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Question Has anybody been able to preorder?

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2009
London, U.K.
UK experience here:

So after waiting for around 2+ hours, I was finally able to place an order for a Stormy Black 256GB Pro direct via Google Store, at approx 2056hrs. Their website seems to be chugging along slowly now. I must've refreshed hundreds of time. Certainly not a pleasant experience. Delivery date now shows between 25-26 Oct which works for me :D

However, while the Google store fiasco showered us with R103, R08, and 502-503 errors I casually went to Carphone Warehouse and placed a Sim Free pre-order for the Stormy 256GB without any issues whatsoever. Delivery to store there for 28th Oct. The Bose NC 700 deal will be honoured with the CPW orders as well so it was at no risk.

Now I'm trying to cancel the CPW order :cautious:
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Senior Member
May 3, 2010
well my order was was placed confirmed, then all of sudden i got email stating they couldn`t verify some of my info so they cancelled my order WTF!!


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
took me hour and 15 mins but managed to order via Google Store UK. 128GB Pro Black which may be regretting as I am using 60GB of storage on my 256gb OP 8 Pro haha. Delivery is said to be 26th Oct but must be mistake as its not out until 28th


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2014
Long Beach
I finally got one. Boy that was a miserable deal. I think I had to put one in my cart 6 different times before it went through. They still didn't take my money so who knows.
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Dec 3, 2009
Los Angeles
Took me some hours after initially having it in my cart at noon (CST), but I was finally able to get it pre-ordered with the delivery set at October 27th-28th. So pumped!!! Was gonna get it through T-Mobile, but I really wanted the 512gb model.

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