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Question Having trouble with my new wireless earbuds. Can't manage bluetooth devices.

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Feb 22, 2019
Xiaomi Poco F3
I imagine everybody who's not on a custom OS by now is using MIUI 12.5 (garbage).
Anyhow I got this new set of earbuds but when trying to connect it says wrong pin/passcode or some crap.
I thought great (manage devices and delete the damn thing), no such option. Researched a bit on google, tried deleting the data and cache on the bluetooth app, to no luck.

Seriously, coming from pixel experience with the poco f1 (waiting for a stable official release) I really hate MIUI, can't wait to get a better rom on this phone.

Anyone got any ideas????


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
Well.. I'm using the xiaomi.eu rom and I can manage the devices that I paired previously.. I just scroll down the notification bar, tap on Bluetooth and 'more options', it will show the paired devices that I have. And my earbuds from xiaomi also work perfectly.