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    Castom Kernel Redmi 8A
    Chops and changes :
    Max CPU Big 2342 hz , Little 1651 hz ;
    Gpu boost 720 hz ;
    Zram defoult lz4 commpress ;
    Defoult tcp westwood ;
    Add :
    i/o deadline , sio , sio plus , tripnoid , zen ;
    kcal ( screen color management ) ;
    ksm ( unification of pages of memory ) ;
    compression methods zram : lz4 , lz4hc , deflate , 842 algorithm ;
    tcp algorithm * (more ) ;
    crc switch ;
    something else ...
    For setup I recommend Kernel Adiutor

    Installation :
    Bakcup in Twrp boot and vendor install zip - >MOD EDIT: DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED
    If you encounter errors send : /proc/kmsg
    as well as : /sys/fs/pstore /*
    telegram : GoGaD

    Built on olive lolz v6
    Source : HardCore-kernel
    jprimero15 (based on his kernel);
    Xiaomi company (behind the curve code);
    ANDRE7E (for substantial assistance);
    Company Linaro (for a cool compiler).
    @dmitrypershin2015 is it possible to have a video recording fix patch that doesn't require Hardcore Kernel?
    <Include href="media_codecs_vendor_audio.xml" />
    <Include href="media_codecs_google_telephony.xml" />
    <Setting name="max-video-encoder-input-buffers" value="9" />

    9 to 11

    Sorry for my bad english. I am not literate and in Russian )))
    HardCore 2 test .

    overclocking of a large cluster is disabled in order to determine whether it is the cause of reboots on novatek screens.
    some fixes:
    add mako hotplug,
    fix video recording in gsi stock camera.
    something else ..
    backup in twrp boot and vendor install -> https://yadi.sk/d/mzGJxzBYh02RSw
    Yea. Dispaly ID is NVT. which probably means novatek
    I need to dump all the hardware parts. but apparently the problem is in the memory (you also have it) I’ll look at something and try to solve it. I will lay out the kernel in several options at once to determine the cause

    Sorry for my bad english. I am not literate and in Russian )))
    I don't have a vendor backup. I only backed up the stock kernel. Where's pronto_wlan.ko directory located?

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    Can confirm too. My device rebooted when it was standby for around 5 mins.
    Get vendor.img from
    https://github.com/TryHardDood/mi-v...TEGlobal_V11.0.3.0.PCPMIXM_1aa20d5b67_9.0.zip and get it in twrp. after that, you need to reinstall ,, root "and other patches (if they were installed)