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Question Help, Bootloader locked phone bricked

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Msm tool is posted on XDA op9p 🤷‍♂️ but you could try to use fastboot ROM(if it's out there yet) what I did with my op8p was flashing havoc os 😂 that brought it back to life maybe you can do that to when you have the full ota update and unpacked with payload dumper


I was to try that with my op8p from havoc os because I can't use msm tool on my PC that thing is s decade old a d doesn't detect my phone 🤦‍♂️

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    thank you for the reply, i have been waiting on that remote session for 16 hours, hopefully they will contact me soon, i keep getting a run around from there live chat.
    All you need is to change the active boot slot to that of before it was messed up.

    In fastboot type:

    fastboot getvar current-slot

    This will tell you what (corrupted) slot you're currently booting from (either a or b). Then just change to the other one with the command:

    fastboot --set-active=a
    fastboot --set-active=b

    Then reboot with the command:

    fastboot reboot

    So I just received the phone today and as I always like to do with my new phones I downloaded the latest full ota, installed it through local upgrade and when I pressed reboot the phone rebooted normally.

    I went an pressed reboot to recovery and boom the phone just died, no recovery it goes to QUALCOMM crash dump and I am able to boot into bootloader but OEM unlock is still off in the developers options, cant unlock boot loader, cant flash anything in fastboot and there are no MSM tools.

    Anyone have any ideas??

    Be careful I was on stock rom flashed with stock latest rom with locked bootloader and no funny business and the phone just dead.
    I would contact oneplus. I had this once happen to me on my oneplus 3t and they were able to fix it using remote access and walking me through a few steps.
    I attempted that however OEM Unlock is not turned on in developer settings and fastboot --set-active just returns an error, something like Commands not allowed.

    After 16 hours I finally got my remote session, it took almost 2 hours and they attempted to flash the wrong files on to my device, thank god MSM verifies that first. Then after the tech says "I apologize, my bad, I should have checked that first, we will try again in about 24 hours."
    That was a bit ridiculous and if a supervisor isn't able to get it fixed soon, I'm just gonna return it and take my business somewhere else.
    Please return the device, there are way too people messing up their device and can't fix it. You are seriously going to blame the manufacturer for something you messed up?
    Finally got OnePlus to fix my phone using the MSM tool, and was able to keep an unprotected copy of it. what is the best place to upload and host a 3.5gb file so i can share it here?