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Question [HELP] Bluetooth issue, after messing with magiskhide props config

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May 10, 2014
hey beautiful people, I've got a problem.

my phone wont connect to certain car hifi radios with bluetooth. its all fine when I can select "add new device" on my phone and the cars bluetooth is visible, but when the car only has the option to find nearby devices, my op9 just wont show up? its fine with mercedes and most of third party radios like kenwood or bose, but when I try with a VWs bt module for example, the car just wont fkn detect my phone and im certain its cuz of the following reason:

I rooted my OP9 Pro, flashed magisk and arter.

ive had magisk issues with magiskhide/denylist when I first flashed a magisk canary version, one of the newest, cant recall which one tho.

i neither had the "magiskhide" option in magisk interface, nor could I find denylist anywhere near.

some post in this forum suggested changing your phone type via terminal to op8 pro. ive done that, didnt fix my problem tho. then i found a newer magisk version which i flashed .made my problem oboslete, everything worked fine then. that made me change my phone "ID" back to op9pro (EU version, since im from germany).

i hope ANYONE of u has an idea of wtf i mseed up.