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Happy to say that Universe S4 is moving to the Galaxy S4


New member
Jan 24, 2011
Dallas, Tx
Hey guys. Some of you might know me from the GS3 as a member of Universe S4 and our roms. After my friend dropped his phone into water I gave him my S3 and I got an N4. And now the S4. have noticed some difference in software from this m919 to the AT&T model.
Witch made me wonder why.
for example this one doesnt have the nfc icon on status bar. Something I thought it was pretty cool. And this one doesnt say tmobile on the status bar either like the AT&T.

I'm happy to say that me and member of our team moved to the S4 and soon will start developing roms. Just wanted to introduce my self for new users that dont know us and hello to the ones that do.


New member
Feb 28, 2013
Shelby Township
If I may, I would like to request the music skip track volume button MOD for when the screen is off along with Wifi Calling/Messaging and native Wifi Tethering. As of now, the only ROM I know of with all these features is the Wicked ROM. I like it and all, but I wouldn't mind more options. But these are just my humble requests if anyone cares to listen, thanks!
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