Has anyone found a fix for Google Recorder's transcript not showing up on OnePlus devices?

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Apr 19, 2018
OnePlus 5T
I've been searching all over the internet for a way to make Google Recorder's transcript work after an audio recording has been made but haven't found anything, it also seems like the latest post about this issue was in 2021 while most of them were in 2019.

I've read that the fact that recording works but transcriptions aren’t visible after saving is due to OnePlus devices running software with modifications to TextView.

Could anyone be able to elaborate on that matter?
  • What does this imply exactly?
  • Does it mean that any OxygenOS based ROM is using some kind of modified library causing issues with the app?
  • If so, could it be possible to somehow patch/mod or add that unmodified library to the ROM or the app itself? (Maybe using some Magisk/Exposed module?)

If for some reason such a fix wouldn't be feasible, are there any alternatives?
  • In terms of solution first (changing ROM?)
  • Or a similar app with equivalent features able to record, transcribe and save a searchable transcript, all while remaining offline.