Hello, I have a Stock Indian to Global/EU ROM Flash Query.

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Feb 1, 2021
Hi everyone, I am planning to buy this phone - Indian version with model number RMX2076. version I intend to purchase is 8GB | 128GB version.

I have a few doubts and need help & answers please.

I intend to flash the stock Indian Rom with EU/Global version of Stock Rom. I am doing this to activate more number of 4G and 5G bands available on this device on the EU/Global variant, as against fewer network bands available on stock Indian ROM version. source: https://www.gsmarena.com/realme_x50_pro_5g-10097.php

I would prefer to keep the boot-loader locked post the ROM Flash and get the rest of the phone working as stock. I prefer, the security of locked boot-loader, and would like all bank apps, UPI Payment apps and Google Pay app working.

My Queries are:

Can this be done on this device?.

Will the device receive regular OTA OS and security updates for the Global/EU ROM post the Flash?.

Are there hardware changes in Global version of this phone that I should be aware of, prior to this Global ROM flash on the Indian version RMX2076?.

any and all help appreciated. Thank you.


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Feb 6, 2009
Realme X50 Pro
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If you buy this phone Realme x50 pro you are very limited does not support widevine l1 if you want to watch Netflix in HD. After sale service is totally crap. As you can see there is no custom roms or anything else for this phone. I would advise you to buy Xiaomi instead of this phone.


May 14, 2021
Everything stock, cause there is only stock. RMX2075EU_11_C.20. Location: Germany.
where did ypu see stovk. THERE IS ONLY OTA. font lie. ota cant repair realme x50 pro stock is only for indian model. if ypu have european version then share. i shared extracted ofp domt help oothers has to be ban
. this is forum to help peoples not to hide something. i start think to what i rxtracted stock indian rom hide it. becouse in gelegram there is 1xx peoples and here in xdevelpers much peopled are with tralme x50 pro. what problems you habe. i need android 10 owner with root acces. it is impossible here more than 50 peoples dont havr ropt acceds. yes i have acces but realme x50 pro has to be returned to service and there realme scratch it. for that i dont want to return more my. i seek for android 10 root person o need hisit.prog_firehose_ddr4.elf and dd5.elf i wont rrpeat myself what they do i write tolic about this. and for this who want buu realme x50 pro dont buy it this is **** include realme will scratch your mobile inbservice and they implememt no downgrade so in feature there will be no root. bootloader unlovk depend on apk and when new version is update it wont work

detective zero

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May 20, 2013
OTA = stock. That's all I have. Since this device has absolutely no custom ROM community I never rooted or flashed anything. So I'm on stock with all OTA updates and everything is fine...

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