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Hardrock Kernel V3.7 For POCO X2 [MIUI][4.14.200]

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    Thread rules :
    bug reports that do not include clear steps to reproduce, a logcat or a dmesg ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    fsync toggler
    slimbus OC audio tweaked(full hardware audio capability)
    maple IO SCheduler
    anxiety ioscheduler (better than maple in terms of battery saving)
    Latest Boeffla Wakelock blocker
    ADreno Idler
    Added awesome PIxel and EAS governors like : pixelutil, smurfutil,pixel_smurfutil, lightning util governor

    ** will be Pushing out more features soon


    go to twrp recovery and flash rom
    flash rom using FKM
    **I strongly recommend to use mtweaks for kernel settings(Provided github link) or you can use FKM.

    Credits :
    Nathan Chancellor

    Thanks to them for all support :)

    for support and to speak directly with me :cowboy:


    Latest release 0.4.3

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Hardrock Kernel V0.4.3 For POCO X2 [UC], ROM for the Xiaomi Poco X2

    ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2020-04-27
    Last Updated 2020-04-27
    Hardrock kernel 0.8.2 (custom rom)
    - Improved scheduler latency for multitasking and response
    - Fast charging permanent fix( 1 hr full charge maybe better than miui)
    - many optimization for battery improvements
    Hardrock kernel v3.7 changelogs

    added latest wireguard
    some more optimizations..

    Hardrock kernel v3.6 changelogs:
    upstreamed to 4.14.200
    misc improvements

    Hardrock Kernel v3.5 changelogs:

    Upstreamed to 4.14.199
    Build with latest proton clang 20200929
    TCP congestion BBR v2
    Battery backup improvements

    Hardrock kernel v3.3 changelogs:
    performance and optimizations
    misc improvements

    Hardrock kernel v3.2 changelogs:

    Upstreamed to 4.14.198
    enabled and optimized vbswap
    configured optimized defaults post boot process
    some more changes..

    Hardrock Kernel v3.1 Changelogs:
    Upstreamed Kernel to 4.14.197
    Many optimizations
    Fixed fast charging by adding power changes from old xiaomi tag (test by users) , thanks to @GtrCraft

    Hardrock kernel v3 changelogs:
    - Build with latest proton clang 20200906
    - Kernel Address Sanitizer updates (KASAN)
    - other optimizations
    - media related issues fixed for stock vendor roms

    **Note please download stock vendor kernel having zip filename prefix with stock_*

    Hardrock Kernel V2.7 Changelogs:
    Upstreamed to 4.14.196
    Dt2w fixed
    Faster FP unlock
    Performance and Battery improvements
    **Working for Custom roms with stock vendor**

    Note: For custom roms with stock vendor like RR, AOSIP etc Please download Zip with prefix stock_*

    Hardrock kernel v2.6
    Fixed DT2W Permanently for all panels

    Hardrock Kernel v2.5 changelogs:
    - idle drain fixes
    - silent some wakelocks
    - improves deep sleep
    - cleanup logs and traces/spams
    - Memory management improvements
    - reverted msm thermals
    - sched utilization fixes
    - more optimizations

    Hardrock kernel v2.4 changelogs:

    USB OTG fix
    reduced battery cutoff voltage (previously using some higher values probably..)

    Hardrock kernel v2.3 changelog
    Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.195

    Hardrock kernel v2.2 changelog
    - Build with latest proton clang( 20200825)
    - optimisations and improvements

    Hardrock kernel v2.1 :

    Fixed FP speed in new base (faster as ever)
    performance improvements
    Charging speed improvements

    Hardrock kernel v2 changelogs :
    Build with proton clang
    No more black screens
    rebased to sm6150
    Booted on PE rom

    Hardrock kernel v1.3 changelogs:
    Upstreamed to 4.14.194

    Hardrock kernel v1.2 update:

    - Optimized Console FrameBuffer
    - enable BPF JIT to speed up BPF byte code execution with more secure and protected environment
    - fixed some safetynet issues occuring for some programs
    - silent some more logging
    - memory optimizations and reduce memory overhead
    - many optimizations

    Hardrock kernel v1.0 changelogs:

    • Faster Fingerprint unlock
    • android binder upgrade from 4.19
    • Better performance
    • Fixed Msm-thermal throttling values (better thermals)
    • more optimizations
    • reset battery stats or data (Hopefully contribute towards calibration)

    Hardrock kernel v0.9 changelogs:

    • Introduce Cpu_assist
    • Configure and revamp cpu sets for audio apps, background tasks, system process and other different categories
    • fix memory manipulation and potential buffer undersizing
    • lot of optimisations under-hood

    Hardrock kernel 0.8.3 MIUI version
    - upstreamed to 4.14.193
    - improved sched and cpu utilization
    - cleanup
    - battery and performance improvements

