Hammerhead [7.1.1] [Development] Resurrection Remix N v5.8.X OMS

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Apr 24, 2013
For latest version I have a strange problem ... namely LTE as I set it on the second I have full coverage, then lose it and so on ... on 2G and 3G there are no problems ...
Can someone check if the something is?


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Feb 20, 2014
The rom is almost perfect. But I can't login on snapchat and all the banking apps show root warning even if I disable root in developer options. Is it possible to fix them? Or sadly, I'd have to switch to another ROM.


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Oct 13, 2010
Hammerhead device tree error

Hey guys,

so first of all big thanks to @westcrip for keeping me up to date and searching for solutions so quick.

Status for now:
He wanted to rebuild release, but on further research it became clear that there can't be done a working (without this error) build for now. It's an error in the cm device tree which brings the base for the roms.

So we have to see what will happen in background and as soon as there r news, @westcrip and me will let u know.
Please be patient an just stay on last build which is working flawlessly.



Dec 2, 2016
It is for reference only.
I knew that nexus 5 is not compatible with VoLTE, but I've been interested in Flashing other rom VoLTE zips.
As a result of trying Flash this time as well, there are no network problems now.
In my environment rom works without problems.
The VoLTE zip that I flashed is "VoLTE_v2_31-12-16.zip".
I can not understand what VoLTE_v2_31-12-16.zip is affecting nexus 5, but the network is running.
It is reference of Flash.
1, RR-N-v 5.8. 1 - 20170131
2, VoLTE_v 2 _ 31 - 12 - 16 zip
3, Gapps
4, SuperSU
5, 3.4.0. NitrogenEX.1.0.zip
6, others
Even if there is a question I can not answer and I can not take responsibility even if a problem happens so I can not paste the direct link.
If you are interested please search.

I am poor at English and are in google translation English but please understand.


Recognized Contributor
Oct 13, 2010

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