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RealLifeReview Dude
Nov 2, 2015
Some phones are great to take camping because if you play Asphalt 8 long enough, the back warms up to the ideal temperature that can bake bread. Rate this thread to express the extent to which the Google Pixel 2 stays cool under extended heavy use. A higher rating indicates that even when playing strenuous games for long periods of time, the phone doesn't get uncomfortably warm.

Then, drop a comment if you have anything to add!


Feb 5, 2010
While it gets a touch warm - even when it was downloading and installing all 150 apps, 15GB of Google Play Music, with Folder sync doing data transfers it still stayed much colder than my Z5C ever did with a couple of minutes use. That would probably burn toast!


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2007
I thought it got pretty warm, but idk. The material might have just transferred heat to my hand easier because my hand was sweating and you could see it on the back of the phone.


Senior Member
May 28, 2013
Yavapai County
Anyone got any battery temps? If I run games for an extended period I end up around 43C. Cooler than my Moto X Pure which would hit like 47C.

Idle and light use around 30-33C. The phone has never felt hot to me in any circumstances so far.

"Feels kinda warm" isn't a very good measurement. :p
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Senior Member
Jan 26, 2012
Usually if u charge and use a device at the same time that's when things get hot pixel 2 got warm enough to feel threw a tough spigen case wile browsing and charging nothin crazy


Senior Member
May 23, 2008
Hmm not great. I came from a note 7 which was very warm to a note 8 which was ever so cool. Considering the pixel but the heat issue among other things is a right turn off.


New member
Oct 21, 2017
Hmm not great. I came from a note 7 which was very warm to a note 8 which was ever so cool. Considering the pixel but the heat issue among other things is a right turn off.

it will not get as hot as your note 7. note 7s had a few of them explode which just goes to show that sometimes the phone would get hella hot. not a lot of them did so it wasnt a huge problem when referring to how many blew up vs how many were sold but i presume higher than avg temps on all of them


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Sep 25, 2012
No heat issues so far. The best example for heat is to use Hangouts video calls. Generally with every previous phone I've owned I got a massive battery drain and heat when using FHD video calls. With the Pixel 2 the difference is huge.

We have to consider that this phone is easily ramping the big cores to 2.45Ghz and still maintains a good temp. I'm not suffering temp throttle like I was used after 5 minutes or more of continuous usage/browsing/etc.

Sent from my Pixel 2

Coeur Brisé

Senior Member
Dec 29, 2014
New York
I havent found anything to overheat the pixel 2 and im a heavy user. BUT that would be a lie. ****ty snapchat can make it warm up sometimes and well, Ark Survival really heats it up and eats right through my battery.


New member
Sep 13, 2018
Pixel 2 Hotter after CreamPie update

My Pixel 2 is warmer than usual since the update. Prior to the update, it heated up a couple times mostly due to crappy game apps, which I removed.

Now it gets hot under various circumstances like running Android Auto, which is currently unstable until they release an update to fix whatever they did to break Android Auto.

It also gets warm in my pocket. I'll notice it's warmer, pull it out and cant see any reason that would cause it to warm up so much. This Pie update is crap.

Dont upgrade if you havnt already. At least wait for them to fix the bugs in Pie.

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    Only gets really hot when using AR, not so during games
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