    Hardrock kernel 0.8.3 changelogs:
    - Much more improved cpu utilization
    - better sched operations and much cooler device
    - dealt with some sleep or idle drains issues
    - upstreamed to linux 4.14.192 obviously
    - cleanup

    Hardrock kernel 0.8.2
    - Improved scheduler latency for multitasking and response
    - Fast charging permanent fix( 1 hr full charge, maybe better than miui)
    - many optimization for battery improvements

    Hardrock kernel 0.8.1 changelogs:
    -upstreamed to 4.14.191
    - Introducing simple MSM thermal solution
    - Cleanup and optimizations

    Hardrock kernel 0.8 changelogs:
    -Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.190
    -Introducing Dynamic SchedTune Boost v3
    -cleanup memory leaks and optimizations
    -Power saving tweaks

    Hardrock kernel 0.7.3 for custom rom:
    - Still old base and boots on all custom roms
    - upstreamed to 4.14.189
    - optimizations

    Hardrock kernel 0.7.2
    • LLVM Polly optimizations
    • Some more optimizations..

    Hardrock kernel 0.7.1 changelogs:

    -Improved spectrum profiles

    Hardrock kernel 0.7 is up :

    upstreamed to 4.14.188

    Hardrock kernel v0.6

    • Bring back LMK in custom rom
    • Spectrum profiles : battery, balance, performance and gaming (Install spectrum from play store)
    • MIUI support added (zip with prefix- MIUI)
    • upstreamed to kernel 4.14.187

    Hardrock Kernel v0.5 Changelogs (Only for custom roms):

    • Build with clang 11.0.3
    • Upstreamed kernel to latest 4.14.185
    • Deep sleep improved
    • Less Idle drain
    • Fast charging improvements and balanced thermals
    • Cpu frequency switch to 100mhz only when idle
    • Removed all previously added governors
    • Cleanup

    *Note : Please don't try flashing on Miui ..It might not work.

    Hardrock Kernel V0.4.5

    • Updated xiaomi touch drivers (Better touch response)
    • Gpu nap
    • Gpu reach idle state very soon
    • Fixed some reboot issue happening in custom roms due to cpu sched
    • better cpu management and idle state.
    • Better process handling( better task management)

    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.4.4
    • upstreamed kernel to 4.14.181
    • Performance improvements
    • Improved deep sleep and optimizations

    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.4.3
    • upstreamed kernel to 4.14.177
    • Performance improvements (Check OTA changelog for more details)
    • Removed unnecessary wake calls for cpu (some Unnecessary ufs wakeups)
    • Cpu goes to idle state very soon
    • Thermals improvements
    • no lagging due to thermal throttle( if temp is throttling, there still wont be lagging)


    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.4.2
    • reverted overclock(Shdn't be doing it)
    • Kept underclock to 100mhz
    • added improved interactive governor

    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.4.1
    First kernel to support UC and OC for snapdragon 730G

    • UNDERCLOCK TO 100MHZ (set min freq to 100mhz from FK)
    • OVERCLOCK Little core to 2 ghz and big cores to 2.4 GHZ ( please set it from FKM)
    • Upstreamed kernel 4.14.176
    • Dynamic fsync
    • Singlequeue io-scheduler: bfq-sq
    • ZRAM improvements and used LZ4 as default compression algorithm to improve Memory Managment.
    • Gpu performance improvements

    **Note PLease let kernel settle for 5 mins due to improvements in schedutil ..

    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.3
    • exfat support
    • kcal
    • klapse
    • gpu optimizations and performance improvements( no gpu wakeup on unneeded touches)
    • wireguard: update to version 1.0.20200401
    • low latency
    • disabled gentle fair sleepers and cpu
    • improved bbr tcp congestion algorithm (by default selected)
    • ufs optimizations
    • improved power saving
    • thermal power effiecient workqueue
    • removed unnecesary logging and traces to reduce unnecessary overhead
    • fixed youtube playback issues maybe occuring on custom roms
    • added steam valve controller support
    • improved schedutil governor

    ** GUys its recommended to hold kernel for few cycles and let it settle..have patience lol

    Hardrock Kernel Change logs v0.2

    • Applied Sultan simple LMK
    • Memory optimizations
    • Sched optimizations
    • memory utilities optimizations(memcpy and memmove)
    • Sound Enhancements

    **Note: Please let kernel settle for few mins .Its not good to be impatient lol.
    Custom rom users, download again. I have updated something more
    Hardrock kernel 0.8.3 changelogs:
    Much more improved cpu utilization
    better sched operations and much cooler device
    dealt with some sleep or idle drains issues
    upstreamed to linux 4.14.192 obviously