HDX 7" Problems running game

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New member
Jan 22, 2021

I have installed clash of clans on my HDX 7" and have a problem with running Clash of Clans, When I open it I receive the error "Clash of Clans has stopped"

I'm very new to this forum and I have some basic knowledge on working with android devices so I dived in the deep end following gwardsc65 guide (How to root and unlock the HDX for noobies). my initial thought was something could be wrong with the ROM, so I flashed the latest version of LineageOS (lineage-14.1-20200705-UNOFFICIAL-thor.zip) and installed the latest gapps along with Magisk 21.4.

After getting everything set up I installed Clash of Clans and still got the error message above. One thing I have looked into is Magisk and SafetyNet, Magisk Attestation fails with cts profile, I have tried fixing this by using the props module but it still does not pass, another point is that following gwards65 guide did include SuperSU install and was not sure if this could be causing an issue if it is still partially installed.

Any help would much be appreciated.