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Mar 5, 2010
Ciudad Real
Hi people!

I'm an user of HTC Sapphire (Magic) and I have a 2.1 ROM, but I want to "upgrade" myself and start doing some Android-hacking.

I want to start by modifying some Android-basic apps. For example, the Launcher application.

I got the Android source code and found where the source code of Launcher is. I saw the images, the Java source code, the UIs XML and so on.

Now, I want to modify the Launcher to have 5 desktops, but in the future, I want to have a Launcher application with a configurable number of desktops.

I imported the Launcher directory on my Eclipse workspace, but it's plenty of errors. I suppose that I have to include some CLASSPATH or something like that to find some classes that are missing for my project.

Can somebody help me to take my first steps on this kind of things? Thanks a lot :)