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Half my drop-down menu settings are gone [Pic]


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Jun 13, 2015
S6 bug


I got my phone back and recovered it through a backup from TWRP.

Everything went smooth, besides half my drop-down menu settings are gone. Anyone with similar problems?

Attached picture. Missing things like Mobile Data on/off
Hey i am having the same issue one minute it was there the next it was gone all within 10minutes and i didnt even touch the phone when it vanished. Anyone figured it out yet i have contacted samsung but no reply yet. Also having issues with RAM this version of phone seems to use alot of RAM to run even clearing caches only saves about 50mb of RAM space. Not impressed my s3 had better performance and less issues.


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Dec 6, 2010
Reset phone and data toggle is there but not sure if everything is OK seems to be for now but really not happy ?

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Jun 17, 2009
Two days ago it was my private mode toggle.... now it's my mobile data..

I want to throw this in the trash. I am irritated. Anyone find a fix?
I don't install apps and no I did not update anything.

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I also want to say the other day Google app and Google voice installed by itself and without me doing it. I'm not even ****ing playing. I would not install that accidently either...


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May 31, 2013
what's killing me is that samsung didn't even fix the ram issues in the 5.1.1 update...i don't understand why...maybe they don't know how to?? i feel like samsung software optimization and knowledge is poor.....sadly...
by the way, yesterday my brother had an even bigger issue with his S6, two days ago he had the disappearing toggles, and yesterday he lost the mobile data setting option in the settings, so he can't turn the mobile data on at all, he fixed that by installing an APK app...which someone suggested...i don't know what the hell is happening.....when samsung finally made the perfect hardware their software gone mad........SAMSUNG FIX THIS!!!
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