Hard-SPL for Treo PRO?

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Mar 19, 2008
:)hi...I know this SPL(0.59.2000) can flash new rom...?


Mar 11, 2009
I have built a 6.5 rom for the Treo Pro, but I have no way to flash it! I know there is no hard-spl for the Treo Pro, but someone said you only need it if you are flashing the radio. The question becomes how do I go about creating a hard-spl for the Treo Pro? I will dump the current SPL on Monday night, but I have no idea how to modify it.

how do you load the SPL to you phone?
i hate to sound new but i'd like to rebuild the EFS of my treo pro
and i hear that flashing the radio is one way of doing it?
is this true? my efs is shot to hell due to tinker with workshop.
workshop is a great tool but i think i did something wrong and now i can't
see the EFS in any EFS browser.

this is not a highjacking i think it's all related.


May 16, 2008
Me too

cmonex made some big progress last night.
I will continue to help.

But, out of curiosity, who is interested in a custom rom, and who would like HardSpl for their Panther?

It just seems there hasn't been a lot of activity over here, and I wonder if it's worth cmonex to continue.

Count me too, I need SPA and have WWE. thanks


Senior Member
Nov 21, 2005
Would really get myself started on a custom ROM for the Treo Pro.
Have some experience with the O.R.D.E. Project for the HTC Diamond.

Have no idea why the Pro lacks so much attention. It's such a great device!

Please post in case there are any updates on this subject ;)


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2009
St. Johns, Newfoundland
i been reading tons of threads about pro's for the last few weeks. the reason the pro didnt have a high demand is because of poor marketing. a lot of users are now getting them because their old devices crapped out and they are due for upgrades. if you call any sprint store chances are low that they even have the pro in stock. im not sure if that is because they are going like hot cakes or if they are just pushing the pre. i would like to think its because of the higher demand and people like me who prefer wm over pos and web os.

trust me when i say there is a high demand for hardspl for the pro. just read around, people want 6.5 on their pros. i want 6.5 and want to get rid of bloating. i want to customize my stuff. i dont want to go through the pain of doing a hard reset and redo all my settings and apps, everytime something bad happens from when i install a bad app that renders my phone useless.


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2009
St. Johns, Newfoundland
im new to this stuff so i dont understand everything fully yet.

the thing i dont understand is why we need hard spl.

why cant we use a program similar to cdma workshop, qpst, qdxm, futuredial rn-rms or futuredial icss (even though the these say they dont support the pro on their supported phones list)?
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