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Hard Brick - No FTM/EDL or recovery working - Any chance

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Senior Member
Apr 10, 2018
I managed to hard brick one of my Axon 10 Pro phones.
Short story. I upgraded accidentally to Android 10 v2.9 - The bootloader is still locked.
There is no upgrade or downgrade path from this version.
So I did a "full EDL" backup from my other Axon that is on MyOS Android 11.
I flashed this backup via EDL-Tool (restore --> Full EDL).
Afterwards it rebooted to Android 10. So I flashed again. Again it rebooted to Android 10.

After I had it run out of power and recharged, I tried to boot and it only shows the ZTE logo, no matter how long I wait.
Rebooting in to Recovery with Volume+ and Power does not work.
Also rebooting into FTM/EDL via Volume- and Power does not work anymore.

Is there any chance to recover the phone? Can it boot via USB? Or is there a debug port on the PCB?