Has anyone been able to root on Android 12?

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Jan 31, 2017
What do you mean it's not work? What error message do you get? Got a screenshot? Thanks (y)
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Oct 6, 2021
When I flash patched AP.tar, I get "error verifying vbmeta: HASH MISMATCH" error. I followed the official instructions for installing magisk.

I also tried flashing patched boot.img, but I get another error saying that only official firmware is allowed to be installed.

I never installed magisk this way, so I don't know if this procedure worked on previous Android versions (or if I'm even doing it right considering it's Samsung...).
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umh..I made the mistake of connecting my M21 2021 Edition to internet and it updated something in the blink of an eye and then when I checked Developer Options the OEM Unlock button disappeared. I cant flash TWRP-ODIN-patch-file anymore , it shows Secure Download error in Download Mode also Custom Binary Blocked error. Without TWRP I cant flash anything. I'm dead!