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Having bad battery life on Nougat? Check this.

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Feb 22, 2013
Asus ZenFone 2
Asus ZenFone 3


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Jun 21, 2009
Hi all,

My ZE520KL doesn't have any screen off sleep time, and my battery is being drained so badly, it can't hardly less a working day. I tried everything posted, but nothing changes that.

Anyone have a hint how to solve this?



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piku 123

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Jan 11, 2013
The most important thing is best camera on unmodified OS.

I use the mi a1 with gcam. It's make very nice photo but she doesn't want any modify on her phone. My bugdet for phone for her is around 250-280$.

wait for moto G6 series,Zenfone 5

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How about SOT on OREO ? I want buy this phone for my wife.

SOT is good and for 10-11k nothing can beat it but its old now and they will end software support soon

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    What I have right now out of Doze are "Bluetooth MIDI Service", "Bluetooth Share", the "Clock" app and two other Clock apps.
    I am not sure how effective is the method listed below after the last update. Stay tuned.​

    Also I think the current version of Facebook Messenger is draining too much battery.
    Hello everyone,
    when I bought my Zenfone 3 ZE520KL, I was amazed by it's battery life. I could easily get around 8 hours of SOT in a single charge with moderate usage. My device was running Android Marshmallow 6.0 out of the box, but performance wasn't as good. On Nougat, performance is much better and faster, also I used to get some lags and frozen screen, the capacitive keys also sometimes froze when I was charging my phone, but now I don't get issues like that as often as before. Interface is so much more appealing and I love it.
    But what about battery life? I started getting around 5 hours of SOT.. which is still good, but not really close to 8 hours. I thought a lot about these 3 hours that were missing so I decided to start investigating. I wanted to share my findings with you so maybe you would know something that could help.

    It's been two weeks since I have been testing out different things. The apps I used to do my research are:
    1. Carat. What I love about this app is the process list. It shows exactly which apps and system processes are running in the background, so I can control them very easily.
    2. Greenify. Thanks to the Carat app, I can see which apps continue running in the background, so I can use Greenify to hibernate them after I'm done using them. (Examples: Youtube, Snapchat etc.). Also I bought the Donation Package, and unlocked the other modes using adb commands (my device is not rooted).
    3. BetterBatteryStats. This app is usually used to detect wakelocks. I limited the Google Calendar App from syncing so it doesn't use too much battery in the background. This app is paid in Google Play but you can get it for free from here.
    What I did to get better battery life:
    I excluded the services, that were always running in the process list from the Carat App from Doze. Apparently, the new Doze in Nougat gives us permission to optimize more system processes and services than before, which can backfire - Doze starts trying to kill processes that can't be killed, and this results in consuming more battery juice than saving it.

    How to enter Doze settings and make the following changes:
    Go to "Settings" > Select "Battery" > Tap on the three dots at the upper-right corner > Select "Battery Optimization" > Select "All Apps" > Find and tap on the Apps/Services/Processes I have listed below > Select "Do not optimize". The other apps and services should stay optimized.

    The apps, processes and services that I removed from Doze are:
    • Android Services Library
    • Android System
    • ASUS Calling Screen
    • Bluetooth MIDI Service
    • Bluetooth Share
    • Camera
    • Clock
    • com.android.smspush
    • com.asus.keyboard
    • com.asus.shim
    • com.qti.qualcomm.datastatusnotification
    • com.qualcomm.qti.tetherservice
    • org.codeaurora.bluetooth
    • org.codeaurora.ims
    • com.qualcomm.qcrilsgtunnel
    • ICESound Service
    • Mobile Manager
    • MobileManagerService
    • System UI
    • Telecom Service
    • Telephony Service
    • ZenUI Keyboard
    • ZenUI Launcher
    Some other apps that I'm using: Do It Later, Greenify, Messages, Nova Launcher, Timely, Weather.
    Please do a full charge to 100% afterwards and check if the battery still drains as quickly as before. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    I am already starting to see improvement in my battery life. I was losing around 2% on Stand By and battery was draining fast when I was using the phone, but now I lost 0% on Stand By overnight and 10% for 1 hour of SOT (before this I was losing 10% for 30 min. of SOT). I am still trying to figure out which services exactly are causing the drain, when they are being optimized. Maybe the services, included in the Android System? (Check them from Settings > Battery > Android System > Included Packages). I deleted Facebook and Twitter apps and started using them from Chrome (almost the same thing, I quickly got used to that). Please check the updates below for more info and share your opinion or advice in the comments so we can all reach a better experience with this amazing smartphone.

    Thank you for reading!

    Update1: 6h30min SOT with 30% left (917mAh, 35%), but I will have to charge now. I have been messing with Doze a lot, maybe I'll get more clean results later. Progress has been made though, at least with my device.
    Update2: Something interesting - my J-Score with the Carat app before and after starting this experiment: http://i.imgur.com/Q8u6HBD.jpg
    Update3: There is a battery drain when making voice calls - 226mAh (7%) were lost because of 43 minutes long talk time.
    Results were worse after testing with the second list removed, although there wasn't much draining with the screen on: SOT - 5h20min for 70% of battery (752mAh, 20%).

