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Nov 21, 2009
hello all
i like this phone alot and was watching movies with the build in youtube app
but some days later this app keep getting error

error goes like this

start youtube app....
0.50 seconds later it goes back to home screen

so the whole proggram doesnt start up!
i did download a diffrent version form here...
they work well but when a movie is ended my screen goes black and get stuck over there wich seems not working perfect to huh

is there a way to get my ''htc HD2 youtube player'' back

maby its a known issue with the stock HD2 youtube player ??

( srry my english )


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Nov 21, 2009
i really need help can some1 upload the orriginal HD2 youtube player plz ??

and if i do a soft reset the ''stock'' youtube player wil come back ??
I did a factory restore on my HD2 in the settings menu and it brought back my stock youtube client.

I downloaded the google youtube player from m.google.com, I decided to uninstall it however it took the whole youtube client away even the stock one.
So I had to do a soft reset to get it back to the original.

Basically it just resets your phone back to when you got it when you first bought it.

good luck.

dick turpin

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May 2, 2009
yep works flawlessly on my tmobile hd2 as well!!!!! was planning to flash another rom partly because of no youtube app, but was a in 2 minds because my phone seems to have none of the issues i`v read with other roms, now i dont have to!!!!!!!! thanks alot my friend, am happy now lol:D:D:D

just been playing about with my phone and noticed i cant play any of the videos i`v took with my hd2, remember reading somewhere its something to do with the youtube app. does anyone have a fix for this yet????? help!!!!!!!!
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Dec 28, 2009
Can any of you guys comment on the youtube playback quality, i get an audio lag of about 1/2 second behind the video.

Is this app the same as the original one on the rom?



Nov 26, 2008
Im having the same problems with my Tmobile HD2 and Youtube...

When installed I am unable to play video recordings I have made with the phone and the Youtube app crashes when trying to stop a video...

Everything works as normal when Youtube app is removed !

Can anyone help with this problem ?

Thanks !


Jan 13, 2010

i've the same problem, i installed the cab. restart, but when i click on the button, nothing happen! :(
have s.o. an idea?

p.s. its with the german t-mobile rom