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Head units RockChip PX5 with MCU S32F0 (Android 8.0.0/Android9.0.0)

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Jan 8, 2020
Tenho uma unidade principal Hizpo Android "10" (a publicidade afirma que é Android 10, mas na verdade a unidade roda o Android 9). Este modelo foi projetado especificamente para carros BMW Série E90, mas tenho certeza de que o chipset e o software são os mesmos em todos os dispositivos. (Parte: AD8CHKSOI2I08772)

As especificações são do Cortex A53 Octa-core e 4GB Samsung DDR3.

Aqui estão as informações do número da versão nas configurações do Android:
ANDROID : 213328
MCU : S32F0_XinRC-18_20199820_HA1_6686_D_FF_C8
APP : PX5_C54_HA1_XRC_EN2019-09-02-2008

A senha para as configurações de fábrica em minha unidade é "0000".

Aqui dentro, existem alguns recursos úteis, como:
1. Silencie o rádio na inicialização do sistema
2. Portas reversas para recurso de cobertura do carro
3. Altere a tela inicial de inicialização

Espero fazer o root neste dispositivo para poder ocultar a barra de navegação do Android e converter apenas para controles de gestos, habilitar tethering de dados USB com meu iPhone e desabilitar alguns serviços / aplicativos do sistema, pois o dispositivo pode ficar lento às vezes, comportamento inaceitável com 8 núcleos e 4 GB de RAM, especialmente em meados de 2020!

Mas no geral estou feliz com o dispositivo.
I had this same file, but I updated it without making the backup, do you have it there to send me?
thanks +5531991963588 whatssap

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    I posted here last month about my headunit, I'm pleased to say the performance has gotten much better over time. When I first got the unit, it was very slow and laggy even with 4GB of RAM. But now the performance is excellent, I can switch between apps on the fly and multitask without issue.

    The "Screen Mirror" app on my headunit was atrocious; it had no touch screen functionality, crashed constantly, and did not enlarge the display. I've since installed this Apple CarPlay adapter: Binize Wireless Carplay/Android Auto USB Dongle (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084X4WY6C). This really changed the simplicity of the device for me. The scaling seems off in Android, and apps like Google Maps are very small and the Apple Music app is cutoff. With car play, the apps are scaled perfect and the controls are much more simplified for driving. But I still have the full Android operating system for watching videos, using the Torque App, browsing the internet, etc.

    Only real qualm I have left about my headunit is very flaky when it comes to connecting to the mobile hotspot. If I have the hotspot enabled before I start the car, it connects automatically about 65% of the time. If I forget or it fails, its an awful combination of turning off the headunit wifi and the hotspot until it connects.

    I use Google Maps as navigator, and I have Macrodroid installed on my phone to enable the hotspot when connects by Bluetooth with the car. It works like a charm. It always connects and I've driven long distances without a problem. Maybe the problem is on your phone, try with another phone. I use the app Free Notification Reader (https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pelix.notify&hl=en_US) too, this app allows you to listen and answer WhatsApp and other apps with your voice when in your car. It activates only when connected by Bluetooth and it works perfectly for me.

    Only have two problems, my physical buttons do not light. Maybe the ILL cable was disconnected, but I have to dismount half-car to check it. I've tried to activate the light in factory settings, changing the setting from head-light to power, but the lights still didn't work. The other problem is that I can't call with voice. I've tried MTCDialer without success.
    Anyone has this radio , is it possible to update ?



    Have no idea why photos are not loading hence link to my album in XDA

    Take a look here : http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=973677
    I use Google translate, but I am not brave enough to flash any of the ROMs from there.
    I have the same unit I'm my Camry.
    I have a Hizpo Android10 head unit with the same MCU version (I think, first letters are same: S32F0). Also interested in if there are updates available and how the h**l you can acivate recovery mode with button presses.

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    Hoping as time passes more will get these HU's and eventually root and cook a ROM for them.

    Mine has a number of issues,
    1) The OEM reverse camera only works for 3 seconds when selecting reverse then it switches off
    2) The basic DSP works but the more advanced DSP doesn't
    3) GPS is very inaccurate
    4) No RDS
    5) Volume and radio channels change by themselves
    6) Car settings don't work
    7) Open doors indicator is switched around, left door open shows right door on HU.

    Are you sure you have the same unit?
    1) My reverse camera works,
    2) DSP Works
    3) Gps never give me problem, error of 3 meters is normal
    4) RDS works perfectly
    5)Never happen to me
    6) car setting works, i changed SW and other settings
    7) I didnt have that functions (in my car) so i cannot test
    It seems but, as already said, it is a very small update.... I don't understand
    when you look into meta info the small one seems to be update for real Android 10 and the big one is for Fake-Android 10