    Update4: com.android.phone appears as a wakelock at BBS (Wakeups:8). Also 2h30 SOT for 30% used battery (100-70%~408 mAh). I'm updating the list and trying again.
    Please note that my phone is updated to the latest firmware WW_Phone-14.2020.1703.28-20170410.

    Update5: com.android.phone is still an active wakelock (Wakeups:14), but SOT is 2h34min for 30% used battery (100-70%~343mAh). At 30% battery left, SOT is almost 6hrs(28%~787mAh), Device Idle is at 10% (291mAh). The MobileManagerService is causing way too many wakelocks and is probably the reason for the high Device Idle battery usage.
    Update6: MobileManagerService is no longer showing as a frequent wakelock. com.android.phone (Telephony Service - Wakeups:9) and com.google.android.apps.messaging are the most persistent wakelocks, other than that battery life is amazing at the moment. SOT is 2h45min for 30% used battery (100-70%~366mAh). I also had 27 min of talk time (4%~145mAh). At 30% left, I have 6h33min of SOT (32%~912mAh). Device Idle is again at 10% (292mAh). We are ready for the final test.
    Update7: The results are quite interesting. After removing com.qti.qualcomm.telephonyservice from Doze, com.android.phone stopped appearing as a frequent wakelock at first, but now, at 70% it has 16 wakeups. SOT is 2h22min (100-70%~318mAh), so it's not better. I'm going to try a few more changes.
    Update 8: I posted it as a reply here.
    Update 9: I shouldn't have put Task Manager out of Doze, I get so much better battery life now. The update is ready, check it here.
    I don't know why I decided that putting Task Manager out of Doze was a good idea. But I just managed to get 1 extra hour of SOT by fixing that mistake! I have updated the list and made some screenshots of my progress:

    1. 100-10%
    2. Results at 1% + BBS stats

    You can see what difference does it make for the battery if one service is in or out fo Doze. Before all of these changes, I used to get 5h30min-6h of SOT. Now, I managed to get 8 full hours! I hope that my findings are of use to not just me, but to everyone who owns a zenfone 3 or anyone that owns a device with a Nougat update.

    Best of luck!
    Good post, thank you for investigating this, please let us know if you find more stuff or what exactly is responsible for it and an easy way of fixing.
    Hey guys, I did some testing and I can say my battery life is not bad at all at the moment. I prepared some screenshots this time, hopefully they'll shed more light on the subject.

    Screenshot 1: 100-10%

    This shows the hours of Screen On Time I got during my usage. I guess I didn't make a screenshot at 90%, but then I had over 1 hour of SOT. After that, the battery started draining a little quicker. Not sure if it's normal or not, but I couldn't manage to get 6h30min of SOT with 30% left this time. My explanation is, that I was using the phone more frequently then and the phone didn't consume this much battery when it was not being used. Maybe if I use my phone the whole day, SOT would be higher.
    Quick Update: After full discharge and a full recharge, here is what I get at 90%.

    Screenshot 2: Battery History at 1% left

    The good news is, Screen is on top of the list, and it should be. I got 7 hours of SOT and I used the phone for 1 day and a half without charging it. I would say the results are quite satisfactory. Yes, they could be better, on Marshmallow you most likely would get better results without even trying (unless you are loaded with battery draining apps) but I am pleased with the results.

    It's really hard to track what exactly could be draining your battery. It's also possible that if something works on my device, it might not work on yours. I suggest to everyone that is seeking to reach better battery life experience, to take some time and investigate by themselves. However, I am positive that my research has done a good job on improving battery life. I really hope that it would work wonders for you like it did for me.

    Screenshot 3: BetterBatteryStats Results

    Let's take a look at the last "Alarms" Screenshot. It shows us what apps have waked our devices, while they were asleep. You can see on Screenshot 2 that usage by Device Idle is 12%, and this is what should be causing it. This is where I struggle and I am not sure how to decrease the wakeups of those apps and services and will it or will it not improve anything. Of course, I don't want to remove Messenger and Instagram, because I use them a lot. Dealing with this might need more testing, but for now I don't know if I could expect further improvement. I can still see if there is anything else I could add in this thread in the future.

    If you find yourself or would like to share something related to the subject, or if you are having any issues, please feel free to comment. I will check regularly.
    Yeahh final test!! Looking forward to the result

    I'm also quite eager to get this over with, to be honest. Unfortunately it might take a little longer than expected, according to the last results (see Update 7).

    I'm even taking notes here... but I'm confident that it'll be finished soon. It has been really helpful using xda as a journal, I could keep track of my progress. :cyclops: