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Hard home press button

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Oct 2, 2017
Vivo X70 Pro+
I have seen many people on here talk about the hard home press button. I have barely used it. I wanna know why is it important? Am i missing out on a feature?

For me it goes straight to home when i press it.

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New member
Feb 28, 2017
Hard press then swipe left or right.

Kinda cool but Good Lock and one handed mode makes it useless.
Actually when my screen is off, and I can't reach the power button, or if it was on a table, pressing the power button is annoying, so with this hard press I can wake my device easily just like the normal home button in previous galaxy devices, and you can configure the pressure level as well.
Also in full-screen apps, or in case of hiding the navigation bar, just hard press the home button and you're back to your home screen, without having to swipe up to get your navigation bar.