HD2 ROM in Hex Format for QPST

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Feb 10, 2007
I have a HD2 T-Mobile version Bricked right now, When i connect to my computer (Running WinXP) it appears under Windows device manager as Qualcomm cdma technologies msm so after a little research I downloaded some drivers for this and the QPST, right now i able to connect to the phone trough QPST but it say is in download mode.

I Think, as many others in the forum, if i can get a hex format ROM i can recover the HD2 T-Mobile, so some one can post a dumpo of the HD2 T-Mobile in hex format to try this???

Any suggestion o comments are well received too!!

also, like the Sensation People, we can start our HTC Unbricking Project!!!

Thanks all in advance! :good: