. Set it because we has poor hardware.
    Now you can watch films, clips, cartoons and everything you want from your USB flash drive or SD card.
    Don`t forget about shortcut.

    HERE NAVIGATION (or another favorite navigation):
    Note: Do not forget to connect WIFI first.
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install HERE WeGo, launch, place shortcut.

    You can install everything applications you need but remember:

    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Just purchased a 2022 Telluride SX with the wide screen. Been reading this thread and noticing no one has found a way to get into engineering mode for these newer firmware, right?

    I would just like to side load some apps and be able to run them from the Kia main menu.

    If for some reason I am incorrect in that there’s no way to side load these newer widescreens then please do let me know. It’s Likely I may have scanned across a post or something that had that info.


    Today on the Valentines day we have made a secret go public.
    We have been able to gain root access on the Gen5WIDE headunits from europe.

    with this hack you can grab and dump the whole system.
    extracts info, keys, decrypt files and perhaps create ur own custom fw.

    we provide this info for free, so people can share knowledge and new findings.

    Please be aware that this is mainly for devs and technical nerds and linux lovers. untill someone perhaps creates a more user friendly hack.

    Happy hunting

    Hi guys,
    On my Tucson (2018 - AA) I can only access the engineering mode where I don't...

    Update on another model thet does not allow the "full engineering menu":
    2018 Elantra SEL USA version.
    NO: Cannot access the engineering mode that enables app installations (7 taps over 3 points on settings/screensaver).
    YES. Can access the engineering mode from Settings/System Info (5 taps left - 1 tab right).

    Looking forward to the hero that finds out how to jailbreak these versions!!
    Now that we can sideload apps, is there any way to let Android auto work wirelessly?

    Inviato dal mio MI PAD 4 utilizzando Tapatalk

    Of course ! Just install Headunit Reloaded (4.6) on the car system.
    Set it with your phone name (SSID) used for wifi server, and leave IP blank (auto).

    The wifi mode of Headunit will automatically connect to Android Auto if this one is in developer mode and its server mode launched.

    Everything can be totally automatic, the phone can stay in the pocket. Android Auto appears on the main screen few seconds after the wifi connnection to the phone.
    Here is a video explaining everything