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Development Havoc-OS 4.x [ Xiaomi Poco F3 / Xiaomi Mi 11X / Redmi K40] [ OFFICIAL ]

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Nov 25, 2012
Can this rom be updated via wifi OTA if I'm not root ?
(Thank you in advance) 😀🙏🏻😀
I've not the rom installed, but 99% yes. Usually OTA it's more for non-rooted devices than rooted, specially because some time before you would loose root on a ota update, but lately any rom is updating and even keeping root. I'm impressed. So yeah, it should.

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    Havoc-OS 4.x is based on AOSP, inspired by Google Pixel.
    Has a refined Material Design 2 UI crafted by @SKULSHADY.
    Many useful features that provide a smooth premium experience.
    Just flash and enjoy...



    Founder & Lead Developer:
    DevOPS & Scaling: (meee )
    Support Team:


    If you like our work and would like to support this project then please consider donating.


    Recovery: https://twrp.me
    Telegram Support Group: https://t.me/havocofficial
    Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/Havoc_OS


    Alioth/Alioth (IN)​


    1. Download the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional) from the links above.
    2. Extract the zip and read the readme . (Basically you just run a .bat file ,.sh file etc depending on your choice os )
    4. Reboot and Enjoy.


    And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.


    Device Side :
    Kernel :
    Vendor Trees

    Havoc-OS v4.8 Changelog 05-08-2021:

    - Merged July and August Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r39/40)
    - Added Hotspot client manager
    - Added Auto-brightness icon to QS footer
    - Improved QS Panel layout in landscape
    - Improved FOD with Assistant on Lockscreen
    - Improved Night Light transition
    - Improved Brightness slider animation
    - Improved captions and ringer buttons when on landscape
    - Improved scrolling in some apps
    - Improved some UI elements for user fonts
    - Improved vertical padding between QS tiles
    - Spoofed device for a few more Google apps
    - Removed VoLTE slice from MobileDataPanel
    - Fixed Status icons activity crash
    - Fixed Auto-hide clock for right/center clock positions
    - Fixed Clock icon in Kai, Victor icon packs
    - Fixed wiping dynamic partitions in Havoc-OS Recovery
    - Added Google Search Widget to homescreen dock
    - Improved homescreen dock padding
    - Fixed Kill App button in recents app sheet
    - Fixed Blur not showing in some scenarios
    - Other fixes and improvements

    DEVICE changelog:

    Changelog 5-08-21:

    - August marllow fingerprint
    - Fixed Google photos crashing while playing videos because of kernel
    - Dexopt improvements for a faster boot
    - Inbuilt minimal gapps
    - Added some needed overlay
    - Revert scheduler changes
    - Fix a derp with dt2w that came on entering in the crete of dfeature fragment.
    - Bump up maximium Autobrightness
    - Drop prebuilt [email protected]
    - Sepolicy: Label more hwservice properties
    - Set Bluetooth MAC address using persist property
    - Create Adreno symlinks
    - Create full vendor/rfs symlinks
    - Make fastrpc_shell_3 publicly available
    - Wire up hardware permissions
    - Import NVRAM blobs
    - Move eSE support to nfc SKU
    - Set target arch variant "armv8-2a"
    - Add missing IMS symlinks
    - Build offline charging daemon dependency
    - Drop aptX adaptive & TWS entries due to lack of suppor…
    - Props: Explicitly enable IORap and IORapd prefetching
    - Rootdir: init_postboot: Drop scheduler settings from CAF
    - Remove virtual framebuffer.
    - Ship liba2dpoffload.so from stock
    - Use prebuilt vendor libdisplayconfig.qti.so
    - Fixed Drm Crash for Netflix
    - Massimize max value of autobrightness
    - Fixed a hidden problem with shared preference of dt2w
    - Fixed pick_up to pulse notifications
    - New pocket protection impl, enable under display ambient options
    - Switch to libperfmgr
    - Thermal mode to evaluation
    - Audio configs improvements
    - Disable offline rotator
    - Clean zram configuration
    - Disable annoying safe headphone volume
    - Skip brightness ramp at screen on
    - Don't enable nfc service for aliothin users
    - Blobs updated to 12.5.2 thanks manuel <3
    - Brightness Improvements
    - Fixed telegram vndk problems and problems due to casefolding
    - Support auto suspend mode from display, deep sleep for aod
    - Fixed 4k video recording for all gcam builds
    - Implemented Clear Speaker feature
    - Initial device support for ZRam
    - Set Boot security patch
    - Some sepolicy denials fix
    - Fixed wakelock caused by proximity sensor in doze
    - Fix mic issues for some apps
    - Fix sim reset issue
    - Don't modify permissions of /dev/hw_random
    - Enable higher SBC dual bitrate
    - Update audio_io_policy for VoIP
    - NetWorkStack Overlays
    - Import missing wifi overlays from miui
    - Wfc Ims is available, depends on carrier provisioning, availability etc
    - Import stock config_mobile_tcp_buffers
    - Filter Locked Boot intent for a totally functional implementation of dt2w at boot
    The additional UI options and ambient features are indeed nice.
    I'll stay with Arrow for now and keep this one on my watchlist.
    Explain. I find it perfectly fine
    helloo.. I press run and the console closes. any idea?
    Sounds like a Windows driver issue. Open a terminal and type fastboot devices. The majority of the ROM flashing is done once it's flashed boot and vendor_boot and rebooted into fastbootd. This is usually where people have driver issues
    I'm quite happy with the phone and Havoc so far.

    Not sooo happy with the Kernel yet. Although, I like the standby drain, but it looks like the active drain is way higher than with Quantic Kernel. Furthermore the adaptive charging does not work at all.

    The last time charging was more than 5 days ago. The battery is now at 14 %. SOT: more than 10 hours. Nice :)