HACK Navigation/Multimedia systems KIA/HYUNDAI and install third-party applications

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Nov 28, 2022
Hi all,

I have an Australian 2016 Sonata - is there any way to update this to be compatible with Android auto?



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Nov 30, 2022
Can someone help me get into engineering mode? I tried setting FM volume to 2, pressing 5 times left Update, 1 time right Update, but it fails.


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Oct 22, 2021
Considering latest (unverified) info Gen5W will get wireless android auto with november's firmware update.
I see November updates have started to arrive in Europe for everything except the Gen5W. Hopefully this means something bigger is in store.

I also remember seeing speculation somewhere that the missing wireless on Gen5W units was a contractual problem between Hyundai and TomTom. This seemed odd to me, considering Hyundai/Kia vehicles still use HERE Maps.

But now that Hyundai and TomTom have a new contract since September, I'll hold out hope that we'll get wireless AA and new maps soon. This would be a huge upgrade in Europe, where the current map data beyond road names is very poor.
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Dec 3, 2022
Hi everyone, hello from Croatia.
I have a 2020 i30 1.5dpi STYLE PLUS with 10.25" nav

Successfully done the latest oficial update via 32GB USB,done the croatian language pack, done the youtube app with AA mods but now I have few questions.
Got even the new engineering mode using 7-3-1 method and 500629 for code.

1.How to enable wireless Android Auto?

2.How to enable USB video while driving (video in motion)?- have few movies on that I play when bored (like Taxi, Fast&Furious etc.)
For now it only shows warning (dont use while driving!) and plays only the sound

3.Why the sound quality on Android Auto is very poor, a lot worse than listening to bluetooth audio or USB music


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Jul 19, 2021
New update for 10.25 has arrived. Now code for engineering mode is 8 characters long not 6. Does anyone know this code?


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Jun 20, 2010
I have a Kia Telluride 2022 SX with navigation - I was able to enter Engineering mode by using the following method.

Setup > General Settings > Software Update Screen
Tap left side of "Update" 6 times, right side of "Update" once
Enter code: 27021427

My primary reason for wanting to explore engineering mode, was to see if there was a way to remove the factory DSP tuning and all-pass filters from the car, as well as the limits set on the amp to reduce the volume of certain frequencies when the volume is increased. I could not see any kind of specific setting that correlates, but I did notice there's a "DSP Tuning" file associated with updates.

Now that the software for Infotainment has been blasted wide open, any chance someone can assist me with wiping that file clean, or removing it all together? Happy to do this myself if I can be pointed in the right direction in terms of the applications I'll need to review and modify the code of the firmware update.


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Dec 9, 2022
Hello everyone.
I have done this on my Genesis G70, and using ADB install the app success. But I can't find the app icon in the list. Am I missing some steps?


Aug 3, 2021
There are two ways to enter a commercial one in general and another one on the screen, this last engineer mode. What is the code for the new Santa Fe?


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Oct 21, 2012
Memphis , TN
New update for 10.25 has arrived. Now code for engineering mode is 8 characters long not 6. Does anyone know this code?


Aug 3, 2021
It only works in commercial mode with the 2400 code, the engineering mode of eight codes of all the exposed codes, none of them work, nor does it work by putting the date and then the last four digits of the software version.
Any ideas?

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    I have released tools and instructions on how to patch and deploy firmware for Standard-class Gen5 navigation on Hyundai, KIA and Genesis. You can find it here:

    A blog post with all findings is coming soon!
    RÉSOLU - J'ai pu accéder rapidement aux paramètres et effectuer une réinitialisation d'usine .. après cela, cela fonctionne. Fait intéressant, si j'active le wifi, le problème revient. Ce doit être un mauvais firmware.. pour le mettre à jour maintenant.
    @lukilodz83 Sorry, I am not familiar with Gen4. I guess you can try holding POWER+MAP or POWER+HOME on start and see if anything happens.
    Why are you all asking for engineering mode pass?
    What do you expect to find there?

    In my system (Gen5w EU) nothing usefull there... :confused:
    FYI if you get locked out from using an incorrect password, rebooting the infotainment removes the lock. (reset pin to reboot at least on the DN8 Gen5W Sonata)
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    :D Sorry for my English! :D
    YouTube, your favorite navigation app, video player, online radio, online TV etc. now works on factory multimedia.
    No need to connect your multimedia to internet!
    This method works fine on models 2016-2018 of issue:
    KIA: Optima JF (K5), Rio, Soul, Ceed, Sorento Prime, Stinger, Sportage, Cerato (Forte) (may be other).
    HYUNDAI: Solaris, SantaFe, Sonata, Elantra, Creta, Genesis G70, Genesis G80 (may be other).
    On board we have Navigation/Multimedia system on Android 4.2.2;

    All fine-work applications on my Cloud drive HERE
    Please watch all videos from my YouTube channel Everything about everything

    If you like this please — Donate!:fingers-crossed:
    PayPal – [email protected]
    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)

    Do not install any LAUNCHERS (NovaLauncher etc.) or ROOT - it`s brick your device.
    Do not do anything else! Do not enter in other sections of Engineering mode.
    Be patient and follow the instructions strictly!

