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Harmony Os

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New member
Jan 26, 2021
I tried a few things to get my Mate 30 Pro to update to harmonry, but nothing worked. I tried putting my region to China and connecting to a Chinese VPN..nope. I tried logging into my other Huawei account that China was set as the default region. Again, no go. Sucks that they don't just release the full firmware online. Oh well, just got to wait.


Senior Member
Jun 25, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Xiaomi Mi Pad
I don't know whether Huawei will open harmong os overseas, now huawei OS in China is HMS
Well if Huawei did not open harmony os overseas, all Huawei phones, will be forced to stay on Android 10, which is already two years old and will stop receiving any security updates altogether after September 2022.

EMUI 12, if ever released, will still stick on android 10 as Huawei is banned from android 11 and onwards.

So we will wait until September 2022, and maybe Huawei will release harmony os (3.0) to global, and maybe someone can figure out how to install GMS on it. (Or all Huawei phones will be literally discontinued completely on the software side in global, who knows what will happen?)


New member
Sep 12, 2021
I have a Chinese model with harmony os, and I would so rather have base Android 10. The new updates on harmony 2.0 are extremely limiting, and made everything a carbon copy of the iPhone. It's like having an iPhone, with maybe a quarter of the functionality.. Just enjoy your Android experience.. The grass isn't always greener.


New member
Oct 13, 2021
Actually, you can upgrade to hs2.0 by converting your global version to chinese verison. But it is not recommended and it is not an "official" way.