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Has Enomther 'Changed the game'?

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Senior Member
Oct 7, 2009
Let's be honest, while Enom's 2.1 version of the Official Nexus ROM had a loyal userbase, Cyanogenmod was FAR more popular. Whether this reflected the quality and functionality of either ROM is a matter of opinion. I believe both ROMs were equally capable, yet the frequency of Cyanogenmod updates appealed to the ROM flashing junkie, of which there are many on this forum. Not discounting the updates, I believe most users would see little difference in each incremental ROM apart from any major bugfixes, some of which were inadvertently caused by the updates themselves. Regardless, Cyanogenmod was the first port of call for many noob ROM flashers on the N1 Android Development forum, many of whom wouldn't even consider trying Enom's ROM.

Roll on Froyo....

Let's be honest, Froyo development has been slower than we expected. Many users, myself included, came in to the Nexus scene a couple of months after release and therefore a couple of months after development had started. This led to there being a multitude of ROMs available to flash and frequent updates to appease the junkies. Don't get me wrong, there are numerous Froyo packages available to flash but they have been mainly based of MCR ROMs (Thanks Paul!!) based on the official Froyo image i.e. not AOSP. Many of the Cyanogenmod faithful have gravitated towards bundles such as Rodriguez, K-o-R and LeoFroyo. The Cyanogenmod team finally released their CM6 RC1 a fortnight ago and while packing some awesome features, has also included the bugs you would expect in a 'release candidate' version. Then Enom drops his Froyo version of the Official Nexus; which while slightly buggy on its first release has been updated twice (fixing the bugs) while CM, excluding the nightly builds, has remained at RC1.

Now as a user who checks the forum daily, I've never seen Enom's thread so active! Including Trackball Alert features before Lil Hermit updated his app (which you must donate to have the same functionality) and including a pre-themed version (Bundles anyone?) seems to have attracted many users who never caught sight of the 2.1 ROM thread. I've seen numerous comments where people are talking of being 'converted' from CM and basically showing love for what was always an awesome ROM.

A long winded post as always, but my questions are as follows:

Will Enom's TheOfficialNexus now become the most popular ROM in the N1 section?

Or will everyone migrate as soon as CM6 Final is released?

Were you a CM user who has now been 'converted'?


As always..... Regards.....


Senior Member
Aug 9, 2009
Interesting thread. I'm a believer in joint efforts, so I won't drift into the competition area, but I'll offer my point of view.

On Eclair, the base system was left lacking A LOT of what it could deliver, from partial RAM usage through being locked to ROM for app storage to bad power efficiency to trackball colors etc. Cyanogen's builds delivered all that in a good package. I never thought of trying another ROM.

On Froyo, the base system is MUCH better, and many more find it better than custom ROMs than it was with Eclair. I don't remember seeing "Ok, all I want is a stock rooted Froyo, how do I do it" threads, which were present in some quantity lately - and it might be an indication of just how good stock Froyo is. Most of the modifications are cosmetic, like in the packages based off FRF91, which are most current ROMs.
But for some, the base Froyo still lacks things - for me it was the modified MMS app (I don't like Handcent, tried it, stock is better IMO), which I could just push, and browser mods - having the ability to change UA without entering "about:debug", which I had to do myself if I wanted it, since nobody else did. I'm disappointed in Froyo's Apps2SD method, So I wanted something else - and no ROM offers integration of other Apps2SD capability in Froyo's framework until now, only the symlinks method. So I wanted mostly base Froyo, but with modifications - and that's exactly what brought me to Enomther's ROM. It is a great ROM with some small bugs that I can live with and all the features I wanted, so I ended up using it.


Senior Member
Oct 13, 2008
I'm currently running CM6 RC1, I absolutely love it. I've also ran MCRs Froyo, and I like CM better, I've been debating on trying out Enoms. I've seen many a good comment about his 2.1 ROMs, but I wasn't rooted then. I'm going to give it some time to get a good feel for the ROMs and see if I find any unexpected bugs... eventually I'm going to try out Enoms ROM and see which I like out of all 3 (of the major players at least). It's not a matter of how much a developer updates, but how the ROM functions as a whole and what the bugs are. I think it's great we have such great devs for the Nexus and for Android in general. It appears for the Android community believes in quality over quantity.


Senior Member
Jan 30, 2010
I ran CM 5.0.8
It was okay.
Enter Froyo.
CM wasn't available, so I ran asimrom (based off of MCR)
when cm6 came out, I flashed it.
Hated it, went back to asimrom.
Right now, I am in a testing phase of enom's ROM
(I have literally had it for 12 hours, and for 8 of those I was sleeping)
and so far, i must say it is better than CM.


Senior Member
Apr 8, 2009
Somewhere, FL
I have been running theofficial nexus rom since this morning and I have to say i am hooked. I just came from mcr r21. Tried cm6 but was too beta quality for my tastes. Just lacked some features I was used to having from a finished rom. Up until mcr r21 I was using cm5 roms. I have always enjoyed cm roms and may go back once cm6 is released but I am truly enjoying enom's rom right now. It has pretty much the same features I liked in cm5 but froyo'd and it is fast. I like vanilla roms personally, you can keep Sense.
Enom's is an awesome rom. Is it a game changer? It surely could be. I would suggest people try it. I like it as much or more than any other rom I have tried and I have tried many on a few different devices.