    Download all the apps from my Cloud drive HERE
    And put all this files to root of the USB drive (FAT32)

    Let`s Go!
    This hack method no need`s to connect your multimedia to internet, if necessary
    - activate wifi access point on your phone or use wifi router. Connect your multimedia system to hotspot.
    You can watch my VIDEO MANUAL on YouTube HERE

    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver.
    To enter in the Engineering mode you need to tap 7 times under screensavers icons (on red rings) from left to right and back.

    do it fast.
    Great! Now we have password window! The password is – time on your clock now!

    Ok, its luck!

    Now we need to enter to Android settings -> Security and activate Unknown resources.

    Done! This will give us the opportunity to install applications from the USB drive.
    Note: this system hasn`t go Google apps, Play Market etc.
    Push Home button and then we need to access to Engineering mode again.

    To access to the USB drive and install all the applications we need to install File Manager first!
    Go to All Menus -> Settings -> Screensaver, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, password - time on clock.
    Engineering mode -> All Applications -> Browser

    On adress bar write: file:///storage/usb0/file.apk and tap OK!

    Now you can install the File Manager, install it and tap Open!

    Got it!

    In File Manager -> USB Storage you will see all apps.
    Fist install EasyTouch, when it`s intalled tap Open.

    Play EasyTouch Demo and them tap Go.
    Note: EasyTouch Settings works only on portrait orientation (don`t be afraid it`s mormal).
    So, there are many settings, they are no need us now, we need just activate EasyTouch button.

    Done! Now push Home and than tap EasyTouch button to open а window. Now we have BACK and HOME buttons.

    With long press on any icon in this window it can changed. Change one of them by choosing Engineering mode shortcut on Choose app -Done! Tap anywhere to close window.
    Call the window again, swipe left and open Android settings -> Special abilities -> Services EasyTouch - ON

    That’s Ok, now we can normally surf in internet and have all shortcuts of any apps.

    Note: Sound on third-party apps works only on MEDIA MODE whit connected USB flash drive (with media files) or with connected Bluetooth device.
    On RADIO or AUX MODE sounds from third-party apps doesn’t works!
    So, push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install SoundAbout, the Open it.

    Now we in SoundAbout settings. Choose on MEDIA AUDIO - Wired Headphones and that`s all.
    Tap EasyTouch button and BACK.
    Now we need to restart the multimedia - push reset button in SD card slot one time (or find it near you screen). Or you can turn off ACC, open and close driver door and wait 5 minutes to restart the Multimedia.
    Sound fixed!
    Now you can install any apps and it will be working fine with sound!

    On board we hasn`t got Google apps, so we need to install YouTube modification – YOUTUBE VANCED
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install YouTube Vanced.
    Now you can try it!
    Open EasyTouch window and place YOUTUBE VANCED shortcut.

    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install VLC Lite.
    Go to VLC Settings -> Hardware accelerationFull acceleration. Set it because we has poor hardware.
    Now you can watch films, clips, cartoons and everything you want from your USB flash drive or SD card.
    Don`t forget about shortcut.

    HERE NAVIGATION (or another favorite navigation):
    Note: Do not forget to connect WIFI first.
    Push EasyTouch button then swipe window and choose File Manager. Open USB storage and install HERE WeGo, launch, place shortcut.

    You can install everything applications you need but remember:

    If you are not sure in your actions - I can lead you by Skype (WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Just purchased a 2022 Telluride SX with the wide screen. Been reading this thread and noticing no one has found a way to get into engineering mode for these newer firmware, right?

    I would just like to side load some apps and be able to run them from the Kia main menu.

    If for some reason I am incorrect in that there’s no way to side load these newer widescreens then please do let me know. It’s Likely I may have scanned across a post or something that had that info.


    Today on the Valentines day we have made a secret go public.
    We have been able to gain root access on the Gen5WIDE headunits from europe.

    with this hack you can grab and dump the whole system.
    extracts info, keys, decrypt files and perhaps create ur own custom fw.

    we provide this info for free, so people can share knowledge and new findings.

    Please be aware that this is mainly for devs and technical nerds and linux lovers. untill someone perhaps creates a more user friendly hack.

    Happy hunting

    Hi guys,
    On my Tucson (2018 - AA) I can only access the engineering mode where I don't...

    Update on another model thet does not allow the "full engineering menu":
    2018 Elantra SEL USA version.
    NO: Cannot access the engineering mode that enables app installations (7 taps over 3 points on settings/screensaver).
    YES. Can access the engineering mode from Settings/System Info (5 taps left - 1 tab right).

    Looking forward to the hero that finds out how to jailbreak these versions!!
    Now that we can sideload apps, is there any way to let Android auto work wirelessly?

    Inviato dal mio MI PAD 4 utilizzando Tapatalk

    Of course ! Just install Headunit Reloaded (4.6) on the car system.
    Set it with your phone name (SSID) used for wifi server, and leave IP blank (auto).

    The wifi mode of Headunit will automatically connect to Android Auto if this one is in developer mode and its server mode launched.

    Everything can be totally automatic, the phone can stay in the pocket. Android Auto appears on the main screen few seconds after the wifi connnection to the phone.