Question Hello, I am from China, I also use RMX3357, I have some questions I would like to ask

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Aug 8, 2022
Realme X7 Max 5G
My English is not very good, now I am using translation software, it may be strange, please forgive me.
I think the RMX3357 can be swiped into the gsi system, but we have some problems, that is, TWRP does not adapt to the RMX3357, resulting in us not being able to brush into the third-party system package, and I used orange fox rec to successfully brush into the RMX3031 Crd8.7, but the camera, flash and fingerprint can not be used.
So we need our own TWRP to flush the system package, but TWRP does not adapt to the RMX3357, although the TWRP driver of the RMX3357 has long been open source on github.
I have a hard time communicating with the TWRP team in China, so I hope you can try to communicate with them and get TWRP for the RMX3357 so that everything can be solved.
Or try removing the RMX3357 driver from the card swiping package and replacing the RMX3031's system package so that we can use the RMX3031's TWRP to flash into the ported system package so that the driver won't have a problem.
There are many people like me in China who suffer from TWRP problems, China's localization system is too bloated, and the phone is stuck and hot.
If you have any questions you can also ask me, I can provide some help in China, I have many system packages for RMX3357 and RMX3031, and the gsi. It's just a matter of how to brush it in.
If you can reach out to the TWRP team, get them to fit the RMX3357 and that's all right.
Thank you very much!!!!!
And don't upgrade the RM3357 to c18, the anti-rollback mechanism added to the new c18 will make it impossible for you to use the MTK deep brushing tool to save your device, I was one of the victims of the upgrade.


Aug 16, 2015
There's TWRP for gt neo 2t, but it only works if you have rui 2.0 (android 11). If you can't downgrade - no luck for you