Have any of you experienced "Auto Rotate" keeps turning on in Android 12?

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May 11, 2021
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
I've been on Android for years and only when I upgraded from Android 11 to Android 12 has my Auto-Rotate constantly been turned on, even as I turn it off every single day whenever the darn thing rotates on me.

I NEVER want my phone screen to rotate.
Yet, it does.


I googled and found out that Android 12 did add to the "intelligence" of the auto-rotate functionality; but I don't see others with the same problem that I have that it keeps turning itself on even after I have turned it off.
With Android 12, Google has introduced a smarter way to control when your screen switches between its vertical and horizontal orientations. Instead of relying solely on your phone’s accelerometer to figure out which way you’re holding the device and then rotate your screen accordingly, Android 12 allows your device to use its front-facing camera as a guide. That way, the software can sense how that striking face of yours is positioned at any given moment and make sure the screen is always positioned to match. The advantage is that you then avoid those awkward situations where you’re lying down — and thus holding your phone at an angle — and the screen then flips into its landscape orientation when you’re actually looking at it in its portrait mode. Since the system pays attention to the position of your face, it makes the screen match the way you’re actually using the device, no matter how you might be holding it.

I do NOT know if that Android 12 "intelligence" is the REASON my phone keeps auto rotating, which is why I'm asking here if the rest of you are also having to turn OFF the auto-rotate time and again, day in and day out, all day every day, on Android 12?

And yes, I searched first:
It doesn't seem to be a problem for others - so why is it a problem for me?
Anyone have any debugging ideas to figure out WHAT is turning on the automatic rotation feature of Android?