Has anyone ever thought about how deeply society is effected by cell phones?

Are mobile phones ruining society?

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Mar 25, 2012
Too many of my friends now days will freak out, almost have a complete meltdown if their phone is lost or broken. I sit in public places such as a restaurant or a bar and its unusually quite. I look around to see why, and nearly everyone is busy messing with their phones. It may be the way of the future, but a miserable one if this is the trend. Kids no longer play with one and another, but chat on social media, even finding a date that way. When a kid gets mad now days he just deletes you from his or her "friends". If you told anyone twenty years ago that you would one day have a device that tracks your every move, records what you say and what ever else it hears, can recognize faces, knows who all your friends are, knows your feelings and opinions, knows your deepest darkest secrets, and could be easily accessed by almost anyone and here's the kicker.... not only will you pay for it, but you would buy the device willingly, even as a gift for others. You would have told some one they were crazy. So maybe we a crazy for owning such a device and making it the center of our lives, even so far as not being satisfied with it in its present state, but further modifying it....... Just a thought. :confused:


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Oct 10, 2018
Cell phones and instant messages / texts

well, how about this then? Have you ever thought what it would be like if we could at any second of the day tell anyone else what we thought of them? If we were mad at them we could just let them have it right there and then. um, ya.. Twenty years ago if there was a girl you liked you would have to go and talk to her. Ya, you could call her on the phone but then you would either have to use the phone in the kitchen or grab the cordless, but only might last for 20 mins or so. Now with texting and instant messages of all kinds you can send any comment off any time you like. A couple girls I know told me (each at different times) that on any given Friday afternoon they could get upwards of 50 text messages, all from guys, all generally sexual in nature. 50 guys! All asking if they can have a piece that weekend? Sad but true, and I live in a small town. Thats not all, say you've already got the girl, say you have an argument. Used to be you would have all night to cool off, maybe think things through... Now you can continually fire off messages, texts , email you name it. Bury the poor girl in literature... Dig yourself a hole so deep your never going to recover... Wasn't like that before. Poor girls can't get a break from us now. Now we are all reduced to basically somewhat the same, just another animal looking for sex. it doesn't matter how smooth you thought you were being - she didn't even read it! you were number 21 of 50... and you know? When I asked her if she would like to come over and what she wanted for breakfast I thought I was being cute. Ten other guys asked her the same question...

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well, how about this then? (im not quoting myself )..

Just another thought. If, lets say, you don't believe me... All I ask is that you ask one girl today. Ask her how many texts she gets from guys that are either borderline unacceptable or downright wrong. Especially right before the weekend or even late at night. Do you do it? I know I have. I didn't realize the impact it could have.... Just ask.